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Ready to discover the deep rabbit-hole that is Web3? Want to better understand how the creators are taking over and will become the future billionaires of the world? Tune into Hustle & Flowchart, a podcast that blends discussions on business, marketing, the creator economy, Web3, NFTs, and much more. We'll take you down the rabbit-hole with us as we interview the smartest minds that are creating the future. We'll uncover early alpha for the investor minded folks and deep-dive into the "what and how" of these emerging new technologies and industries. Our goal with this show is, and always has been, to improve the lives of entrepreneurs. What better way than to point out the future and let you better position yourself.
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Oct 3, 2019

Today we are talking to Chris Voss, author of Never Split the Difference which is possibly the best book you can purchase on the art of negotiation. He’s an ex-FBI hostage negotiator, so he has some really cool stories, and he has translated his negotiation experience into how to do the same with sales and business.

If you ever talk to people, this is such a valuable interview, since it’s going to help you be a better communicator in general. You can apply this stuff everywhere. We even talk about using negotiating on how to strengthen your relationship. 

Not only does Chris dive into his backstory of working with some intense hostage negotiations, but he gives plenty of tips on how to use the same tactics with your business, to come out ahead while maintaining the best outcome for both sides. 

After you’ve listened be sure to check out our conversations with Daniel Daines-Hutt where we talk more about the psychology behind our marketing and Adil Amarsi who uses psychology skills to get people to buy more. 

The most dangerous negotiation is the one you don’t know you are in. That’s kind of the definition of marketing, isn’t it?” - Chris Voss

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to seek the best outcome in the negotiation
  • Why you should not ask “Why?” and what to ask instead
  • How to read body language and what to say to make them more at ease
  • Routine questions Chris asks during negotiating
  • What is tactical empathy and how to use it in your business
  • The story behind Chris’ most memorable hostage situation
  • How to improve your relationship at home
  • Why you should not be 100% sure of what you want as your outcome
  • What a hostage negotiation has to do with marketing and the takeaways you can use to come out ahead
  • The three different types of negotiators
  • And much, much more!

Contact Chris Voss:

  • Text “fbiempathy” to the number ‘22828’ to get on Chris’ awesome newsletter list

References and Links Mentioned:

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  • This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool, We use this amazing tool pretty much daily, and if you listen back to some of our most recent episodes, we breakdown some of the tactics we use in our intros, such as website audits, looking at our competitors’ websites, and finding low hanging fruit keywords for easy Google rankings. Check out their YouTube channel to see a ton of tutorial videos as well. It’s like having cheat codes for business. As of this episode, they have a 7 day $7 trial, so be sure to check it out.
  • Never Split the Difference  by Chris Voss
  • Chris Voss has an awesome, bite-sized newsletter which negotiation tips tactics and to get on it, you can send a text to the number 22828 with the word “fbiempathy” (no caps, no spaces). 
  • Chris’ Black Swan coaching group 
  • The Rise of Superman by Stephen Kotler
  • The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
  • The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb
  • Originals by Adam Grant
  • Our episode with Daniel Daines-Hutt 
  • Our episode with Adil Amarsi 

Oct 1, 2019

This episode is "on location" in Orlando, during Podcast Movement 2019. In the spirit of Podcast Movement, we wanted to dive deep into our podcast process and why it's so effective at generating sales for us.

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why it's never a good idea to be a "seagull"
  • What EPIC means and where the name came from
  • The reason we do a print newsletter vs. a digital newsletter
  • How to create the best "ponds" to fish from
  • The things we really like about Podcast Movement
  • The things that Podcast Movement lacked
  • The step that most podcasters skip when creating their show
  • How you could get rich running a podcast (some uncommon wisdom)
  • When and why we decided to have sponsors for our show
  • A complete breakdown of our podcast business
  • How a podcast spins off into equity and partnership deals
  • Peeling back the layers that most people don't see with the podcast
  • How to get higher affiliate commissions on products you promote
  • Why NOT approaching people is our best networking tactic
  • Our biggest insights from Podcast Movement
  • Plans for additional monetization in the future
  • Plus so much more!

References and Links Mentioned:

Sep 26, 2019

Justin is best known for helping marketers and business owners to convert their offers on cold traffic. With his cold traffic ninja strategies, he was able to grow his own supplement company from $0 to $23 million in sales in just under three years. After accomplishing that feat, listen in as Justin explains why he felt empty, and what he did to turn himself around.

This conversation goes deep right away, where we talked about psychedelics, therapy, emotions and tapping into your empathic side. Justin also has a super interesting approach to email marketing (you actually have to apply to be on his email list). 

There’s some key insights in this episode as Justin lays out how he triggers specific emotions with his copywriting in people and how to get people emotionally charged up about their current situation.  

If this show gets you rethinking your ads and copywriting, be sure to check out our previous episodes with Kevin Rogers and Joy Houston for more tips on how to write copy that speaks directly to your ideal customers.

One of the most eye-opening things I’ve realized is that these things that you think are little things that happen in your childhood affect every single thing in your business.” - Justin Goff

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why Justin has people apply to get on his email list
  • What Justin went through to get to $23,000,000 in sales
  • The value in Justin’s email list that you need to apply to get on
  • The emotional elements of running a business
  • How plant medicines help with realizations
  • How to work emotional triggers into writing your copy
  • Compliance methods for best practices with cold traffic
  • Examples of difference niches and what emotions you should use and why
  • And much, much more!

Contact Justin Goff:

References and Links Mentioned:

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  • This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool, We use this amazing tool pretty much daily, and if you listen back to some of our most recent episodes, we breakdown some of the tactics we use in our intros, such as website audits, looking at our competitors’ websites, and finding low hanging fruit keywords for easy Google rankings. It’s like having cheat codes for business. As of this episode, they have a 7 day $7 trial, so be sure to check it out.
  • Copy Excelerator
  • Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson
  • Turning Pro by Stephen Pressfield
  • Our episode with Kevin Rogers 
  • Our episode with Joy Houston

Sep 24, 2019

Beau Henderson's brand is aptly named Rich Life which produces a podcast, books as well as assists folks with their transitions from the working life to their retirement life. On today’s show, he lays down some solid financial knowledge showing that it can actually be fun to take on the task of becoming financially savvy so that you can take that vacation you always wanted to, pay off that debt or retire to that cabin in the woods to write that novel you’ve always wanted to produce.

Beau has a background in psychology, so he is able to discuss how we get to the core root of our financial lifestyle and breaks down a lot of stuff behind our money habits, patterns and programming.

We get tactical on making sure your money is managed in the right way, a topic that is not discussed nearly enough in the digital marketing space. Plus, towards the end, we talk about the powers behind podcasting and Beau’s process of recording content and coming up with topics quickly for episodes, plus a way to create a whole book with just twelve topics. 

After you’re done, check out our discussions with Noah St. John on how to remove your head trash about money and our episode with Steve Glaveski who talks about getting the proper funds and mindset if you are transitioning to a full-time gig as an entrepreneur. 

Don’t be that person that’s sleepwalking through life. I believe if we are all living a life that is exciting, and we are excited, it’s gotta be better for us, our family, our community and the world as a whole. - Beau Henderson

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get out of debt
  • How to work with your kids to make sure they are financially literate
  • The direction retirement is going in this day and age
  • How our thoughts about money affect our financial programming and habits
  • How to use those important metrics about finances and be consistent to improve your financial life
  • How to create content and write books faster and more efficiently
  • And much, much more!

Contact Beau Henderson:

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Get the EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for everything episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests.
  • This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool, We have been using this tool for years for things such as finding content gaps, where you can compare your site to your competitors’ and see content on their sites that they are ranking for that you don’t yet have content ranking on your own site, as well as see the backlinks for those pieces of content. It’s like having cheat codes for business. As of this episode, they have a 7 day $7 trial, so be sure to check it out.
  • The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield
  • Essentialism by Gren McKeown
  • The Ten Investments for True Wealth -
  • Ten Investments for True Wealth
  • Rich Life podcast 
  • Our show with Noah St. John 
  • Our show with Steve Glaveski


Sep 19, 2019

Dave Asprey, Mr. Bulletproof himself joins on today’s podcast. Dave is the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, a fellow podcaster, author of the New York Times bestseller The Bulletproof Diet as well as several other best-selling books. 

In this show, we discuss how Dave got his funding for his first business as well as advice when it comes to starting out with your own venture, and what to do if you are not necessarily an “idea person”. We also talk about the importance of delegation so you can spend more time doing the things which only you can do, and the traits of that person you ultimately need to hire if you are to grow your business.

And of course, this podcast would not be complete without tips and tricks on hacking your health, timing your eating, how to start your day and other advice on how to obtain the most amount of energy and vibrant health for longevity. As you realize this is a must for your life and your business, be sure to check out our previous shows with Joe Cohen and Dr. Steve Ruden for even more information on biohacking and well-being.

If you’re a good entrepreneur you shouldn’t be running any businesses. You hire people to run businesses for you.” - Dave Asprey

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to delegate your time properly
  • Dave’s recommendations when starting a business from scratch
  • How not to diet, but eat properly until your body is satisfied
  • What makes a good brand and how you can tell if you are set up for failure right in the beginning
  • How to live a great life full of energy
  • What is the most valuable resource (and it’s not time)
  • How to find creators if you are not an idea person
  • Yet another reason to avoid fried foods
  • How to find great people to work with so you can focus on building your business
  • Dave’s most important tips on eating for enhanced energy all-day
  • And much, much more!

Contact Dave Asprey:

  • Check out Dave’s podcast at BulletProof radio, it’s always about human performance and you will love it

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Get the EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for everything episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests.
  • This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool, This is our favorite SEO tool, and one of the awesome things they have is an area where you can enter a keyword you are thinking of ranking for, and it will show you the top ten things which that keyword is ranking for on Google. You can see how many backlinks it has, where they are coming from and reverse engineer the off page SEO for that keyword. It’s like having cheat codes for business. As of this episode, they have a 7 day $7 trial, so be sure to check it out.
  • The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
  • The Law of Human Nature by Robert Greene
  • Bulletproof 
  • Upgrade Labs 
  • 40 Years of Zen 
  • Home Biotic 
  • True Dark 
  • Energy For Success
  • Bulletproof Diet Roadmap
  • Our episode with Joe Cohen 
  • Our episode with Dr. Steve Ruden

Sep 17, 2019

Brian Kurtz is a very generous man who over-delivers with everything. He’s got a great history in the marketing world and is the founder of Titan Marketing. Listen in as we discuss the brilliant tactics that turned Boardroom into a $150+ million dollar company. Plus, we talk about Brian’s recent book, Overdeliver that just came out which is a must-have. 

Brian has had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest marketers that have ever lived and we go deep down the rabbit hole with tactics and marketing strategies that he has used over the years, in a variety of mediums.

In this episode, Brian talks about his history working alongside many well-known marketing geniuses and how he combined his knowledge of both offline and online marketing to reach a wide audience and a responsive list with great open rates. When you are done, be sure to tune into our other episodes we mentioned with Doberman Dan and with Ben Settle as they discuss the benefits of offline marketing and over-delivering to your market. 

It’s been a great ride and it’s not magic if you work for 40 years and pay attention and always give 100%, always make sure I contribute to someone first before I ask them for anything. That kind of philosophy has helped me get the best speakers for my mastermind. ” - Brian Kurtz

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to make sure you are always remembered
  • What a fishing pole & rowboat have to do with your list
  • What makes a great copywriter
  • What makes a world-class creative
  • The beauty behind a paid newsletter model
  • The one medium that is preferable above the rest and why
  • How to make a memorable impression to the VIP’s on your list
  • How Brian was able to increase his business over tenfold
  • Some of the lessons he learned from things that didn’t go as planned
  • And much, much more!

Contact Brian Kurtz:

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Get the EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for everything episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests.
  • This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool, We use this amazing tool pretty much daily, and if you listen back to some of our most recent episodes, we breakdown some of the tactics we use in our intros, such as website audits, looking at our competitors’ websites, and finding low hanging fruit keywords for easy Google rankings. It’s like having cheat codes for business. As of this episode, they have a 7 day $7 trial, so be sure to check it out.
  • get over 100 hours of content plus swipe files. 
  • Titan Mastermind
  • The Advertising Solution book
  • Our episodes with Doberman Dan and with Ben Settle

Sep 12, 2019

Woo-hoo, it’s our 200th episode!  And for this show, we brought back one of our most popular guests to date, Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics who joins us with a co-guest Tanner Laycock. We cover a lot of ground on this one, going deeper with some of the things we asked in the first round, such as the content wheel and the dollar a day ads. We also discuss how they systemize their business so they can hand them off and fulfill any role in the business. 

Dennis and his company have done an amazing job of building checklists out of everything in their business. Plus, you’ll hear how they are able to capture a huge audience for their brand, without selling up front. And you’ll be ready to pack your suitcase after hearing them both give up their favorite travel hacks.

After you’re done, be sure to give another listen to our first show with Dennis as you’ll see why it was so popular, as well as our episodes with John Corcoran and David Gonzalez for more insight on making those all important connections with top performers and influential people.

Something that does well on Facebook can show authority on the web. It can also be your pinned tweet, be recycled into YouTube, turned into an article, can be put into an email roundup summary of the top twelve things from last month. Take something that works, and copy it to the other channels.” - Dennis Yu

“If you can take the subjects that you want to be known for which relates to your topic and create videos with people of authority in that topic, and you boost it to the people that already like that topic, instantly you are going to take a piece of their pie.” - Tanner Laycock

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get more power out of your existing content
  • How to cross post
  • How Dennis and Tanner got into the highly secured CNN building when even one of their top correspondents had a hard time
  • Why working along smarter people is a great business strategy
  • How Dennis has one of our most downloaded episodes of all time
  • What the Topic Wheel is and how to set one up for your business
  • How to get word of mouth so that your greatest hits can work against Twitter, Spotify, YouTube, etc.
  • The proper way to position yourself without selling anything up front
  • Some amazing travel hacks that will save you time and money
  • And much, much more!

Contact :

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Get the EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for everything episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests.
  • This episode is sponsored by our go-to SEO research tool, We use this amazing tool all the time in our own business, and they have a feature where they will do an in depth website audit, noting everything you can do to up the technical SEO aspect of your site. As of this episode, they have a 7 day $7 trial, so be sure to check it out.
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Check out our previous episode with Dennis Yu and his Dollar Ad Strategy
  • Our episode with John Corcoran
  • Our episode with David Gonzalez

Sep 10, 2019

Gregory Elfrink is the Director of Marketing for Empire Flippers, a marketplace where you can buy and sell your online business. Gregory is a content badass, and in this episode, you’ll hear how he went from working 18 hours a day at a super demanding job to living a digital nomad lifestyle, working with a sweet company that understands the pulse of the digital landscape and what makes a website valuable in today’s market.

You’ll have some a-ha moments as Gregory explains how the intricacies of selling a business is similar to selling real estate, what to look for if you are considering adding an online business to your asset portfolio and the key things to effect if you plan on selling your own site at some point.

After listening, go check out our conversations with Stephen Esketzis and Nate Broughton for more insight on content marketing and SEO strategies, to assure that your own piece of online real estate is functioning at its full potential.

Don’t look for the perfect business. It’s the business that has the flaws, where all the opportunity lives for the most part.” - Gregory Elfrink

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to buy a website that will be a passive income stream
  • What sort of things to look for when purchasing
  • What are things to get in place if you are selling
  • How to value your company
  • What is one of the most important skills for any business
  • How to be strategic with your digital asset purchases
  • How to flip your websites and use the gains for the highest ROI
  • The State of the Union for digital assets
  • And much, much more!

Contact Gregory Elfrink:

References and Links Mentioned:

Sep 5, 2019

JJ Virgin is a celebratory nutrition expert, having appeared on the Dr. Phil television show regularly for a couple of years. She’s also been featured on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, Rachael Ray and spent 26 weeks on the New York Times Bestsellers List with her book The Virgin Diet. 

In this episode we listen to JJ’s story of how she began her fitness career, how a chance encounter with a client led her to reshape her future with amazing results, and how marketing has let her scale her business where she is now assisting doctors and others to get their own marketing dialed in and their personal brands sharpened. 

JJ is a great storyteller and a smart businesswoman and you will love her personality as she delves into her interesting past, with all its ups and downs. After you’ve listened to JJ’s story and since you probably have a book in you as well (and who doesn’t), be sure to check out our previous podcast where we discuss how we were able to write an entire book in a weekend as well as our podcast with Chandler Bolt, on how to self-publish a bestseller and use it to grow your business. 

Everyone looks at success, and they look at that one point in time, everything goes viral. And you’re a success and money is flowing in. But they don’t realize, it’s a massive grind.” - JJ Virgin

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to juggle so many different things with a multitude of businesses
  • How to make sure your business is consistently scaling and growing
  • How Joe & Matt used the “mattress method” when first starting out (it’s not what you think)
  • How to get your brand known
  • How to generate leads especially for health related fields
  • Thunderstorms and 6 pound dogs
  • How marketing sent JJ on an upward path to scale her business
  • And much, much more!

Contact JJ Virgin:

References and Links Mentioned:



Sep 3, 2019

MaryEllen Tribby is a scalability master and in this episode, listen along as she lays out an amazing business model that she built at Early to Rise.  Because of her impressive track record of generating revenues and profits, MaryEllen is known in the Information Publishing world as “The Money Honey.”

Her newsletter concept has been replicated over 300 times. MaryEllen gives us a soup to nuts blueprint of how to build a business using her Inbox Magazine concept. She left an amazing corporate position to build her own company using this concept, and is now able to run her magazine as a laptop lifestyle, while traveling all over the world and home-schooling her kids. 

You’ll love listening to the possibilities as MaryEllen details how to grow your inbox magazine from scratch, provide content even if you don’t enjoy writing, and scale it to new levels. If the takeaways in this episode resonate with you, check out our shows with Doberman Dan and Chandler Bolt for additional publishing ideas for your audience. 

The most valuable commodity everyone has is their time. The really successful people know how to spend those 24 hours. One of the main keys to success is if you look at really successful people, they spend their time wisely.” - MaryEllen Tribby

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to build your own business from soup to nuts
  • How to come up with the idea for the magazine
  • What to put in the magazine
  • How long the magazine should be
  • How to get content without writing a word
  • How to monetize and make money off of the magazine
  • How to grow and get new subscribers
  • And much, much more!

Contact MaryEllen Tribby:

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Get the EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for everything episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests.

Aug 29, 2019

Cue the fanboy alarm as we talk to James Altucher, a fellow podcaster who we love listening to, as well as an excellent author whose books we recommend. In this episode you’ll hear James lay out a super practical thought exercise that you can do along with us, to determine a life of wealth freedom, for whatever that means to you in the most conservative way possible to keep that money flowing.

James has started 20 companies, 17 of which have failed. You’ll hear how he has gone through some amazing wins and losses, the important lessons he’s learned along the way, and how he has come to realize you really don’t need as much you think, both in terms of physical items and monetarily.

James is such a likeable, humble guy and a wonderful conversationalist, we just know you’ll love this episode as much as did. After listening, go check out our conversations with Justin Malek, Lee Rankinen and Nick Loper for more information on podcasting and freeing up your time.

I used to have more rules. My only rule now is - are there people going into this investment with me who are smarter and more successful. If yes, invest. If no, then don’t invest.” - James Altucher

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How James sold all of his possessions and lived out of AirBNB’s 
  • What happened that one time James had a real J.O.B.
  • How to pick the right investment for angel investing
  • How to determine how much money you actually need
  • How to invest money to live off of it passively
  • How to compare yourself to billionaires the right way
  • How to create this wealth for yourself in a straight line approach
  • Rules for which company to consider when investing
  • And much, much more!

Contact James Altucher:

References and Links Mentioned:


Aug 27, 2019

Today we are talking to Tobias Rauscher, a digital nomad traveling the world with a guitar and a laptop and also one of the best guitarists we’ve ever heard. Not only is he a talented guitarist who you should definitely check out, he has created a beast of a YouTube channel with over 35,000,000 views and around 400,000 subscribers. We break down a ton of strategies as to how he got to that point, including his Satellite Strategy which has helped him get a ton of subscribers, views and customers to his courses.

This episode is part strategy on how to get your channel rolling and your videos seen, part course creation tips and then a look into Tobias’ digital nomad lifestyle and how he is able to travel around the world while also teaching students online. After you’ve listened, round out your YouTube insights listening to our previous episodes with Brian G. Johnson and John Belcher.

YouTube has this complete ecosystem per country. For example, in Germany you have all these German channels, you don’t even go to the American ones.” - Tobias Rauscher

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Tobias was able to get to over 400,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel
  • How to use the Satellite Strategy to drive traffic to courses
  • The best places to check out if you want to hang with other digital nomads
  • How Tobias is able to set up courses and eventually be more hands off
  • The right way to connect with other content creators to bring more views to your own content
  • And much, much more!

Contact :

References and Links Mentioned:

Aug 22, 2019

Our episode with Dustin Mathews of WealthFit was recorded on location at his office in San Diego where he’s got an amazing podcast and video setup. WealthFit is both a podcast and creative training studio, and in this episode we talk about a host of subjects such as growing a podcast, running a business around creating training content, how to have successful partnerships as well as real estate investing and general guidelines for long term financial growth.

Dustin has had an interesting path and you’ll hear how he found his way into a variety of ventures sometimes by accident, often times being an inverted newbie, but was still able to come out ahead by talking to the right people and using what knowledge he had in marketing at the time. You’ll also hear Dustin’s take on finding key team members and the important questions he asks them to make sure they are a good fit.

After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our past shows we’ve done with Esther Kiss and Scott Carson to give you some additional intake on podcasting and real estate investing. 

People are an important part of the equation and anytime you can insert yourself into a chaotic environment is powerful.” - Dustin Mathews

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Tips on how to start a podcast
  • How to reach out to your network
  • Ideas on investing the smart way
  • What to look for in potential hires
  • A defining moment and big question that led to Dustin changing careers
  • Some key questions to determine if people will be a good fit for your team 
  • How timing and being in the right place at the right time is everything
  • The power of the Dream 100 list
  • And much, much more!

Contact Dustin Mathews:

References and Links Mentioned:






Aug 20, 2019

We’re back again, and on this episode it’s just us as we dive into another round of our  Therapy Sessions. First off, we review how we are continuing to be on the forefront of all that is in the podcasting world and how podcasting continues to be a content machine which can lead to so many monetization models such as newsletters, high ticket offers, sponsorships and continuity offers. 

Next, we are not holding back as we talk about how we both have struggled with stress and anxiety in the past, what we have done and are doing now to combat that, leaving us to feel much better current day.  We feel that this is an issue that is not always discussed in today’s world, but really needs to be and we look into our personal lives a little more to talk about the things that all of us, as entrepreneurs deal with along with the practices that have made a big difference in our lives, in our relationships, health and overall well-being. Remember - as entrepreneurs, you are not alone.

When you’re done, check out the episodes we did with with Travis Ketchum and Sam Khorramian where we delve into this important topic even more.

Now we have podcasts and Google is indexing not only the show notes / the blog post of that show but they are actually indexing podcasts now. There’s this interesting wave now that.” - Joe Fier

“Isn’t it funny how much better business works when you build things people want instead of what you think they want.” - Matt Wolfe

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to deal with struggles and hardships
  • Why we are in the barrel of podcasting now and how to catch that wave
  • Matt’s heartfelt Facebook post and the most surprising outcome about it
  • Why podcasting is not going away and how you can monetize it
  • Why so many people have reached out to us lately to assist them with their own podcasts
  • Tips and method for breathing, journaling and generally taking care of your health
  • And much, much more!

Contact :

  • If you are interested in podcast consulting (as of this podcast we are full, but we do have spots open up occasionally) reach out to us at

References and Links Mentioned:

Aug 15, 2019

James Schramko is one of only three people who have been on at least three episodes with us. With his podcast at James has been dishing out amazing content every week for over ten years. 

We covered a lot on this episode and it starts with a history lesson of how he’s grown his businesses over the years and it morphed into a conversation about how to keep these members around. He also discusses all these crazy benchmarks and shares how he tracks all his data using Wicked Reports, sharing some things that most marketers never share.

If you’re not following James somewhere, go do it. It’s hard not to love this guy, as you’ll hear with so much value on this episode. We also discuss our entire business model as well and our visions for offering value first and how best to accomplish that. Once you are done, be sure to listen to our previous episodes with Aaron Fletcher who also has a thriving membership site and Roland Frasier to round it out.

“The mindset aspect is the constant thing as an entrepreneur, if you figure out that game, that’s the difference between having your life of joy or your life of misery.” - James Schramko

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get people sold into your membership
  • How to keep these members around
  • History of James Shcramko’s business and how he marketed it
  • James’ vital numbers with over 7 years of data using Wicked Reports
  • How James constantly refines and tunes his business
  • The holy grail of conversion 
  • The importance of mindset and what you need to consider before raising your goals
  • And much, much more!

Contact James Schramko:

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Aug 13, 2019

On October 15th, 2002, Angelo Sisco was involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident that changed his life forever. In an instant, he went from being a 20-year-old entrepreneur to someone fighting to save his leg and his way of life.

After 8 surgeries, two months in a hospital bed, 5 months of daily rehab, Angelo fell into a deep depression.

In 2009 he discovered CrossFit and everything changed once again. He had a new focus and a new purpose in life. After he lost close to 100 pounds, he opened up his own Crossfit gym in 2010, helping others to be the best version of themselves. 

In 2018 Angelo launched Alpha Hippie, a movement to help men find their purpose and grow. He does through his podcast, talks, and his course Masculine Mastery.

Angelo Sisco then teamed up with his mentor Jason Leydon in 2018 to create Conquer. 

Angelo has an amazing, colorful story. Listen as we break down his mission and how he transitioned into this character he wanted to be. He walks us through many ways that you can do the same if you are stuck in your own life and discusses the four main barriers in life that hold us back and ways to overcome them. After you listen, be sure to check out our other episodes with Brian Bradley and Dr. Steve Ruden, for more golden nuggets of wisdom in regards to business and health.

“The money helps because it’s your access to education to figure out how to be happy and figure out how to lose weight. People that are in positions they don’t want to be, it’s not because they want to be in those positions per se, it’s because they don’t have the education and awareness to get out of those situations.” - Angelo Sisco

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Angelo dealt having a father in jail while growing up and how this affected him later in life
  • How Angelo lost close to 100 pounds in under a year’s time
  • What happened to make Angelo realize that his business was not growing as fast as he would like, and the changes that turned it around
  • Angelo’s bootstrapped story of how he got his gyms off the ground
  • Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual barriers and how to break them down
  • And much, much more!



Contact Angelo Sisco:

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Aug 8, 2019

Mike Dillard, previously of Self Made Man and Magnetic Sponsoring and now with The Elevation Group has done some amazing stuff throughout his career. Over the past 12 years, he has started three companies from scratch, in three different industries, and grew each of them to more than 8-figures in revenue. Mike has also built an email list of more than 1 million subscribers and grown a podcast to more than 5 Million downloads all from the comfort of his home.   

He also discusses how he has dealt with anxiety, depression and how building monster companies takes a toll on your body and mind. Mike really opens up and goes down the rabbit hole about how he’s had to change his life. We all have own own struggles and with technology constantly being on, it’s something we can all relate to.

You’ll also hear about Mike other ventures that have not been as successful and how entrepreneurship has certainly had its ups and downs. Listen in as he comes full circle and discusses what his vision is for the future and how he can best assist not only those just starting out but others in the trenches as well. When you are done, be sure to check out our other episodes with Marc Acosta-Rubio and John Assaraf who have also dropped some golden nuggets on successful business practices while maintaining both physical health and mental clarity.

I found that all of my most successful business are inspired by my biggest personal problems, and if I have a problem then I’m motivated to solve it, and if I have a problem there’s a very good chance that others have it as well.” - Mike Dillard

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to deal with stress and anxiety as an entrepreneur
  • Mike’s backstory and how he was able to generate $60,000 a month with his first book within 3 months of publishing
  • Why podcasting is so effective
  • Different business models and which ones worked and which ones Mike blew money on
  • How he is self taught and used his knowledge with other people’s money to set himself up for success
  • How his next book will assist fellow entrepreneurs on important, but not often discussed issues
  • Mike’s awesome blurbs of wisdom
  • And much, much more!

Contact Mike Dillard:

  • - check out Mike’s set to get a free class on how to create a clear vision for your business

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Aug 6, 2019

We love Neil Patel and basically grew up in our marketing, learning from him and Quick Sprout. While this episode is shorter than our usual ones, there is definitely some gold in here as always, as we discuss the benefits of UberSuggest, how QuickSprout got started as well as Neil’s excellent work ethic and tenacity in distributing so much content on his own.

You’ll also hear how, even though he feels he has a few haters (which means he must be doing something right), he is able to ignore pretty much all the negativity and push on through, only taking in anything that can benefit him in the long run. 

Neil also discusses what he considers would be best practices for just starting out as well as what he does to keep his content fresh and rank continuously with basically no ad spend. After you’ve delved into this episode be sure to check out our previous shows with Paul Clifford and David Sinek, two folks who also know a thing or two about content and SEO. 

My philosophy is don’t get bogged down by people saying negative stuff, take that negativity and if you can improve, improve. If you can’t because it’s just opinions and there’s nothing you can use to make yourself better, then keep moving on.” - Neil Patel

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get backlinks on your site from SEO
  • Why every little bit helps by posting on a variety of sites
  • Some ideas about the future of the internet and where we are headed 
  • How to use organic content properly
  • Neil’s list of sites for content linking and how to use each one properly
  • How to deal with haters
  • Neil’s tenacity and his content producing machine
  • And much, much more!

Contact :

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Aug 1, 2019

Navid Moazzez can be referred to as the grandfather of virtual summits even though he’s younger than most of us. He was one of the first ones out there teaching this format and is spreading the word on these powerful marketing tools. He has reengineered what others have been doing and packaged it into a system which has generated over 100,000 emails in the last 12 months alone, making over 7 figures.

Listen to us mastermind on the show as we brainstorm on really cool ways to use virtual summits, and not just the usual ways you are likely used to hearing. Navid gives us a host of ideas on how to repurpose content and how to best create evergreen summits for long term revenue from just one event. 

He also has an amazing list of tools and recommendations that he uses in his business, and will open up your mind to the possibilities, even if you are just starting out without a huge network. We kept our brainstorming session in this one, because the content is too good not to share! After you listen to this episode, be sure to check out our previous shows with Liam Austin and Amber Spears for even more insight on summits as well as getting affiliates on board.  

There’s a lot of gold out there for summits that haven’t been done well or done at all. Many students who saw an opportunity in a market, partnered with someone or did it themselves and just crushed it.” - Navid Moazzez

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to create mini virtual summits
  • How to use them as an affiliate tool
  • The power of the evergreen virtual summit 
  • List building
  • How to grow your influence and your network around the Dream 100 concept
  • The various types of virtual summits and when to utilize them
  • And much, much more!

Contact Navid Moazzez:

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Jul 30, 2019

Paul Minors is so passionate about productivity, and manages his time so efficiently, he is able to sell products online, consult, does book reviews, blogs, creates youtube videos and also has a podcast, all this as a solopreneur and without the help of a VA. 

Couldn’t we all be a little more productive? As someone who makes a living helping others to accomplish this feat, listen in as Paul discusses tips and tricks on how to stay most productive, how he is able to maintain the elusive “inbox zero” and well as how he blocks out his days and weeks in such a way that he actually finds little extra segments of time to do whatever he wants.

Paul also has some really insightful ideas on how to manage incoming emails and receipts using a combination of tools and apps for yearlong organization. You’ll find out he reviews his workload on a Friday to set him up for success the following week as well as his thoughts on a theme for the day.

After you listen to all the time saving information, you’ll be sure to have extra time on your hands to check out our other productivity episodes with David Allen and Henry Evans.

The perfect system is the one you design for yourself and actually follow. - Paul Minors

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Tools for increased productivity
  • How to time block your days
  • Batching set ups
  • Interesting ways to leverage podcasts
  • A useful tool to help write emails quicker and with less typos
  • Paul’s automation technique for tracking invoices
  • How to automate the day to day stuff we all take for granted
  • Paul’s process on how to achieve inbox zero
  • What the 4 D’s are and how to apply them to your inbound emails
  • And much, much more!

Contact :

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Jul 25, 2019

Ryan Deiss is CEO and founder of Digital Marketer. He is also the man behind Traffic & Conversions Summit, the largest digital marketing conversion conference in North America, which will now be held more than once a year in a variety of places. The best selling author, founder of multiple companies collectively employing hundreds around the globe, and one of the most dynamic speakers on marketing in the United States today, he is undeniably a recognized expert on the digital era.

Ryan has always been a trend spotter, and every year at T&C, his opening keynote discusses the evolution and future trends for Digital Marketer. Its community has over 15,000 paid members and over a half a million subscribers. The company is on a mission to double the size of 10 thousand businesses by 2020.

In this episode, Ryan discusses the history of Digital Marketer along with his plans for the future which coincides with the changes to the way marketing has evolved over the years and why this has led to his product team being the largest department in the company.  Because of Ryan’s extensive history with digital marketing as a whole, he has a heads up on the industry, where it’s trending and best practices for the easiest ways for customer acquisition and retention. 

Once you have listened to all this great content, be sure to check out our other episodes with Digital Marketer’s Richard Lindner and Roland Frasier for even more digital marketing insights.

Words matter, language matters, and even though it’s strategy it’s also mindset and what you call things matters. Just be careful of the category you put your business in.” - Ryan Deiss

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Where to focus your marketing attention next
  • How to spot marketing trends
  • How they are growing an audience in different fields
  • What they are doing to focus on how to stay ahead of the field
  • Why language is powerful and how you should use it to describe your business
  • The future of Digital Marketer
  • How to approach a new marketing channels
  • Best practices for larger conversions and happier customers for the long term
  • How the structure works behind the scenes
  • And much, much more!

Contact :

  • - sign up for a free account to see how they are building up the funnel discussed in this episode

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Get the EGP Letter here for other interviews, our community, an action guide to stay ahead of all things marketing and lots of other goodies!

  • The Wizard of Ads by Roy Williams 

  • Also, check out the 100 books every marketer should read on the Digital Marketer blog


Jul 23, 2019

Chris Guerriero has built several companies of his own and is an advisor and investor in many more. Business owners around the world have come to rely upon Chris when they require an edge to breakthrough growth obstacles.

In this episode, we learn how Chris, who had a successful health club leading a large team of personal trainers, caught the eye of internet marketing gurus as he was able to get his first book out into the masses, selling 60,000 copies in the first 60 days.

He’s also grown teams, culture, and business systems that yield multi-million-dollar companies. During his career devoted to health, wellness, and business growth, Chris has built four 8-figure businesses of his own and helped generate millions in revenue for his clients. 

Through all this, he’s able to manage his time very wisely and discusses how he breaks down his day to day tasks with precision as well as what the right and wrong things to focus on to help your business scale extensively.  You’ll also hear how Chris effectively bridges the gap between the online and offline marketing worlds for massive success. When you are done, make sure you check out our other shows with Roland Frasier and Carl Allen on acquiring and scaling other business and making the right deals.

“If you talk to people in the words they use, there’s a level of trust that’s immediately associated with you and your product, and conversion becomes infinitely easier.” - Chris Guerriero

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get on radio utilizing unused radio spots
  • How Chris got his book in hundreds of thousands of hands right off the bat
  • A unique path Chris took during his book launch to get the attention of the marketing gurus
  • What to include in your books to sell even more to your customers (and those who haven’t even purchased anything yet)
  • Some unique offline tactics that get your name out
  • How to use remnant advertising for higher conversions than standard ads
  • Ninja tactics to create postcard headlines
  • Key things to look for when acquiring a new business 
  • How to test physical products ahead of time to assure they will resonate
  • The formulaic approach to how Chris breaks up his work and advising days 
  • And much, much more!

Contact Chris Guerriero:

References and Links Mentioned:

Jul 18, 2019

Sam Khorramian is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. He co-founded Big Block Realty which has made an appearance on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies three years in a row and would have been on this year as well (but he didn’t fill out the paperwork). His company is currently the fastest growing real estate company on the list.

In this episode, not only do we discuss the real estate biz and how Sam’s business stands out from the typical brokerage firm, but we talk about dealing with anxiety and depression, circumstances that we don’t often discuss but should as entrepreneurs. Sam references some great thought leaders and gives advice on how he works around these issues.

Listen to Sam’s advice on one of the best ways to invest in real estate, especially if you do not have a large chunk of capital upfront as well as the marketing tactics that have helped catapult his business and persona into the spotlight.  When you are done, check out our other episodes with Scott Carson and Cory Boatright for additional insight into crushing it with real estate. 

In business, you should definitely seek counsel and learn from people that know more than you, but in terms of your goals and what you believe to be possible, you should only believe yourself. ” - Sam Khorramian

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get into real estate if you are just learning
  • How to deal with anxiety and depression as an entrepreneur
  • Personal branding tips
  • How a discussion with Richard Branson helped change limiting beliefs
  • Sam’s internal company incentives 
  • How to stand out from the competition
  • One thing that will change your mood immediately
  • Using gamification in your business
  • Best practices for dealing with real estate syndication companies
  • And much, much more!

Contact Sam Khorramian:

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Jul 16, 2019

Jeff Vacek runs and is our main print fulfillment dude.  In this episode, we talk about a host of different ways to better leverage physical products to increase your sales.  He’s a jack of all trades and his print on demand business encompasses all aspects, from a variety of fulfillment products to the customer service side of things, even handling such tasks as building a Shopify store for you. 

Listen in as we talk about how to not only increase your conversions but lower your refunds and cancellation rates with some very simple product ideas. Sometimes it can be as simple as repackaging your information into a physical book. Jeff has quite a few ideas and has extensive experience with information products himself, as he previously built a $12 million dollar info publishing business.

If you think to offer your customer base a physical product is too hard or expensive, you’ll want to listen to this entire episode, as you’ll learn just how hands off this process can be.  After you get your mind reeling with the possibilities, check out our other episodes with Steve Sims where we talk about gifting ideas as well as our episode with Doberman Dan who discusses his own success with a printed newsletter

It’s amazing in this digital age, how much sending people physical stuff can explode an online business in a lot of different aspects.” - Jeff Vacek

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to leverage physical products to increase your retention members
  • How to use swag to get better conversion rates on the products you already sell
  • How to keep people from canceling your recurring product sales
  • Ideas on what we are doing right now with our podcast to keep the communication going
  • Some really clever product ideas you would never think of
  • Costs involved with the various physical products Jeff produces
  • Best practices when starting out with this leverage model to test ideas
  • How to use physical things to entice people to come on your podcast
  • A few simple steps that will get you on your way to a product offer with minimal effort
  • So many other amazing possibilities behind selling products
  • How simple it is to add this option to your current model
  • And much, much more!

Contact :

References and Links Mentioned:

Jul 11, 2019

Richard Lindner is the President and Co-Founder of DigitalMarketer, an industry leader in global digital marketing education. He is also an enthusiastic and engaging public speaker who prides himself on his ability to unpack the complexities of building and scaling the modern business.

In this episode, Richard discusses his role at DigitalMarketer and the fun-filled night that led to a host of ideas between himself and Perry Belcher as well as a need to refill all the napkins at the bar.  He also reminisces about the first corporate job and what led him to walk out on day one.

Richard has a keen business sense as well as vision and leadership qualities which you will realize as he delves into how he leads his team and employees.  He also offers some insights as he gives Joe and Matt advice for one of their own business ventures. When you are done, check out our other episodes with DigitalMarketer rockstars Roland Frasier and Molly Pittman.

Sometimes that opportunity is so big and the need it there. While you always have to gauge opportunity costs, sometimes we put too heavy a weight on that opportunity cost, when we don’t really know how big it could be” - Richard Lindner

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • A host of important questions businesses should ask themselves to think bigger
  • What the future of vision of DigitalMarketer is going forward
  • Tips on how to lead and motivate employees
  • A crazy idea from a current event that led to a new online business
  • What motivates today’s workforce (and it’s not what you think)
  • How to both aspire to be more while also accepting what you have now
  • The importance of the Monday meeting
  • How to balance entrepreneurship with the potential chaos
  • The benefits of the ICE System and its impact on decision making
  • Defining roles of the visionary and implementer in your business
  • And much, much more!

Contact Richard Lindner:

  • DigitalMarketer
  • Praxio for a free trial to learn how to implement employee training as well as document the important things in your business

References and Links Mentioned:


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