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Every week we have conversations with the most successful people in our network. We learn their stories and the lessons learned before diving in and getting the real "meat." Every single show has actionable takeaways that listeners can implement in their own life or business. We focus on topics around traffic, brand awareness, wealth growth, podcasting, marketing automation, mindset, lifestyle, and business systematization but have been known to go pretty "off script" from time to time to discuss a wide variety of topics to help people improve their lives. We describe our show as "A Life Improvement Podcasting Masquerading As A Business Podcast."
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Jan 31, 2019

After moving to Austin on a whim, Molly Pittman took an unpaid internship at Digital Marketer. Out of a dozen interns, she knew just a couple would get hired. She gave it her all to be one of them. A year later, she was VP of Marketing.

Now Molly is a digital marketing expert and educator. She is the co-host of Perpetual Traffic, one of the most highly regarded marketing podcasts around. She also coaches and consults with businesses to provide unique digital marketing plans tailored to their goals and setting strategy for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Get your notebook ready as Molly lets Matt and Jow in on all the recent changes to Facebook Ads, what ad content is working on Instagram, and how she designs campaigns that bring in 4,000 leads a day. Still in the zone for more Facebook Ad strategies? Then check out our conversations with Ralph Burns and Curt Maly.

“There are different purposes for different campaigns and the most important thing is you know what that one success metric is so you can say, ‘This is good,’ or, ‘This is bad.’” -Molly Pittman

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Ad Campaign Breakdown: 50,000 leads in just 2 weeks!
  • How to pick the right metrics and stop wasting time
  • Content that Facebook will love to advertise for you
  • Why metrics change and learning to pivot with them
  • How to scale a budget without breaking your audience
  • A strategy to make stable income streams
  • Changes to Facebook’s rankings (and how to take advantage!)
  • A process for high-converting ads using testimonials
  • Rules for ad copy that hits deep with your avatars
  • How to train a media buyer from intern to expert
  • Amazingly effective (and cheap!) Instagram ad campaigns
  • Horizontal scaling strategies to expand your audience

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Jan 29, 2019

Sometimes it takes two to launch a business, like brothers Dan & Joe Kalis learned when neither could get off the ground on their own. Joe was too methodical to jumpstart and Dan too erratic to stay in the air. Together though, they’ve made businesses that soar and sell!

Dan and Joe started out funding real estate projects and when it came time to sell they learned how to get a deal from every part of their business. They soon learned that salability is an all too common struggle for business owners. Now, with Biz Owner Freedom they are focused on helping established entrepreneurs dramatically and predictably increase the value and salability of their companies.

Be aware of the exits as the guys get a masterclass in salability from Dan and Joe Kalis and learn the 2 factors that determine a business's value, the indispensable method to stay salable, and how to sell from a position of power. When you’re done get some more advice about selling and acquiring businesses from our conversations with Carl Allen and Roland Frasier.

“The value of your business is one of the best representatives of your quality of life because if you have an unsellable business your life is going to be a drag.” -Dan Kalis

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The 8 Leverage Points Of Saleability
  • A great test to discover your business strengths
  • How to avoid getting your Facebook Ads account flagged
  • A perspective shift to find your low hanging fruit
  • Why working less makes your business more valuable
  • The 2 factors that determine a business's valuation
  • How to startup with your exit in mind (everyone has to exit one way or another)
  • The fixable reason 80% of businesses are unsellable
  • Foundations to build a business that sells at 10x or more!
  • The Switzerland Method: every sellable business is using it
  • Advice for crafters or anyone with a business never meant to sell
  • How to hold the power seat when you sell your business

Contact Dan & Joe Kalis:

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Jan 24, 2019

Four years ago, Los Silva reluctantly let his business partner take over their marketing agency. He tried doing speaking events, some consulting, but it all felt boring until an influencer asked him to help with their social media brand. Within a month, he hit six figures and was finally building a team he was excited to work with.

Los is a master team builder. He knows how to hire the right people (not “experts”), train them to excel, and build a workplace that everyone can’t wait to get to in the morning. With his business, he has brought over 5 social media brands way past the 7 figure mark using his own processes to leverage content, influencers, and culture.

This episode is like a twofer as Los Silva shares with Matt and Joe both how to build an awesome team and crush it on social media using his processes to train “blank slate” employees, leveraging social content and an influencer’s audience. When you’re done, get some more advice about hiring from Tim Francis and content production with Travis Houston.

“I can’t grow without people, that’s always been my logic… I’ve done every job here and everyone here is way better than me now, by far.” -Los Silva

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why long distance relationships don’t work (even in business)
  • The leverage you need before you can scale on social media
  • 3 things to know before your next hire
  • Why “blank slates” are better for your team than “experts”
  • How to share the wealth and have a team that’d work for free
  • Advice for making a fulfilling work culture (not just jobs!)
  • The best service to do your customer support
  • How to manage Influencer Burnout and get on track
  • The most effective content on Instagram right now
  • Keeping your offers “super chill” (it’s how customers like ‘em)
  • An easy hack to build your audience from scratch
  • The one type of account you must focus on
  • Getting every employee to have fun making content

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Jan 22, 2019

On his first day at Infusionsoft, Kelsey Bratcher knew this was going to be the last job he ever had. He loved his job, but working all day with entrepreneurs who were raking in millions showed him he could do it too.

Now Kelsey is the co-founder of Automatic Practice Profits, host of the Get Automated Podcast, and a freelance automation consultant for numerous clients and businesses. He has saved his own businesses over 8,000,000 minutes using his automation strategies and much more for the people he helps get their work done without breaking their budgets.

Just click and kickback as the guys get a masterclass in how to automate your business from cold calls to upsells, using new tools for effective direct mail marketing, and how to build automation mechanisms that drop into any marketplace. When you’re done listening, go get some more automation tips from our conversations with Alan McKenna and Drew Burks.

“In online space, there’s a lot of laziness, there’s a lot of cheapness. People are like, ‘I want to spend as little as possible.’ Well, if you spend more you could make more!” -Kelsey Bratcher

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Getting out of wage-slavery and into entrepreneurial freedom
  • The different types of automation triggers
  • A sales method for high-conversion events
  • Behind the scenes at Infusionsoft
  • 3 steps to get as many attendees as possible
  • Using direct mail marketing to find affluent clients
  • How to automate the backend (there's so much you can do with your leads!)
  • Tips for improving your SMS marketing
  • A tool to automate your client contracts
  • Using Zapier to prototype your automation ideas
  • The latest automation tools (plus features on the horizon)
  • Which funnel software has the best page loads
  • How to build mechanisms that drop into any marketplace

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Jan 17, 2019

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, Michael Woodward was in a bind. His work as a minister could no longer pay the bills, so he joined a friend in a new web venture to make ends meet. He was an entrepreneur out of necessity, but it tapped into something at his very core.

Michael still loves pastoring, but now he mostly does it with fellow entrepreneurs. He founded jumbleThink to continue his passion by helping people and businesses use their innate creativity, ideas, and sound strategies to attain their dreams. He is an expert at breaking old, calcified thought patterns and using sustainable experiments to craft a better future for you and your business.

Listen in as the guys get some actionable methods to start finding your best ideas, gaining the perspective to turn a big fail into a mega win, and using micro-experiment to improve both your life and business. If you’d like to hear more about jump-starting your path to your dreams, check out our conversations with Brad Spencer and Ori Bengal.

“Simple is usually what the customer wants and if you can solve their problem then you’re going to have market share… the problem is most people solving it are over complicating it for the customer. Just make it easy for me!” -Michael Woodward

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Making your business simple to maximize profits (and your sanity)
  • How to keep perspective and stop missing what’s obvious
  • Knowing when you’re a slave to your creation because it’s time to pivot
  • Aheri: Biblical wisdom for picking your best future
  • Getting over that “hustle and grind” BS (no one is super-human!)
  • Micro-experiments to jumpstart your journey to your dreams
  • What you need to leverage for sustainable experiments
  • The biggest lie that is ruining your business
  • Why your biggest fails could have been your biggest wins
  • A 5-step Dreamer’s Guide to start experimenting today
  • How to craft your podcast season by season
  • Following your purpose, not what you “should” do

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Jan 15, 2019

We welcome back Brad Costanzo for another round of our mash-upped podcasts. This time we’re geeking out about real tactics to change your mindset and let yourself imagine actionable ideas. Then we dive into Brad’s processes on how to pick the ideas that will take your business to the next level.

Brad is a good friend and business partner here at The Hustle & Flowchart. He’s been branded as an “idea guy,” which means he knows how to spot, create, and capitalize on multiple business opportunities at once. He has been consulting for companies, and even experts, to scale and grow their businesses for years while helping entrepreneurs do the same thing with his podcast Bacon Wrapped Business.

When you’re done listening, don’t forget there’s two more bacon wrapped episodes to nom on. And then go get some more mindset advice from Christy Whitman.

“I don’t think thinking outside the box is the answer, that’s a faulty way to go about coming up with ideas. I think you need to get a new box.” -Brad Costanzo

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why you need to take your focus off execution
  • How to stop aborting your best ideas too soon
  • A 4-step process to pursue the right ideas
  • Balancing your internal critic with your optimist
  • How to get free of “fixing problems” and find real solutions
  • Using constraints to brainstorm powerful ideas
  • The type of thinking that separates entrepreneurs from the pack
  • Why physics and knowledge can solve any problem
  • Tactics to shift your mindset (not just woo woo stuff)
  • Getting on the journey of sucking less
  • Defining criteria for an idea you’ll actually see through
  • Find out if you are a laser or a floodlight
  • How to know if your current “problem” is really a symptom of deeper business troubles

Contact Brad Costanzo:

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Jan 10, 2019

There’s never enough time to get all the knowledge Roland Frasier has bubbling off his brainpan, so we had to bring him on for another round for advice about acquiring companies to effectively scale your business no matter what stage you’re at. Don’t worry, a round 3 is already in the works!

For those not in the know, Roland is a world-famous dealmaker who started in real-estate when he was 18 and now advises over 150 major companies on how to monetize and grow their businesses. He is also passionate about entrepreneurs and gives them the tools and knowledge they need through and The Traffic & Conversion Summit, which we attend religiously every year.

We are still trying to digest the wealth of actionable advice Roland dropped on us in this hour, like how to plan a multi-exit strategy for that big payday, selling one company to scale all your other companies, and buying a huge, targeted audience for practically nothing. After you’re done, you’ll definitely want to check out our previous episode with Roland Frasier, then follow up with Carl Allen.

“I don’t think there’s a faster way to get into a business... or to grow your business than to buy one that already has what you want.” -Roland Frasier

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Breaking news about The Traffic & Conversion Summit!
  • How to plan a multi-exit strategy for that big payday
  • Mining potential buyers for your business goals
  • Using one sale to scale all your other companies
  • The 7 categories of good acquisitions
  • How to buy a huge, targeted audience at 1/100th of what it’d cost you to build it yourself
  • The Law Of Price And Terms that dictates negotiations
  • 8 ways to buy a business with no money down
  • Get a software team for less than hiring them yourself (and they start tomorrow!)
  • Qualities that all successful people share in common
  • Setting goals that expand your life and your business
  • A method for giving effective presentations to small crowds
  • How to reverse engineer a path to your biggest dreams

Contact Roland Frasier:

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Jan 8, 2019

For years, Danielle Town was practically stuffing the money she made as a start-up attorney under her mattress, even though her father is a famous investor. When the stress of her job was making her severely ill, her dad told her it was time to take that cash and make it work for her.

Now Danielle has discovered the secret to transforming financial fear into financial freedom. She is a New York Times bestselling author and avid personal investor, guiding countless people to overcome their reluctance in investing and put their money where their values are through her newsletter, courses, podcast, and books.

Time to take a peek at your savings account as Danielle shows Matt and Joe how to get over their fears of investing money, the best tool out there to invest on your own, and 4 principles to pick the right stocks. When you’re done, get some more financial advice from our conversations with Phil Town and Jason Rotman.

“Okay, this investment practice is not just about money, it’s about me and my life and being connected to my family and supporting my family...” -Danielle Town

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to cure your fear of stock investing
  • Why hoarding money is losing money
  • Great tools to invest on your own with minimal fees
  • The greedy reason most financial managers keep you in fear mode
  • How to grow as a person while growing your assets
  • Getting out of the job-zone and into the living-zone
  • Transforming the financial industry with socially conscious investing
  • Experts with the best how-to advice for financial independence
  • How to recognize when a stock is on sale
  • What you need to do before putting down real money
  • 4 principles to find the right investments for you
  • An action plan for first-time investors

Contact Danielle Town:

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Jan 3, 2019

In 2006, as Dave Woodward sat in an event hosted by Russell Brunson, it was slowly dawning on him that internet marketing would soon be the only game in town. So when Russell announced there was a signup sheet for anyone willing to buy him lunch, Dave ran to the table and put his name in every spot.

Now Dave is Chief Revenue and Business Development Officer of ClickFunnels, the leading software service providing entrepreneurs around the world the ability to design, build, and analyze any type of sales funnel they can dream of. Oh, he also happens to host the wildly popular Funnel Hackers Radio Podcast too, where he shares marketing secrets with the famously engaged ClickFunnels community he helped build.

Get ready as the guys hear all about the latest strategies Dave Woodward uses to provide value and build community with 30-day challenges, a new peer-to-peer customer service system, and using pretzels to get his dream guest on his podcast. When you’re done, get some more funnel tactics from our talks with Josh Haynam and Bastian Ernst.

Jan 1, 2019

2018 has been one hell of a year for us and we’re super excited to share what we’ll be bringing you next year, plus predictions for what 2019 has in store for your business.

We’ve loved making our business more accessible to our listeners over the past year and we’re doubling down in 2019. We have a new course in the works, mobile apps, marketing software, a live event, and much more. As always, we’re letting you in on all the strategies we’re using to leverage our content and get out from under the doom and gloom that’s descending on the old ways of doing business.

On this episode, we also go into what we think is going to be the new best practices in 2019, how to get your highest revenue with small, focused audiences, and the counter-intuitive industry shift in what makes a company valuable. Still want to know more about what makes The Hustle & Flowchart tick? Get in our heads with our recent Therapy Session, listen to our 100th Episode, or learn about our Journey To Seven-Figures.

“What most people go and do is target this broad audience where they think their ideal customer lives… but there’s a S#@% ton of your not-ideal customer in there!” -Matt Wolfe

“Step back before you make a campaign… actually think about giving value and understanding what people are interested in.” -Joe Fier

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • 2019 online behavior trends and how to make them work for you
  • The new personality assessment that leveled up our productivity
  • How to customize your journal to answer your most pressing life and business questions
  • The one answer to every problem plaguing your marketing strategy
  • How we use retargeting to boost revenues
  • Why 1,000 fans are all you’ll ever need
  • The new apps we’re launching for all our businesses
  • What metric is most valuable to investors (it’s not cash flow anymore!)
  • How to take control of the audience you’re building
  • Why 2019 is the year to make a big mobile play
  • How we’re going to make segmentation super easy for you
  • The live event we’re planning to host this year
  • Why info sales are no longer viable and what to sell instead
  • A coupon code for our loyal listeners!

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