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Ready to discover the deep rabbit-hole that is Web3? Want to better understand how the creators are taking over and will become the future billionaires of the world? Tune into Hustle & Flowchart, a podcast that blends discussions on business, marketing, the creator economy, Web3, NFTs, and much more. We'll take you down the rabbit-hole with us as we interview the smartest minds that are creating the future. We'll uncover early alpha for the investor minded folks and deep-dive into the "what and how" of these emerging new technologies and industries. Our goal with this show is, and always has been, to improve the lives of entrepreneurs. What better way than to point out the future and let you better position yourself.
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Oct 30, 2018

In 2006, after nine years in corporate sales, Wes Schaeffer started his first company. He had five kids to feed, plus another on the way, so he knew couldn’t dabble. He had to commit. He started cold calling companies, offering to train their sales teams.

His business was starting to grow, but Wes wanted to know how to really improve. He made his first website and taught himself SEO and copywriting. He embraced social media, video, podcasting, you name it. Suddenly, he was the one getting the cold calls.

Now Wes is also known as The Sales Whisperer. While speaking to companies about how to plan their finances and set their sales goals, he also helps thousands of entrepreneurs learn how to automate their marketing and sales.

On this episode Wes Schaeffer tells the guys his 5 step process for sales teams to get lasting results, the right way to do cold calling, and why businesses need to embrace complexity. When you’re done listening, go get some more sales advice from Kevin Rogers and Alan McKenna

"Magnets attract to the same degree they repel… So are you willing to repel as well? Most people are not.”- Wes Schaeffer

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to grow sales without growing staff
  • Why selling is actually a science and what you need to learn
  • The kind of customers that only outbound marketing is ever going to reach
  • How to know a lesson has really sunk in with your audience
  • Is it better to double your costs, but lose half your clients?
  • Why funnel hacks will never get lasting results
  • The way to find out if a hire might be your next top salesperson
  • How to balance your sales team between Meat Eaters and Farmers
  • What a business needs to let sales rock and roll
  • The best KPIs to follow when cold calling
  • Why Apple packaging is a perfect lesson in how to maintain your clients

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Oct 25, 2018

Still in college, Nick Loper had already started his first side hustle painting houses. Then, while working his first corporate job, he decided to make his own online shoe store. Before long that shoe store was bringing in enough money for him to quit day jobs for good.

Nick needed another side hustle, so he tried podcasting. He soon had a following of listeners that also wanted free themselves from their corporate jobs and turn their passions into their main gig. Yet again, Nick’s hustle became his new career. His show is now one of the Top 20 business podcasts on iTunes.

Listen in as the guys talk with Nick Loper about the countless ways you can side hustle your way to financial freedom, what platforms offer the best revenue, and how to make cash off those Bird Scooters littering the street. After your done, find out ways to automate your hustles with Mike Michalowicz and Aaron Fletcher.

The way word of mouth happens is by making something too good not to share.”- Nick Loper

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Become a Side Hustle Master
  • How to turn your listeners into subscribers
  • Negotiating with sponsors
  • How to grow your email list
  • Why you sexy up your episode titles
  • Being embarrassed of your old work
  • The rising tide of side hustles
  • Turning burdens into assets
  • Why bounce houses are prime real estate
  • How to syndicate your best merchandise
  • The broad demographics of side hustlers
  • How to make cash off Bird Scooters


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Oct 23, 2018

After moving to Australia and landing the corporate banking job she had worked all her adult life to attain Corona Brady had a sudden calling. The stress of climbing the ladder had taken its toll and she was constantly fatigued, depressed, and an anxious mess. A doctor told her she had liver damage and would soon be diabetic. Then a voice told her it was time to take a new path.

Corona left her job and began searching for a different way to live. She studied meditation, breathe work, and Kundalini Yoga. And after exploring the many ways a person can transform themselves she founded The Energy For Life Academy to teach women how to reclaim their innate power and self worth.

Listen in as Corona Brady tells the guys how ignoring your purpose can make you ill, the best daily habits to manage stress, and how to find your Breath Of Fire. If you’re seeking even more habits to heal your mind and body check out our episodes with Dr. Steve Ruden and Brian Bradley

"Stress is always going to be in your life… It’s learning how to cope with the stress, it’s having tools, and routines, and beautiful rituals in your life.”- Corona Brady

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Burn out stress
  • How to experiment with your life
  • Unconsciously diving into masculine goals
  • The corporate ladder can leave you hollow
  • Having to wear a mask
  • The final straw
  • Getting back into balance
  • Mastering your morning
  • Then your evening
  • Breath Of Fire!
  • Taking a vacation from your screen(s)
  • Making sacred rituals part of your day

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Oct 18, 2018

Curt Maly’s ad agency was spending millions promoting celebrity clients on Facebook, but customer service still wouldn’t return his calls. So he did what he’s good at and networked his way to someone with answers. For that, Facebook banned both his business and personal account.

Now on the sidelines, Curt did the opposite of what everyone told him to do. He sold his business and went into consulting. He decided to represent clients he knew were changing the world and show them how they can make money while doing it too. Now he’s a Facebook Ad guru, teaching businesses how to target their audience with just $1/day.

This episode runs at Curt Maly’s speed, so stay sharp as Matt and Joe find out how to avoid that mid-funnel dead space, where to stack your content, and using a scooter to find barbeque in Austin, TX. After you listen, get some more Facebook tips with David Schloss and Dennis Yu.

"You can sell hand cream or whatever you want. I’m really passionate about stuff that can change the world.”- Curt Maly

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Ninja Facebook Ad Tactics
  • Getting banned from Facebook
  • Having your software stolen by blackhat sites
  • Dancing around math and facts
  • Why ManyChat is the Xerox of chatbots
  • How 3-4 minute videos find your audience
  • Asking a guest for their lookalike audience
  • Stacking content to find your customers
  • How Facebook IDs everything in a video
  • What to do with a Hot 7
  • The benefits of being Resident-of-the-Month
  • Testing until you get that perfect 1:1 offer
  • The power of $1 in Facebook Ads
  • How we watch movies is about to change

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Oct 16, 2018

A Step-By-Step Guide To Profitable YouTube Advertising - Tom Breeze

Looking to make a video for his psychology practice’s website, Tom Breeze borrowed his parent’s camcorder. Over a hundred takes later he nailed it.

Tom started out helping his clients manage their nerves while public speaking, then they were also asking him to produce their videos. He decided to form his own ad agency to promote clients with his videos. That quickly turned into his full-time career.

Six years ago SEO changed and Tom started to see all his client’s revenue drop, so he went back to what he knew. He turned his videos into video ads on YouTube and salvaged his business. Now he’s CEO of Viewability, the highest spending for performance ad agency on YouTube.

Join the guys as Tom gives them a crash course in how to make the perfect video ad for your audience, getting YouTube’s AI to work for you, and which ad strategy is best for your video. Round out this week’s episode by listening to more YouTube strategy with John Belcher and the power of video ads with Dennis Yu.

You have to build a whole campaign around one video, not build a campaign and see what video fits.- Tom Breeze

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • YouTube is the lowest hanging fruit of any ad platform
  • Why CPA is the best relationship to scale with your clients
  • How to run your ads to make YouTube’s AI work for you
  • Feed the Pixel!
  • When it’s time to turn off all targeting for an ad campaign
  • Keeping it simple by keeping it relevant
  • The pitfalls when marrying an ad agency with a video company
  • Discovery or Instream? There’s a right one for your video
  • Making sure your audience know it’s an ad, plus a great experience
  • Every business needs to distill their offer into a 3 step formula
  • Why the first 5 seconds of a video are most critical
  • ADUCATE: The 7 step process to make a perfect video
  • Your ads need proof of concept before high production

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Oct 11, 2018

Building a work day around when he gets to surf is the only hard and fast rule James Schramko follows in business. Making a comfortable seven figures a year working 25 hours a week is all the proof he needs that he’s doing it right.

It wasn’t always so streamlined though. Ten years ago James left his full-time day job by day, full-time night time building his business hustle at night for good. He made the leap into full-time entrepreneurship with the intent of building a better engine.

Fast forward to spending the last few years semi-retired, James allows his five core dream team members to run the business for him, and he’s got just the exercise to show you exactly how you can do this for your business too.  

In this dual podcast episode which will also be featured on the Superfast Business podcast, listen in on what it takes to have your business run without you in it, how to leverage a podcast as its own targeted traffic funnel and deciding which business models and systems are best for your goals.

If you want more actionable advice about stepping away from your business to let it run itself, have a listen to the Mike Michalowicz and previous James Schramko episodes.

"You are the vehicle and the operating system for all the results you’re getting. You can change that more easily than any external factor.”- James Schramko

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to stop being the bottleneck in your business as the team leader
  • The art of creating an SOP that doesn’t require you to write it
  • Proof that doing only one task in your business can pay massively
  • How to use time blocking to support your daily non-negotiable activity
  • An exercise every entrepreneur should do involving Post-It notes and a whiteboard
  • Why having no desire to know your porn star name will make Instagram a much more attractive social media choice
  • To redefine your level of success, you must first drop the old conditioning
  • Discover your leverage points to earn $1,000 or more an hour
  • Why your number of downloads on iTunes is a vanity metric that doesn’t matter
  • Reminder...Your number of followers of Instagram doesn’t pay the cashier at the supermarket. Better learn to monetize!
  • Focus on what’s earning real gains for your business and table the rest
  • Here’s how to gain traction on your business traffic. Go broad. Go deep. Repeat.
  • A simple model to sustain momentum in your business without paid traffic
  • How to use a podcast as a funnel entry point
  • List hygiene + hypersegmentation = the two best email marketing strategies ever
  • Why a launch is one of the absolute worst business revenue models
  • A close second...Hosting a podcast run by popular vote with no intention of monetizing it
  • Why any course on traffic is a sure bet to earn you plenty
  • How being an affiliate focused on service earns you more in the long haul
  • Without a doubt, James says this is the best medium to build authority

Contact James Schramko:

Connect with James on his website

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Oct 9, 2018

Raking leaves and shoveling snow were the first on roads Steve Olsher took into entrepreneurial bliss when he was a young kid growing up in Chicago. Since then, he’s launched four multi-million dollar businesses.

And he did it all following the process of reinventing himself time and time again.

While the on-ramp for his next big idea wasn’t always easy to take, Steve’s desire for leading a lifestyle he defined was the one thing that kept him in the game of taking the risks to grow.  

In this episode, listen in as Steve reveals his powerful yet simple way to earn north of 7 figures a year, how to earn $1,000 almost every time you appear as a guest on a podcast, and understanding why podcasts are the medium of choice to finding the most targeted traffic.

If effective podcasting is the next link in your entrepreneurial chain, be sure to check out what Tom Schwab and Jonathan Rivera have to say about the process.   

"We have the number of downloads I need to support the lifestyle that I want.”- Steve Olsher

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Proof that you can make 7 figures a year talking about an hour a day without being a celebrity
  • The secret to maximizing earnings from your email list
  • A three-step sales funnel that earns $1,000/podcast appearance
  • How a podcast is like an infomercial
  • What not to forget when you’re a guest on a podcast (hint, wouldn’t forget it in an infomercial)
  • How podcast downloads are the same as a 100% email click-through rate
  • The best way to find great guests for your podcast
  • Attend this event to find top podcasts that you can appear on as a guest
  • Why a host’s podcast audience is the most targeted organic buying traffic out there
  • No matter how specific your niche, if you build it, listeners will find you
  • How the Two Comma Club is the new black and why cresting 8 figures a year will take a complete breakdown (of sorts)
  • Three keys to a highly effective lead magnet
  • How to take one scary business investment of $7,500 and turn it into $4.25 million in less than 10 years   

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Oct 4, 2018

From stealing time due to her efficiency at a J-O-B to a multi-million dollar online teaching business six years later, Caitlin Pyle proves hands down that other people’s problems can become a business opportunity.

It all starts with honing the right skills. After Caitlin unexpectedly lost her job as a court reporter proofreader, she jumped into expanding the freelance work she dabbled in while working her regular job. Within a year or so she was making about $40,000/year and feeling pretty good.

Taking a 6-month leap into starting a blog she created an eBook with a live training component to teach others how to work from home as a proofreader. The feedback from this very small group of beta students helped her “go big” and launch a full-fledged eCourse a few short months later which grossed over $100,000 within the first 90 days. From then on, she was hooked on being an entrepreneur.

Listen in as Caitlin shares her top secrets about how she made the quantum leaps forward in her business, money as a limitless resource, the role of generosity in your core business values, and using cannabis as a life-changing tool.

If getting ahead in business is a strategy that speaks to you, look up this Christy Whitman episode on abundance and this Matt & Joe episode about giving away all your best stuff.

“I’m playing the long game. I’m not just trying to save my money and keep as much of it as I can, I’m giving away as much as I can because it’s  always going to come back to me.”- Caitlin Pyle

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What do buses, ducks and staircases all have in common?
  • How to shift out of scarcity mindset and define money as a limitless resource
  • The truth behind the statement that “problem” is a synonym for “opportunity”
  • Effectively use generosity to become a top affiliate for any offer you promote
  • A trick to talk yourself into taking a risk to propel your business forward
  • Why time is a far more limited resource than money
  • Reminiscing on early growth hacking techniques to launch an online business
  • An ingenious way to “fire” your clients but keep them and your new students happy in the process
  • A creative way to launch a new revenue stream without ever creating a new product yourself
  • Even if things aren’t broke, sometimes fixing it will uplevel your online efforts
  • How Joe equates the “crutch” of cannabis use to drinking water
  • The best place to order therapeutic cannabis products

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Oct 2, 2018

Where do high achieving business owners go to connect, learn and grow? With September Dohrmann at the helm, top performing entrepreneurs elect to gather at the CEO Space events she orchestrates.

Interestingly enough, September does the week-long event orchestrating with a small team and a large side of business systems and checklists, even when it comes down to volunteers lending a hand.

With her background in flipping real estate and running a salon, September was no stranger to clear communication and building systems that worked. So when the opportunity presented itself for her to become a coach with CEO Space 12 years ago after speaking to the owner, she jumped at the chance to be part of something bigger and give back.

Listen in as September shares the nuts and bolts of growing a business using networking events, what it means to be a successful leader and how to properly systemize your business so it can run efficiently and effectively. If this episode has you itching for more organization and growth in your business life, be sure to check out what Samantha Riley and  Paul Lemberg have to add to the discussion.

"If you want to be a master of anything, you stick to the basics.”- September Dohrmann

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What simplicity can teach you about your business
  • The true role of a good leader...And it doesn’t involve micromanagement
  • An inventory of the best (and simplest) tools to run a lean and efficient business
  • What does culture have to do with your business, and how to define yours
  • Ideal qualities of a great candidate to attend CEO Space events
  • Masterful advice on how to approach investors for your business
  • Why money lost on a business decision can be your best investment
  • A simple test to determine if your business systems are too complex
  • Guess who throws out an invitation to stay for 3 hours to talk about systems
  • Now guess who promises not to pick September’s brain gently
  • A simple exercise with Post-Its and your team can uplevel your processes
  • What a business investor doesn’t need to know about you   

Contact September Dohrmann:

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