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Every week we have conversations with the most successful people in our network. We learn their stories and the lessons learned before diving in and getting the real "meat." Every single show has actionable takeaways that listeners can implement in their own life or business. We focus on topics around traffic, brand awareness, wealth growth, podcasting, marketing automation, mindset, lifestyle, and business systematization but have been known to go pretty "off script" from time to time to discuss a wide variety of topics to help people improve their lives. We describe our show as "A Life Improvement Podcasting Masquerading As A Business Podcast."
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Aug 30, 2018

When the prospect of spending eight more years in college to become a doctor after earning the undergrad degree at a competitive private college seems like too much, what’s the next logical career choice? Thankfully for John Belcher it was sales.

It wasn’t just any sales career to start for John. He chose to work as a medical equipment sales rep in facial trauma and spinal injury surgical equipment that taught him the importance of being able to express your value clearly. He naturally gravitated to the teaching and training of medical staff on the use of the equipment he sold.

After a few years, John made the leap over to the digital world as a sales consultant for Google’s ad network. While he enjoyed the “techie” aspect of it all, he longed to be able to dive deeper with his clients to help them understand the process of utilizing paid traffic to its fullest.

Figuring out his true path was teaching, John decided it was time to do ad consulting on his own in an environment where he could provide what he considered to be real value to his clients, time. He found Justin and Chaunna Brooke, bought a course on managing traffic from them and knew he was listening to the right people. Not long after becoming a customer, John reached out to become an instructor for them on Google ads. An easy merger into partnership followed soon afterwards and AdSkills was born.   

In today’s episode, listen in as John reveals the seven pitfalls of paid traffic, where you should start when considering running YouTube ads, and the importance of waterfalls in your retargeting campaigns. If this episode helps you make headway in paid traffic, tune in to Billy Gene Shaw’s episode to learn  how he structures his YouTube  ads and Dennis Yu’s episode to understand more about the power of video ads at the top of your sales funnel.

If you just come in every day and put in your efforts, any goal that you set you should be able to smash.”- John Belcher

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How owning your part in the process of running paid ads results in developing realistic expectations
  • Again with the Dan Ryan shout out? Seriously Blue Eyes, where’s your ad?
  • Techie knowhow + great storytelling=The perfect recipe for ad conversion success
  • What is a profitable population density, and why you should consider it
  • Always, always, always utilize the five stages of awareness to uplevel your conversions
  • Should you let your chosen ad network decide how to spend your money?
  • This is the type of audience you should dedicate the bulk of your ad spend on, no matter which ad platform you use
  • How custom intent and super niche B2C offers can still crush it on a $5/day ad spend on YouTube
  • Shocking results of Zero Targeting on YouTube for CPA and conversion rates
  • Why tracking your organic traffic while running a YouTube ad campaign can be an eye opener regarding your campaign effectiveness
  • Help with scripting an effective 30 second video script for your own YouTube ad
  • Why patience, tracking and a starting data set are your best tools before running any ad campaign
  • Follow this process to brand with YouTube ads like Tai Lopez

Contact John Belcher:

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Aug 28, 2018

Have you ever been a witness to “the moment?” It’s that moment of clarity in life when your state of health or misalignment with your business methods as a solopreneur takes you from broke to brilliant. Tim Francis and his journey are living testimony to the colossal impact of lucid thinking.

Tim’s story began like many other entrepreneurs. He grew his business beyond his ability to get things done and took on an assistant to help him scale. He searched all the greatest places for “inexpensive” virtual help, from India to Russia, and most places in between.  The problem was the time it didn’t save him and the quality control he couldn’t have.

So, one after another, Tim got frustrated with his hired help and ended up taking back over “task” work and the grind went from 70 hour work weeks to 90 or more hours. Soon after entered the loss of clients’ capital in the stock market and real estate crash of 2008, hiring the wrong and extremely expensive “entrepreneurial” mentor, and a seriously painful illness that landed him back in his parents’ home recuperating. This was exactly what he needed to get to his own “moment.”

Listen in to hear more about Tim’s mindset shift from consumer to producer, advice on how to hire the right people at the right time to grow and scale your business, and how to think of your newfound assistant as a revenue stream instead of a business expense. If the takeaways in this episode resonate with your current state of systems or team building, be sure to check out tips from Samantha Riley and Josh Bartlett too.

There’s no leverage here. If there’s no return on my time, energy and money, why would I even bother…?”- Tim Francis

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to save 50-100 hours as an entrepreneur looking to hire your first or next staff member
  • Are timeshare scooters the new Lamborghini?
  • Speaking of Lambos, what is Matt’s definition of entrepreneurial success?
  • Stop using this as a measure to define your worth as an entrepreneur and mindset shifts about delegation can happen
  • Guess who used to believe personality test tools were like horoscopes?
  • Tips to unpack your brain
  • Is a shift from consumer mindset to producer mindset required to succeed in business
  • How did solo business owners fall victim to consumer mindset in the first place?
  • The three magic steps to 360 Delegation you can start right now
  • Best tips for the DIY entrepreneur who chooses to run the hiring process by himself or herself
  • The hiring process and the importance of psychometric tests
  • Why Kolbe is a highly effective tool for finding the right fit for your next valuable team member
  • These are the only three ways an entrepreneur should allocate their time during work hours to properly leverage, earn, grow and scale their businesses

Contact Tim Francis:

  • Visit Tim’s website for free resources or to book a call
  • Follow Tim on Facebook
  • Watch and learn from Tim on YouTube

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Aug 21, 2018

One simple question took a 9-year-old boy from wanting to be President of the United States to a completely different path of enlightening millions. Thankfully, David Allen took that question to heart and the Getting Things Done (GTD) method was allowed to be born.

After years of field research on productivity, David scored a position with his own productivity mentor, Dean, by handing over a referral to his newfound teacher. Partnering up to experience Dean’s “personal information management” system first hand gave David all the inspiration he needed to create GTD.

In this episode, special guest host Marx Acosta Rubio joins in to uncover David’s five-step GTD method, advice on discovering your true life’s purpose, definition of productivity, and beliefs about the link between productivity and spiritual discovery. If a productive and focused mind is what you crave, be sure to check out this podcast with Marx Acosta Rubio and this episode with Brad Spencer.

“I haven’t had anybody give me any reason that halfway in between works.”- David Allen

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Is the secret to success best discovered by taking a nap?
  • These are the types of people most attracted to the GTD method
  • David’s definition of productivity is simple-achieving the desired result
  • Once you can get  to the “why” of the goals you believe you want to achieve, surprising shifts to your goals themselves can happen
  • Does productivity actually lead to spiritual enlightenment?
  • Once you accept you are a creator, you can get on with the process of intuitive prioritizing
  • Of the five steps in the GTD method, this is the one new adopters tend to struggle with more often
  • If you’re struggling with adopting GTD, the answer is usually in your list (or lack thereof)
  • David’s suggestion on the best tool to create your GTD lists
  • The question that shifted David’s trajectory from the presidency
  • What exactly is a scuzz factor?
  • Why pigeonholes are meant for birds and not your context lists
  • When your creative process slows, it’s an indication it’s time for more of this
  • The shift from stress minded into options minded
  • Can productivity smell like a leather wallet?

Contact David Allen:

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Aug 16, 2018

What do you do when you discover you’re the newest of seven new chiropractors in a town that only has the capacity to support three comfortably? If you’re Ben Adkins, in just six months you become number one of course!

Ben decided he wanted to pursue a chiropractic career because he had a great one himself who helped him relieve recurring headaches back in 3rd grade. What he didn’t realize when he made this choice was building a practice didn’t automatically mean “they” would come.

With more time on his hands than patients to tend to (or money to market with), Ben focused on learning online marketing strategies to build his local practice.  In the process, magic happened. He built a recurring source of mostly passive income helping other local businesses market themselves and discovered the importance of building his own brand while doing it.

Listen in as the guys get the goods on Ben’s four-day product launch process, three-legged traffic strategy, and two monetization models that convinced Ben to shift from spinal adjustments to online teaching as the highest and best use of his time. If brand-building or local business marketing are areas where you could use an assist, check out this chat with Marshall Wayne and this episode with Christine McDannel.

"What you fail to realize when you’re young and starry-eyed is that once you get out and open your doors is that not everybody’s just gonna rush through the door.”- Ben Adkins

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • This is how to find the “magic land” of what you’re meant to do
  • 8 years is a long time to wait to catch up on a bromance Matt
  • Quit trying to be clever and focus on this when deciding to create a product
  • Which comes first, building the brand or direct response ads (chicken, egg)?
  • Find the niche within the niche to lock in long-term clients on retainer
  • Another successful example of going deep not wide, pain points included!
  • The guns blazing vs baby steps approach to problem resolution and what you should choose for your particular client getting business model
  • Turn a live event into an eternal source of revenue
  • 6 days for humankind’s creation...Ben’s got product creation streamlined to 4
  • Advisory Warning-this method should only be attempted by skilled professionals
  • Does length matter? Your avatar’s answer may surprise you!
  • Why being a nerd for “the stuff” is as important as marketing skills
  • An underutilized mostly passive income stream to check out for your niche
  • Are Matt and Joe getting the band back together?
  • A case for using  solo ads as your barometer
  • What does Frankenstein have to do with a successful traffic strategy?

Contact Ben Adkins:

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Aug 14, 2018

It all started out at the horse track. Take one young boy hanging out with his father, add the “need to know” how a horse’s odds of winning a particular race are calculated, to equal Scott Desgrosseilliers recipe for online business success today.

Scott’s love of building databases from the age of 11, coupled with his analytical approach to data he collected moved him from corporate giants Motorola to and onto Infusionsoft (just for fun because he got bored just managing data online). At his last post, he quickly discovered the need for online marketers to collect reliable data about their marketing efforts in order to make better choices with their budget.

Enter Wicked Reports, the company Scott founded a couple years ago that he calls a marketer’s playbook to grow their business faster. Tune in as and get the scoop on the most common misconceptions business owners have about attribution, common tracking errors companies make about their customers, and Scott’s take on the two most important key metrics every online business should be tracking.

And, if data’s your thing, you’ll definitely want to listen in on Chris Mercer’s Google Analytics episode, plus  Tina Marie’s take on what data is important to small business owners.

"Once you get one thing, you kinda get all of them. Until you get one thing, you don’t get any of it.”- Scott Desgrosseilliers

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Right or left brained, this tool will help you rule, in attribution data anyway
  • The two most important metrics any business owner should track’
  • How to reverse engineer high-value customer acquisition
  • Discover the average time between first click and first purchase and why it matters
  • Why email click-through rate isn’t everything and how even a low one can equal big returns
  • How being a comics nerd can translate into a hella good business model
  • An easy and free way to start tracking your email success
  • How to follow the scale, chill or kill method with paid advertising
  • The common tracking errors most companies make online
  • Is this tool the video game cheat code for online marketers?
  • Why instant gratification is the worst nightmare of online business (even if it seems like a dream come true on the other side of the equation)
  • This common oversight will throw off your cold traffic sales conversion numbers, so don’t make it
  • The importance of sub-goals for your business

Contact Scott Desgrosseilliers:

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Aug 7, 2018

Entertainment pays, no matter what your niche. And in this day and age, no matter how big or successful you believe you are in your online business unless you’re willing to entertain first, you’ll go the way of the dinosaur (before the Jurassic Park storyline brought them back to life anyway). At least, that’s Billy Gene Shaw’s motto.

From the looks of things, Billy Gene’s onto something. He’s the man that missed out on a college degree by not completing one course to go to Cabo with an ex. He moved on to fail at a mobile oil changing business next. After that came learning the most marketable of all skills at of his next jobs with an agency-marketing of course.

While getting paid to learn how to help businesses grow, Billy Gene saw the real money was in growing an online business, so he jumped in and learned how to market his first online course in quitting smoking and drinking. What he learned there and at his day job helped him to build the online mecca known today by many entrepreneurs as THE GUY of YouTube video ads.  

Tune in as the conversation gets deep, not wide about the three-step process to kill it with online video ad campaigns, running traffic to the right place on YouTube, and three things to include in every video you shoot to build your brand and sell more stuff. Once you’re all set and get Billy Gene’s tips into action, be sure to parallel park Dennis Yu’s Facebook video strategy alongside it to get more bang for your branding buck. And, if you really want to be seen everywhere by your prospect, check into our qualified traffic episode to nail it down the rest of the way.

“That’s what people don’t understand. It doesn’t take a lot of money, and here’s the thing. If you’re making more money than you spend, you’re actually getting paid to build your brand.”- Billy Gene Shaw

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Is there an unwritten rule you need to live in San Diego to be a successful online marketer?
  • How being loud, profane, young and black spurred Billy Gene’s method for client getting success
  • These three steps are all you need to get people buying from you instantly
  • Brand awareness ads + direct response ads = recipe for online success
  • This unconventional ROI made billboard ads worth the risk, and it’s something you can leverage right now too
  • Living proof that when you’re hurting for dough and you do what you know you can succeed
  • When getting out of character works, and why you should consider it
  • How to build your brand for free on YouTube exploiting this lesser known fact
  • Always meet the customer where they’re at and you’ll see more cold conversions
  • Use Billy Gene’s three “E’s” for the highest converting video ad campaigns around
  • While you’re at it, follow these three guidelines when you shoot your videos to create the most valuable content for your audience
  • Why zags and trends should be on your marketing radar
  • Billy’s motto, “If no one’s listening to you, it doesn’t matter what the f@#$ you say!”
  • The difference between a peer mentor and a pay mentor and why you need both

Contact Billy Gene Shaw:

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Are you about ready to dive in and let paid traffic work for you yet? Check out the how-to here if you’re finally ready to slay it online.

Aug 2, 2018

If you knew Vince Reed back in the day when he owned his real estate brokerage, you likely never would have guessed he‘d make the big leap into online business. By his own admission, he hardly knew how to send an email. After the market crashed in 2008 though, when faced with the decision of flipping burgers or learning Google ads, thankfully he chose the later.

A believer in his own advice, Vince decided to “learn by doing,” sold a bunch of furniture and computers from his recently closed business out of his garage, and dove in feet first. He clicked on an ad to learn how to make money online, and he’s been in the business of helping others build their businesses ever since.

You can find Vince running a full-service digital agency to help others get more traffic, convert more leads and make more money following a strategy that can be optimized and scaled. He’s an avid participant in live events to help train business owners to do the same. And, if you’re really lucky, you may catch him at his own Internet Traffic Live event that he’s hosting for the fifth and final time in 2019 (with previous guest speakers like Roland Frasier, Billy Gene Shaw, and Russell Brunson to name just a few).

Listen in and hear Vince’s three-part process for driving traffic, ad budget optimization tips for Facebook and his two-step YouTube ad strategy that’s possibly even better than a Google paid strategy. And, if this episode resonated with you, check out Matt’s post about driving consistent traffic and Dennis Yu’s $1/day episode to truly hone your paid traffic plan.

"Knowledge is not really power, in my opinion. Knowledge executed is where the power comes in, so you’ve got to go take action and make it happen.”- Vince Reed

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The best place you can spend $0.01 per lead to get cold traffic easily
  • How to know the difference between a buyer and a shopper
  • This is the online advertising platform you should master first
  • How to grow your audience on social platforms without spending more
  • Matt’s bonus tip for affiliate marketers on pixels
  • Why failing with paid ads can help you figure out how to do this better
  • Actually getting results for the “how to run a paid ad” comes down to this one thing
  • First  now your prospect’s way of thinking if you ever want to master retargeting
  • A big takeaway about the difference between search and social paid traffic
  • How insider trading and paid advertising are alike (thankfully with totally different end results)
  • Vince’s two step YouTube ad strategy that rivals the PAG Google strategy
  • This one ingredient will drastically improve your Facebook ad success results
  • What this platform has that edges out other social media channels and makes it choice “real estate” to place an ad on
  • Don’t worry, if you find Vince, he’ll definitely find you again
  • Learn Gary V’s theory on learning combined with Vince’s theory on doing

Contact Vince Reed:

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