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Ready to discover the deep rabbit-hole that is Web3? Want to better understand how the creators are taking over and will become the future billionaires of the world? Tune into Hustle & Flowchart, a podcast that blends discussions on business, marketing, the creator economy, Web3, NFTs, and much more. We'll take you down the rabbit-hole with us as we interview the smartest minds that are creating the future. We'll uncover early alpha for the investor minded folks and deep-dive into the "what and how" of these emerging new technologies and industries. Our goal with this show is, and always has been, to improve the lives of entrepreneurs. What better way than to point out the future and let you better position yourself.
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Mar 9, 2021

Today’s episode was a long time coming and is one of Matt’s oldest friends in the digital marketing space. Sean Vosler is in the house today, and he’s a king of social media, and he’s got a beautiful book called 7 Figure Marketing Copy. He dives into copywriting philosophies and strategies and he’s going to talk all about that on this show and how he was able to sell 25,000 copies, without ever using Amazon. We also talk about copywriting strategies, His ideas on ClubHouse, how he designed the book, our ideas on knowledge management, and reading books. You’ll also learn a lot about storytelling and if you are into nerdy digital marketing, you are really going to dig it. After you've listened, be sure to check out our chats with Anik Singal and Sue Rice for even more copywriting tips and tactics.

Whatever it is that you are selling, try to think of the outcome of that, and focus on selling that as opposed to the thing you’ve been selling and you can increase your rates quite a bit.” - Sean Vosler 


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why it’s a good time to be missing a tooth
  • From WordPress to the world of copywriting
  • How to give your prospects the experience of story so they will get that a-ha moment 
  • Why you need to at least the basics of copywriting which will factor into every aspect of your life
  • How Sean was able to connect with high level marketers and have them eager to use his services
  • How to empathize with your prospects so you can better understand their problems
  • Why you’re going to be re-reading The Tortoise and the Hare after this show
  • Tactics for knowledge management and digesting what you discover even quicker
  • We talk about the Theory Of Constraints and how it helped Sean sell his product
  • What does a big horned beetle have to do with selling info products? 
  • How to sell 25,000 books without using Amazon


Resources From Sean Vosler:


References and Links Mentioned:

Mar 8, 2021

Today marks International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to all the amazing ladies around the world. On this special day, we’d like to pay tribute to the badass women who we have had the pleasure to have as guests on the show during 2020. Check out some of the awesome strategies and tactics which we have covered via these badass gals!


Sue Rice - Storytelling Tips

  • Nicknamed the ‘female David Ogilvy’, Sue Rice is famous for writing award-winning copy for countless entrepreneurs and we chatted about her email copywriting tactics which enable her to deliver record-breaking open rates. One idea is to make connections between things that are seemingly unrelated. We are swimming in a sea of metaphors and part of it is just being conscious of it. One way to make it interesting and bring it into a fresher light, is extensive reading, watching movies, etc. The magic is in everything that’s around us. 
  • Sue listens to the news on the BBC, which has very clever writers. She also uses an app called Clipboard where you can pick the categories you want to follow. It’s important to do a little bit of collective brainstorming every day to see what people are talking about, otherwise, you are defining what you are doing for them on your terms, not theirs. You want to be entering the conversation in their head and if you are not watching that, it’s hard to do.


Molly Mahoney - Facebook Engagement

  • Molly Mahoney of The PrePared Performer, is legendary for her Facebook marketing skills. She’s a wizard at doing Facebook lives and getting organic reach. We chatted all about how Molly is able to get high ticket coaching clients, right from Facebook, how to grow Facebook groups, and how to get interaction on Facebook pages with her four-step process.
  • We loved her advice in regards to getting more engagement on Facebook. She tells us that the rules have changed for bots and there are four types of messages, one of them being a confirmed event reminder. When they comment on the post, they confirm to the bot they want to be reminded of more information. Another way to use this is that when they say yes, you ask them if they want to be reminded about all of your content coming out.  Once they confirm, you want to make sure that button opens up to another piece of the conversation so you are engaging in another conversation within that 24 hours. 
  • Another strategy is the “Unlock and Share Button”, so when they are in your bot after they get the show notes or whatever it is that you are giving, send another message a minute later that says you have a bonus gift they can get if they share your video, and if they want to access, just click here to unlock and share the video. 


Lisa Cherney - The More You GFR, The More Impact (And Money) You Will Make

  • Lisa Cherney, now known as The Queen of Clarity, is the host of the ground-breaking confession-based GFR Podcast show for successful soulful entrepreneurs and founder of the GFR Squad, a lively community that is serious about embracing the GFR lifestyle and living a life without regrets.
  • One of her GFR commandments is “Don’t worry about being normal” and the confession is “Where are you not speaking your truth?” That’s where the juice is, determining what is your soapbox. If you weren’t worrying about offending anyone or breaking any laws, what would you want to say? People are too concerned about what strategy they are going to use, but eventually, the strategy will emerge.
  • The more you get real, the more impact you will make. So the first thing is to determine if you are ready. If you’ll do all the strategies and make the investment, this is where to go next. If you are ready, choose the confession question that hits you in the gut and go from there. Just pick the one question, take some time with it, and it will do wonders.


Sara Christensen - Defending Your Business

  • Our chat with Sara was really eye-opening as she talks about how one little post sent her world in a spiral, leading to an all-out war waged on her business, thousands of hateful messages, and even death threats. You want to be extra careful what you are putting out there and what you are involved in. If you don’t already have procedures in place of your social media and email communications, you should make sure that whatever you put out in the world is not going to offend or piss someone off.
  • If you are using outside resources for VA’s, you may run a risk. You don’t want someone working on your team, that’s not as invested or doesn’t understand the complications of posting something that might be harmful.
  • Understand the power of social media which is so amazing yet also be weaponized against you. Be mindful to use it as a building block for your business. Consider if there other ways to diversify where your clients are coming from. Ask yourself, “What if your social media channels got taken away today - what other plans do you have in place?”


Ilana Wechsler - In-Market Audience Targeting 

  • We also chatted with Ilana Wechsler of Green Arrow Digital, who is a former data analyst, turned Pay Per Click marketing expert. She detailed her paid ad puzzle technique and how to make the different pieces of your marketing puzzle work together. 
  • Google is shifting away from the concept of targeting content science to targeting more in regards to who you are as a person, which is like identity-based targeting. One of the ways they are doing this is with in-market audiences, which is very short-term intent-based searching. So you can match your Facebook targeting to Google’s in-market audiences. For example, consider if you are suddenly in the market to buy a car, where you don’t normally search online for car information. Then there are what’s called affinity audiences which is your long-term behavior or things you are looking at online often.
  • So basically you're starting with the people that are already going to your website and looking at who they are and what their actions are, and then slowly expanding out more and more as you get additional data on who these people are that are already coming to your site. If you find those audiences work, especially on the Google side of things, you can apply that in-market audience to your search quadrant and also to the YouTube quadrant. It's a process of systematically building out your puzzle, based on data and if something doesn't work then it doesn't make sense to apply it to a different quadrant.  


Susie Moore - Removing Your Blocks

  • We loved chatting with Susie Moore, author of Stop Checking Your Likes as it’s something we’ve all fallen into. One of the things she discussed was how to remove your blocks. First, you need to state as a fact, that you are worthy of receiving. Susie uses the example of being out on a hike with your friends and you go missing. Would your friends consider if you were worth finding, asking if you were thin enough, popular enough, etc.? If this is true in the physical world, this is true on all levels. Even if you have a million likes or followers, it does not alter your worthiness. If you can accept this as a fact and don’t question it, you will know that you are worthy. 
  • Most people spend too long reaching out to people because of fear of rejection. Often it means it’s just not the right fit or the right time. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Most people give up after the 2nd or 3rd follow-up. If you keep going, people eventually cave. A confident person is simply willing to be rejected, and to them, it’s no big deal. 


Lisa Buyer - Social Media Platforms With Traction

  • We had a great chat with Lisa from PR Secrets on using social media for branding and PR purposes. She covers a host of topics such as newsjacking, chatbots, futurists, SEO, visual reporting, podcasting, and what’s new in putting together a press release. 
  • One of the things we discussed was the latest platforms that have traction. For example, if you are featured in a third-party publication, you can take that article and put it on Facebook and run ads to it targeting people who work at other media publications. It’s a win-win, as the journalist is getting more exposure, and you are getting that third-party credibility, so it’s a smart modern day PR strategy. You can target the publication’s following and run $1 a day ads, as taught by Dennis Hu. You can also take that targeting strategy to other platforms. 
  • Tik Tok is the most talked about social media platform lately, and while Lisa doesn't  have any clients where it’s a good match, from a storytelling standpoint it’s entertaining. From a PR perspective, instead of having her clients start an account, they are looking to share content to the influencer’s audience where the influencer would talk about the brand and create content around a theme. One cool thing about Tik Tok is there are so many cool filters and ways to create videos that are very creative, then take those videos and republish it to your main social channels. 


Felicia Pagesh - Campaign Tactics 

  • We had a great chat with Felicia Pagesh of Activate Branding, who dove into fun topics such as conversion optimizations, webinars, landing pages, and other useful techie talks. One tip she gave us is that when you are building out your campaign, you should already know what the objections are that people have. That is what’s included in your sales sequence to overcome those objections. Everything in your webinar should also be designed to overcome those objections, so instead of creating separate FAQs as part of your follow-up, you can pop that transcription sequence into your follow-up for anyone who matches the behavior of someone who is interested but hasn’t bought yet. 
  • Also, give people an option to download an mp4 into an mp3 to listen to your webinar. If you have an audible call to action, keep your URL very simple and easy to follow. As long as it’s trackable, it’s worth testing. It doesn't really cost much more time or money to repurpose and it’s like getting free sales.


Erin Pheil - Fixing Your Mind

  • Erin Pheil from MindFix Group chatted with us all about fixing your mind and getting past those mental roadblocks that get you stuck. You can deal with perfectionism by being compassionate with yourself. You will be able to clear out that pattern so you don’t have to deal with it on a constant basis. A pattern can be emotional or behavioral. For example, we may be triggered into getting angry when someone gives us feedback or we may get anxious whenever we are on camera.
  • Other people may have behavioral patterns like every time it’s time to talk about money, you change the subject. We have these different behaviors and emotions we get stuck in over and over, and if you can identify the pattern, you can work backward and clear it out once you know what it is and what you want to change. Once you do that, it clears up so much energy, space, and time in your life.
  • At the core, humans behave according to what they believe to be true. So if you are walking down the street and see a cat and you believe they are dangerous, you will avoid it. But if you believe cats are awesome, you’ll go over to pet it. When you have a pattern, you take a fundamental truth that humans act based on what they believe to be true. If you're acting or experiencing feelings in a certain way, you believe something that's keeping you looped in there. 


Gabby Bernstein - How To Detach

  • We chatted with Gabby Bernstein, author of Super Attractor who gave us some very practical tools to work through some tough stuff that we are all going through in our personal lives. She also talked about what she refers to as her “Rage on the Page” method and the benefits of listening to a specific playlist while writing.
  • Gabby has been practicing with a method based on Dr. John Sarno’s work, who was known for healing back pain, and whose work was based on the fact that our physical pain is a manifestation of our impermissible rage and there is a mind-body prescription to heal that. Gabby has renamed a similar prescription given to her by a friend that deals with journaling, calling it “rage on the page”. 
  • The basis of this is that you journal about the rage for 20 minutes. Even if you don’t think you have rage, it could be as simple as thinking “Why did I eat that bad thing this morning?” Next, meditate for 20 minutes. Gabby also puts on bi-lateral music. She practices a therapeutic method called EMDR, and this is similar to stimulating to each side of the brain. When you start to stimulate the bilateral brain functioning, it allows the resource part of your brain to access some of the information stored hidden and in many ways to see. It allows your brain to unpack what has been hidden. 


Kim Krause Schwalm - Copywriter Hiring Tips

  • Kim Krause Schwalm joined us on the show and gave us a boatload of awesome strategies and insight from her long copywriting career. When hiring a copywriter, look at their writing and their portfolio and see if they are passionate, curious, and put hard work into the promo. If you are not well versed in copywriters and are reading a sample and you can see if the headline grabs you (read it at night when you are tired) and makes you want to read further.  
  • Sometimes it’s hard to write your own copy and one thing you can do is to ask someone to give you a critique. If you like what they say, maybe that’s the person you want to hire. That’s one way to see how they work as well.
  • As for communication falling off, the question is how are you paying them? Sometimes if you go back and forth on price, then you probably don’t want to work with them. It often comes down to whether you are getting what you pay for, and you still want to make sure you are getting a good value as it can be a big investment. Have a fair deal and pay them 25-50% upfront. You could have a phase where you have different steps that allow you to move along to minimize some of the risks, plus they will have some built-in milestones they have to meet. Most professional copywriters will agree to a schedule upfront so everyone is on the same page. 


Laura Gale - Getting Your Book Published

  • Laura Gale, author, and fellow podcaster joined to talk all about the step-by-step method she uses to guide people to finally get that book published. People discount their own stories as not being compelling all the time. There’s a lot of interesting things in the day-to-day to give people a peek behind the scenes. If you can pinpoint something to one specific moment where something surprised you, or it was unexpected, then those are the moments that are really interesting. Story structure has become a bit of an obsession and people are overthinking it. While the hero’s journey is great, it can take a lot out of it and not every story is going to fit that structure. The more you can rely on emotion and specific moments, the stronger your story will be.
  • For a long time ghostwriting was seen as cheating, but if you are an entrepreneur you want to have other people taking care of the stuff you are not best at, and writing is a skill that takes a lot of time to get good at. The idea that it’s not really your book if you didn’t write it yourself doesn’t ring true. When Laura puts it together, it’s all their voice and all of the material and style is generated by the client. She is more of a vessel to get that story published. Most celebrities who have ever written a book are almost always ghostwritten. 


Melanie Benson - How To Spice Up Your Topic If It Is Less Than Exciting

  • On our episode with Melanie Benson, she gave us some great tips on how to follow the ‘golden thread’ to pull the right audience into your world, what to do if you are just starting out in your podcasting journey and how to define your audience and make sure they are a good fit for your business. One way is to think of a formula that connects back to your work (not the Smart Goal formula which is way overused). Melanie created a formula called the ROCS Method:
    • R - Relevant
    • O - Outcome Driven
    • C - Credibility Boosting - people often miss this but try to include it in your intro. Talk about case studies or client successes so people pay attention. Keep it natural, don’t be a name-dropper.
    • S - Specific, find a way to put specificity in it, i.e. can you do it in 90 days? Is it a 4 part formula?
  • If your message isn’t converting, chances are something in this formula is wrong.


References and Links Mentioned:

Mar 4, 2021

Today’s guest is someone who’s been in the industry since the late 90’s which is when we discovered Ryan Lee and have followed his work since then. We love how he tells it like it is in the marketing world. He’s the founder of Freedym, a free community that is basically the Netflix of marketing and entrepreneurship. We, along with a bunch of other high-level entrepreneurs have contributed content to his membership area.

On today’s show, we talk about how to dial in your branding to build a cohesive brand for your business. We also talk about how to build a community around your brand, even if your brand is a physical product or a more boring brand. Plus we chat all about email marketing, Ryan’s obsession with the 80’s and how to inject the things you love in your personal life into your marketing and business. Ryan is a ball of energy and we know you’ll have as much fun as we did during this interview. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out the past shows we’ve done with Dan Norris and Lisa Buyer to give you some additional intake on branding and connecting with your tribe.

If you combine the branding and the vibe with the direct marketing sensibility, and you bring it together, then it’s unbeatable.” - Ryan Lee


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to juggle all your tasks when setting up a clown coaching membership site (listen in, and you’ll see why we chat about this :)
  • Why you DO NOT need to be everywhere so you can actually have a life
  • The original Netflix for entrepreneurs
  • What makes people like Tim Ferriss and Gary Vee so special?
  • Being told the tactics without the usual “it’s so easy” marketing
  • Matt’s first time publicly speaking about his fondness for….(tune in to find out)
  • An imaginary prize to everyone who knows who Wham is!
  • How to avoid crying into your pillow from overwhelm
  • Instead of using a tripwire, use this instead


Resources From Ryan Lee:


References and Links Mentioned:

Mar 2, 2021

We have Charles Byrd on the show today who’s a guy we recently got connected with and was introduced as the best connector out there. He’s creating the most profitable JV partnerships with his systematic way of connecting others. What’s really cool about this is we are all surrounded by opportunities, and many are not always super obvious. That’s the power of having a system and in this case, you can set that up in your life, by connecting with people who have systemic follow-ups which can turn into a potential revenue source, affiliate partners, or just for connecting sake.

Charles is going to dive into all the systems he lives by, some awesome hacks in regards to following up with your contacts and JV partners, the shifts to a never-ending flow of clients, and how to not only be great at relationships but guide them to a positive conclusion for everyone. When you’re done, check out our previous episode with Michael Gerber for more insight into how having the proper systems in place can skyrocket your business and our show with Andy Hussong on how to land those JV deals.

It’s simply paying attention to who people are, what their magic gift to the world is, what are they into, where do they live and that gives you all these little entry points to provide value to them.” - Charles Byrd


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get a network going if you do not already have that community
  • The Invisible Pitch
  • What to say in a message to a potential connection without sounding spammy
  • How Charles is able to close a JV deal in 20 minutes
  • How to approach networking without having a podcast so people feel comfortable
  • How to avoid the reciprocation trap
  • How Charles made a huge connection at Burning Man
  • The Power of the Ping!


Resources From Charles Byrd:

References and Links Mentioned:







Feb 25, 2021

Welcome back to another Therapy session! We are psyched to talk about some recent changes that have come about and how our perspectives have changed. We have a new brand that we are launching which will really open up our business, and are super excited to share it with you. We’re going to give you a little history of how PodHacker came about, some of the iterations, how we are doing this launch which we are approaching from a completely different angle, as well the lessons we are teaching in our membership, a look inside, and our goals for the future with this new brand.

With PodHacker, you will be able to see behind the curtains of our business, how we get our equity deals, grow a community, monetize the show, connect with big influencers, as well as a host of other tactics. We also plan on bringing in amazing guests on a monthly basis, who are the best of the best and will present high-level content to our members.  When you’re done, be sure to check out our conversations with Chris Benetti and James Schramko, two of our awesome friends who also chat about the beauty of membership sites.


The idea behind it was, if we can make as much money as we can make for the whole year in Q1, then in Q2, Q3 and Q4 we get to purely focus on value and doing what’s right by our customers.” - Matt Wolfe

We’re already curating the best of the best for the Hustle and Flowchart podcast, why not go deeper with them in some model, that’s higher touch and higher engagement.“ - Joe Fier


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Just how many people mispronounce our names? 
  • Famous people Joe is related to and should he change his name? (send your thoughts to
  • Our shortest podcast ever!
  • What happened in Matt’s spa….
  • How our vision came to be
  • How you can see behind the curtains of our business
  • What we are reading, playing, and watching right now
  • The latest tools we are using and love
  • Why Matt’s house doesn’t have a roof!
  • A ninja tactic on how to get some insta-love and a conversation with someone you want to connect with


Resources From :

  • to get on the waitlist or, if it is open, sign up now. Get it soon, because we are going to close it


References and Links Mentioned:




Feb 23, 2021

Our guest today, is Eric Siu who we met last year at Rich Schrefen’s event. Eric has an agency, Single Grain who works with major companies such as Amazon and Airbnb, and Uber. He also has a content intelligence software called ClickFlow which basically makes you look like a genius. He’s a partner and co-host with Neil Patel in the Marketing School podcast as well as his own podcast called Leveling Up. The dude is a rockstar in marketing, SaaS, and software and he blew us away in this episode.

And to top it off, he has a book coming out called Leveling Up as well, and it’s all about how to level up in life and how he’s taken his experience from gaming and even poker and has been able to apply these to business and identify these power-ups and moments in time where he realizes he can think differently which allows him to wake up each day and feel like he’s playing a game in real life. We also broke down a ton of traffic strategies, and how you can think differently on how to acquire SEO traffic in a creative way. When you have finished listening, check out our previous chats with Christopher Gimmer and Stephan Spencer for more tactics on how to go off-brand and increase traffic as well as how to succeed with 100% SEO marketing. 

“I don’t think that I know too much and that I’m that good and I also don’t think I’m that bad either. That’s the way I approach it and it makes it a lot easier because it keeps me humble and even-keeled. The moment you start to think you are amazing, the moment you start to become too full of yourself - that’s when things start to fall apart.” - Eric Siu


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to approach things with a beginner’s mind
  • The power of the podcast once again and how’s it’s lead to great, free education, lifelong friendships, and networking with amazing people
  • Why you don’t want to jump the gun and insist your child stop playing all those video games
  • How being persistent led from a fledgling podcast to a successful marketing agency
  • Why Eric’s agency switched their focus and how they are succeeding current day
  • Lessons learned from the poker table
  • How to reframe things to increase your power
  • Growth principles for long term thinking
  • Alternate ways to make money from affiliate marketing without being an affiliate


Resources From Eric Siu:


References and Links Mentioned:

Feb 20, 2021

We're coming back with another bonus Saturday episode with an expert friend of ours...

This time we're talking about Clubhouse... ya know, the semi-exclusive social media network driven by audio.

There's a reason why Clubhouse is blowing up and you're hearing everyone from smart marketers to A-list celebrities are using it to connect and share.

Our friend Deb Cole wrote the ULTIMATE GUIDE to Clubhouse and we're bringing her here to chat about how to leverage Clubhouse in your marketing.

Grab a copy of the new book here:​

We'll cover a ton... everywhere from:

What is Clubhouse?
Why should I be on there?
How do I leverage the app to grow my business?
How do I get an invite to Clubhouse?
How do I get followers?
And much more...

To watch the livestreams when we do them live, make sure you join the communities...

Facebook Group:

YouTube Channel:


Feb 18, 2021

We have Dan Norris on the show today, and he’s someone who has accomplished quite a lot, with a somewhat different approach to marketing. He focuses on four core pillars: branding, community, storytelling, and content marketing. In this episode, we do a deep dive into all four of those. After founding WP Curve, which was subsequently sold to GoDaddy, Dan started a new venture, Black Hops Brewing in Australia. You’ll hear Dan discuss how he has created one of the biggest and well-known brands in his country (voted the #1`craft brewery in Australia), all with basically no ad spend. 

There’s a similar thread in the way he’s marketed both his WP Curve brand and his craft beer brand, and it all comes down to his concept of Compound Marketing, which is also the basis behind his new book. When you’re done, check out our conversation with Lisa Cherney for more content strategies and how to be real to your audience even if that means being putting off others, and get some advice from Anthony Constantino, who also runs a super fun company that really resonates with his customers.

It helps to take this approach where you’ve got these things compounding behind the scenes without you necessarily having to do a whole lot. I see our competitors buying billboards and doing paid ads and I’m glad we don’t have to do all that.” - Dan Norris


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Taking a bath in beer? (it does wonders for your hair)
  • How to promote a unique beer so that it sells out
  • Why too much advertising can actually a bad thing
  • Drink Dan’s brew and tag us and Dan!
  • Putting together a good story for your brand
  • Why Dan gets so much traction with basically no ad spend
  • Giving up all the information for free!
  • Thinking about collaborations? You’ll wish you’d done it sooner after listening after this
  • Power and momentum behind the flywheel 
  • Creating a powerful brand even before the brewery was even opened


Resources From Dan Norris:


References and Links Mentioned:

Feb 16, 2021

Today’s episode with Julie Adams is a real mind bender and we love that Julie has a thriving affiliate business, while also keeping it simple. We talk about her goals of retiring early and she dissects her entire business model as she’s an open book. Julie’s business model is so tactical and you’ll be able to take her way of thinking and apply even parts of it to your own business. She just wants to make sure she is showing up on Google without worrying about Facebook ads or even email lists. She’s just sticking to keeping it lean, mean and profitable. 

Julie has a small portfolio of these sites, which are doing great, and it’s really smart how diversified she is. She discusses how she manages the content, the three most important things to have dialed in on your site, what type of time frame you should look at, how she gets her sites ranks, what to do to get backlinks, as well as how to approach affiliate offers and how to get a higher commission right off the bat. Once you’re done listening, be sure to check out our chats we mentioned with Nate Broughton and Matt Diggity.

Google is able to understand language at this point, so if you answer the question in a sentence format, they are able to better understand.” - Julie Adams

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Julie’s relatively small portfolio of affiliate sites that will bring her enough money to retire in style
  • Whether you should buy a older domain or a new fresh one to start off
  • The three most important things that no one should overlook
  • When you can expect to get out of the sandbox
  • How to increase your commission potential right off the bat
  • Why being a little less introverted will go a long way
  • The no brainer way to get backlinks that are quality
  • Julie’s rule of thumb when hiring content writers
  • Keyword research tactics and which sites to compare

Resources From Julie Adams:

References and Links Mentioned:

Feb 11, 2021

Greg Elfrink is back for another round and he’s been working at Empire Flippers for several years now. This is the first time that he feels with 100% certainty that it’s a seller’s as of the recording of this show. There are so many opportunities now for sellers and a lot of folks have content or media sites, but they may not want to do with them necessarily. On today’s show, we dive into all the possibilities behind both selling and buying businesses, which is the better course of action based on your abilities, why you want to set up your site to be more like a magazine as opposed to a brochure, and what you can expect for a return.


We also talk about various ways to make your site even more attractive to potential buyers, how to rise above the majority of the other affiliate marketing sites out there, and what you need at a minimum level in order to put your site up for sale. When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our previous chat with Greg and our episode with Sergei & Vadim Revzin where they discuss what other things to have in place if you are thinking of starting a business to sell down the road. 


The market is so flushed with cash, there are so many people getting into the space, multiples are being driven up. It’s a great time to be a seller.” - Greg Elfrink


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why media empires are so valuable right now
  • How to proceed, if you are starting out
  • Why selling a site that has problems with Google may be a good thing
  • Thinking about buying a “smelly site”? It’s not a bad idea!
  • You never want to sell your site based off this one important thing
  • The power of content that a lot of marketers do not understand
  • Check out this hack to find a content manager for your site
  • Medieval swords, soldering equipment and red ovens
  • Beating out Super Bowls ads for audience reach
  • A new business model that you’ve never heard about before in our space


Resources From Greg Elfrink:


References and Links Mentioned:

Feb 9, 2021

Marley Jaxx is on the show today, and she is a content marketing, storytelling, YouTube, and branding expert ninja. Listen in as you’ll hear all about her paid challenges she holds where she’s walking people through these bite-sized chunks of content that leads them to a graduation event, which turns into a high ticket paid offer. If you are curious as to how the challenge model works, she breaks it all down here and you can see how a product can be sold at a low ticket price, but then how that turns into a high ticket offer. 

We also chat about what she uses for her frameworks in her storytelling, how she uses proprietary ideas to build her following and keep people tuned in to the end, even creating super fans that sign up for the challenge again and again. There are a lot of strategies packed into this one, and after you’ve listened check out our previous shows with Pat Flynn and Gideon Shalwick for more insights on how to build super fans and using video for your content. 

You have to bring your audience on the journey, even when it’s hard. When you hit rock bottom, that’s when they need to see you the most because when you are on your up they are going to be cheering you on and say ‘I got to witness that and be a part of that’, and that’s going to create your relationship which is going to lead to your sales.” - Marley Jaxx

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why you need to “Stop The Pop!”
  • How to set up your proprietary mechanism in your challenge
  • How to space out your content into bite-sized chunks and save the best for the last
  • Knowing your value ladder before you even start
  • Who is Elsa and why we are talking so much about her?
  • More insights into the Clubhouse app!
  • How to get people to stick with your challenge to the end
  • Creating raving fans
  • Positioning your hook, story, and offer
  • The perfect challenge length

Resources From Marley Jaxx:

References and Links Mentioned:

Feb 6, 2021

The new iOS14 Update has a lot of marketers freaked out. It even freaked out Facebook, who took out an ad in the New York Times about how Apple is making life harder for small businesses.

In this bonus Saturday episode, we chat with data-scientist, Mario Filho, about what's happening and what it means to us as marketers.

You'll likely see more of these shorter but timely episodes pop up from time to time on weekends. These are bonus episodes. There are no shownotes and no action guides on these. These are purely bonuses for those that subscribe to our feed on a podcast app.

To watch the livestreams when we do them live, make sure you join the communities...

Facebook Group:

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Feb 4, 2021

Today we are talking with John Warrillow, who has written three books -  Built To Sell, The Automatic Customer, and The Art Of Selling Your Business. These books cover the basics of how to design your company so that it can be sold in the future, generating revenue from your business, and how to finally make that exit happen. During our chat today, we talked about how to set up your business, why you want to have recurring payments as opposed to a lifetime offer, and how to build a business to potentially scale and exit if it’s built on the back of an influencer or personal brands. 

We cover a lot of ground in this episode and this is a great conversation for our listeners as a lot of folks are building fan bases, thinking about the marketing side of it, and building traffic to them. This is a great conversation to consider what makes up the value of your business, regardless of whether you are going to sell or not. When you’re done get some more advice about selling and acquiring businesses from our conversations with Carl Allen and Dan & Joe Kalis.

You should focus on branding products in your overall business. So there’s this concept of service providers, coaches and consultants productizing, and it’s the process of making your service look like a thing, ideally making it run as its own entity on an automatic or recurring revenue cycle.” - John Warrillow

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Who else wants a “sailboat business”? (putting your feet up while enjoying the view and people are sending you checks)
  • Dissecting how Elon Musk runs his business
  • Best tactics if you are a digital marketer
  • Building a brand into your business so you can eventually walk away
  • What’s a trojan horse got to do with your marketing?
  • Subscriptions models vs. launch models
  • The biggest mistake people make when trying to build a recurring business model and how to get around that
  • Why having a monthly payment model beats the one time, lifetime payment
  • How to deal with subscription fatigue

Resources From John Warrillow:

References and Links Mentioned:

Feb 2, 2021

Marx Acosta-Rubio joins us today for yet another episode and he’s probably the smartest guy we know when it comes to doubling your income and increasing your revenue while also taking more time off to do the fun stuff. We go very deep as always, as he lists out all these amazing tools and principles, such as the Hawthorne Effect, the Getting Things Done principle, the 80/20 rule, the Vital Three, and many more. Then, because he’s read so many books, he’s distilling information from these foundational books and wraps them up into a process that you can apply to your business and your life.

The goal here is to double your income to yourself while also doubling your time off. Even though this is counter-intuitive, the more you contain your work time, and plan for trips and/or fun stuff, that’s going to allow you to focus on the core things you need to get done to achieve what you want to achieve. We cover six specific principles in this episode that you can apply, and you’ll see how when you tie them all together, it’s both possible and something special. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our conversations with Dr. Steve Ruden and David Allen for more information on havening and how to change your habits to get things done.

That’s one of the tricks and how we do that is when the only thing on your mind is the only thing on your mind, and you are aware of that, then time slows down.” - Marx Acosta-Rubio

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to slow the day time so you can put a week’s worth of experiences in a day
  • Wise lessons from Bruce Lee
  • The 3 laws that need to be invoked to really move the needle
  • How to get yourself out of your business plateau
  • The Power of Three
  • A walkthrough of Marx’ day and the keys elements to starting off your morning right 
  • The $1,000 a day question we ask
  • Putting Parkinson’s law into play as you work
  • The three steps for delegation and which one to use when
  • Really thinking about the love strategies for those close to you
  • Dealing with more dangers and more opportunities ahead

Resources From Marx Acosta-Rubio:

  • You can reach out to Marx at: 

References and Links Mentioned:

Jan 28, 2021

We have been using the Clubhouse app for just under a month now, and we are super pumped about the platform. There’s a bunch of high-level folks in there, talking about some of the rawest and open things about their business. In this episode, we are going to deep dive about Clubhouse, what we like about it and don’t like, where we see it going, how we see using it as marketers and podcasters, and tactics on how you can grow your own audience in the quickest way possible. 


We also chat about some of the cool things we have going on in our business, some future opportunities which we’d love to get your feedback on, and the breakthroughs and shifts in thinking which we have experience and that can apply to your own business as well. After you have listened, check out our previous chats with Nic Peterson and Justin Schenck where we discuss how to make the right connections and grow your audience along the way to your biggest goals. 


Usually the most connected people are popping in on the platform now... the sooner you are in there, the faster you can get connected with people you might not have chatted with in a long time.” - Joe Fier


Early adopters still have this ability to get great user names right now. Can you imagine getting @podcast or @marketing on Twitter?” - Matt Wolfe


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • An intro to Clubhouse and how to use it if you are just starting out
  • From bitcoin to parenting to micro-dosing, there’s a room for everyone
  • Connecting with venture capitalists, actors, and authors
  • How to get an invite to the Clubhouse
  • Why Clubhouse is better than Zoom
  • What the venture capitalists say about this new app
  • How to be strategic about who you recommend to the platform
  • What you want to include in your bio
  • How to leverage the level playing field of Clubhouse and grow a following from day one
  • How to use Clubhouse to pitch your product
  • Our thoughts on whether Clubhouse is going to kill podcasting
  • Caviar, Paris Hilton & hanging out with celebs
  • What’s ahead in our business and the potential opportunities for us to work with you


References and Links Mentioned:

Jan 26, 2021

André Chaperon is a legend in our industry and had one of the first info products we ever bought, which was a product that started out his journey to become one of the leaders in this industry. He and his partner, Shawn Twing join us today, and in the first part of this episode, we talk a lot about their concepts of emergent marketing and the durable business model, which has specific elements to it, that they teach. This includes things like how to get customers and when to give value for free as opposed to when to charge. 


We also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about how to do email marketing better, how to tell better stories in your marketing, how to improve your email writing and how to do segmentation. We get in the weeds and talk about the tactical elements of what makes everything they are doing work well. When you’re done, check out our talks with Sue Rice and Travis Ketchum to round out your email marketing knowledge.


Marketing is a long game, and most people buy between months four and eighteen. Once you know that, you re-engineer your thinking for the long game. ” - Shawn Twing


That creates an interesting dynamic where we are always sharing our best thinking with them, and as a result, stuff happens. So we are always doing this with the audience and they are always part of this journey with us.” - André Chaperon


Some Topics We Discussed Include André Chaperon &  Shawn Twing:

  • The three components under emergent marketing
  • Playing the long term game and not selling to your audience until much later down the road
  • A cool story about writers, and chats about emojis and selfies
  • How to be the person who stands out in the room
  • Lessons from their Black Friday promotion which you can implicate any time of the year
  • Bringing your customers alongside your journey every step of the way
  • Email segmentation tactics - you know you need to do this with your list
  • The balance between descriptive and prescriptive course work
  • What do Kevin Costner and Leonard DaVinci have to do with great storytelling?


Resources From André Chaperon &  Shawn Twing:


References and Links Mentioned:

Jan 21, 2021

We are hanging out with Rand Fishkin today, who previously co-founded the SEO company MOZ, and has most recently started a new venture with SparkToro. This tool is quickly becoming one of our favorite pieces of software to do a lot of research. It helps us figure out what content to create around specific topics, what topics resonate around audiences, and you can literally plug in your URL or social media channel and it will kick out all this research from a variety of platforms.   

If you are running ads, you are probably noticing lately higher costs, fewer options, and lower conversions. We break a lot of that down from Rand’s perspective and you’ll see why it’s important to diversify from Facebook and Google if you are solely relying on those platforms. You’ll also hear us talk about what’s in store for the future with the way Google presents search results, and what you should be doing to rely less on links while building up your brand. After you listen, get some more advertising tips with Curt Maly and Tom Breeze

The primary goal is to get people to your website and your email list because that’s the one channel you always get to own and control.” - Rand Fishkin

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Perspectives on the zero clicks search problem 
  • Checking out the Crack Shack (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to get honed in on a specific audience that will convert better
  • What do cookies and strange pajamas have to do with advertising?
  • Why getting people to like and share should be your secondary goal
  • From chicken sandwiches in your email to ground beef in your advertising to al dente pasta on Youtube, we got you covered!
  • Which ad networks are lacking in quality and which ones you should be using
  • Predictions of what’s ahead in the way in which Google ranks your site and what you should be focusing on in the future

Resources From Rand Fishkin:

References and Links Mentioned:




Jan 19, 2021

Salome Schillack from joins us today and today we are chatting all about using Facebook ads to not only grow an audience but to grow podcasts. We like her approach because it doesn’t take a huge budget to make it happen, and she gives some great targets and metrics to look out for with your campaign. Salome also talks about the concept of getting engagement and why you don’t need to run ads with a call to action every single time. Even with your existing audience, you probably don’t need to be running ads to constantly telling them to do something and screaming for their attention. 


We also talk about the top of funnel and we’ve never used ads in the flow that she talks about, but she broke down some cool things that we plan on testing. She also talks about the distinction between landing view pages and clicks. That’s why we love her approach which is to just give them something to love and/or laugh at. We also talk about front-loading your ad accounts in Facebook’s eye which ultimately leads to a better algorithm and lower ad costs in the end. When you are done, be sure to check out our chats with Ryan Levesque where he goes into depth about using quiz funnels for your Facebook ads and as well as our show with Curt Maly for more strategies on how to grow your brand without breaking the bank.


The first clue as to what is good engagement content is to look at what has done well on your social feeds, look at what people have already connected with, what’s gotten people to comment, share and what is already triggering an emotion for people.” - Salome Schillack

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Who knew that Joey from Friends had a social media strategy? 
  • Facebook ad account secrets? Shhhhh
  • What to do if you have no audience yet and want to run your first Facebook ad
  • How to revive an older Facebook or Instagram account whose engagement has dropped
  • How to use quizzes in your funnels
  • Growing your podcast audience with Facebook ads
  • The sweet spot for ad costs 
  • Examples of ad content to use for multiple purposes
  • Facebook quizzes that are tanking? Are you running one of these? 
  • Getting the basics done first before you get into the fancy tactics

Resources From Salome Schillack:

References and Links Mentioned:

Jan 14, 2021

We always love chatting with Pat Flynn, and in this episode, we discuss how to build super fans in your business, how to grow an audience ethically, how to promote affiliate offers to your audience and make good money through affiliate marketing in a very ethical way that makes customers actually thank you for doing it. Pat also discusses how he has been able to build a successful building with a great, appreciative audience without the need to run a ton of ads and self-admittedly not having the best SEO on his website as well.

We also talk to Pat about how he got involved in some of the deals he has equity in. He’s not just an affiliate for products such as ConvertKit, Lead Pages, Teachable and Samcart, he’s also an advisor and gets some sort of revenue share. So we dive into how he has been able to leverage his podcast to then get involved in these equity and advisory deals. When you have listened, be sure to check out our previous chat with Pat and our conversation with Lisa Cherney for more insight on how to give insane value while being real to your audience.

With affiliate marketing, it’s the easiest way of starting to generate an income because these products already exist, people out there are already buying them, you just have to be the person that people trust to make that recommendation to them.” - Pat Flynn

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • “Fannels” and how to ramp yours up (and no, we are not talking about soft pajamas!)
  • The amazing result you can get in under three years which will set you up for success
  • How Pat pivoted during the last time we had an economic downturn which changed his life forever
  • How to get great fan engagement and healthier all at once!
  • Tactics for when you are first starting out with affiliate marketing
  • How to stay passionate about the same topic for years
  • Common mistakes Pat sees on websites and how to differentiate yourself from the pack
  • What ‘What’s Up’ tactic that will make you really stand out
  • The pyramid of a fandom and why you should turn that funnel upside down

Resources From Pat Flynn:

References and Links Mentioned:

Jan 12, 2021

On every episode we’ve had where we talked about YouTube, we don’t think there’s ever been a show where TubeBuddy is not mentioned as part of the tool stack. Rob Balasabas is a Brand Evangelist and Partnership Manager for TubeBuddy and today we are chatting about such things as how to approach YouTube as co-creators, how to use TubeBuddy to analyze your channel as well as best practices for the all-important thumbnail. We have been using TubeBuddy ourselves and it’s a rock-solid tool to help you grow your YouTube channel.


Rob even talks about how he was able to grow his own personal channel and tips that you can use if you have a new channel yourself. There are so many cool tools within TubeBuddy that even we were not aware of, and in addition to the tactics we cover, one of the most fascinating parts that we discuss and which comes into play with YouTube is how media, in general, is changing and how well-known media personalities have evolved. After you have listened, be sure to check out our chats with Sunny Lenarduzzi on how to build a world-class brand on YouTube and with Aaron Biblow & Triston Goodwin and their awesome Video Flywheel strategy.


“It’s such a level playing field now...something like 88% of the content consumed on YouTube are influencers or individuals, not from big brands.” - Rob Balasabas 


Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How celebrities have changed over the years and the new celebrities of this age have come to be
  • How TubeBuddy helps you grow your channel, even if you are brand new
  • The future of using AI to monetize your channel
  • How to collaborate with other people on the platform for mutual benefit
  • Growth tactics to bring a new channel up to speed
  • How to avoid “pod-fade”
  • YouTube impressions vs. CTR and how to increase both
  • What to put in your descriptions and what to say to viewers to check out your links
  • How YouTube has leveled the playing field for content creators


Resources From Rob Balasabas:


References and Links Mentioned:

Jan 7, 2021

Today’s show with Shaqir Hussyin left a deep impact on us. We were totally lit up about the concepts we learned! Shaqir is a guy who thinks on a whole different level that’s bigger and clearer and has his priorities straight on how he engages in business. He focuses on the right priorities, and he’ll explain how he does that to get such amazing results. At the end of the day, you’ll walk away with a bigger way of thinking. 

Shaqir grew up with an abundant mindset which helped to take him to where he is today, coming from literally nothing to a life with multiple 8 figure businesses. He is able to turn companies into something mega huge in a short time. He breaks down his process and how you can think differently when it comes to your business, which includes concepts such as acquiring an email list without the grind. He lets us in on how you can swipe his approach and use it for your own business.  When you are done, make sure you check out our other shows with David Jenyns and Michael Gerber on setting up systems to create more time and scale profits. 

The secret to making this offer work is understanding that, when you have a funnel that has the ability to convert the right audience into a high ticket sale, traffic is endless and comes in abundance.” - Shaqir Hussyin

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Online marketers are not the only ones who drive Lamborghinis - surprise!
  • How a boring business model gets repeat high ticket sales
  • Making the switch from low ticket to high ticket offers
  • The marketplace is not as crowded as you think
  • How to use thinking time to your advantage
  • The beauty of partnering up and using other people’s email lists
  • Three variations of webinars and which one is Shaq’s favorite
  • The secret to making high ticket sales convert
  • The one important thing to have when you are attracting customers who have a lot of money to spend

Resources From Shaqir Hussyin:

References and Links Mentioned:

Jan 5, 2021

Today we have a special show where we are holding a simulcast with James Schramko. We have learned so much from James over the years and we also have a similar business model. He’s also got some deep relationships with his community and our affiliate business model is similar in that we prefer to build long term relationships when promoting affiliate offers.  

We reminisce about the first marketing events we all attended, even while still working at a job. James also tells us what is working best with his partnerships, revenue share deals, and some simple tips that lead to great customer satisfaction and retention over the years. He’s also got some great stories of both successes and failures that you can learn from. When you have finished, be sure to check out our previous conversations with James and Stephen Esketzis that we mentioned on the show. 

I think that’s one of the secrets. The longer you can wait to monetize something, the more powerful it can be when you do.” - James Schramko

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How affiliate marketing and partnerships are related 
  • What would happen if you become an affiliate of someone’s product line
  • The networking event you do not want to miss
  • James’ secret to selling cars and the story of how his manifesto got stolen
  • How to use psychology in your selling effectively
  • How to effectively get around the “I need to think about it” response to turn people into buyers
  • Dealing with others who want your recipe for success
  • Non-scalable tasks that still lead to long term affiliate income
  • How to make the most out of revenue share deals
  • Getting big results from a little effort

Resources From James Schramko:

References and Links Mentioned:

Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! First and foremost, we want to thank all of our listeners, folks in our membership, as well as our business friends and partnerships, and anyone else that has been a part of our lives for making this year truly amazing! We look forward to continuing to provide awesome content, tactics, and strategies to get you where you want to go in the years ahead as well as working with those we have partnered to carry on our mutually beneficial relationships.

This show is our season finale, not only in the respect of what was a crazy, unexpected year, but also the last episode and a wrap up for us, as well. What a year we’ve all had, indeed. On today’s show, we wanted to talk about some of our accomplishments this year, some of our takeaways and lessons from the past year, as well as our plans for 2021. Here’s to our mutual success in the year ahead and we appreciate you! After you have listened, be sure to check out the previous shows we mentioned that discuss working with some of legends of online marketing as well as a big thank you on our 300th episode to all that have helped us get to where we are today. 

How do we combine these resources and get a little win-win in the middle? Let’s stop figuring out how to grind all the time, to build pages, to drive traffic, and optimize SEO. Look for people that have already built assets, in the form of audiences, software, and amazing trainings that are available. Find these people and just try to tie assets together and be the middleman of these asset connections.” - Matt Wolfe

I hate flying. It sucks to fly when you are tall.” - Bonus Quote From Matt

It’s our biggest source of warm leads that are coming to listen to this show...and it’s a great strategy to spread your brand and awareness and connect with people in a way that’s more than just an ad shouting at a bunch of targets on Facebook or Instagram.” - Joe Fier

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Pop Quiz: How many appearances did we make on podcasts and virtual summits in 2020? Tune in to find out!
  • How we prepare for our presentations
  • What to and what not to do if you also have a podcast where you interview guests
  • Thoughts from a super crowded room (pre-pandemic, of course!)
  • Our hitlist and takeaways from our events and speaking opportunities from 2020 
  • What we each hold at the highlight from this year
  • Our presentation hack of how we figure out what we are going to talk about
  • What is like being Elton John on guitar?
  • Our favorite podcasts and tools of the past 12 months
  • Why you want to learn about the tree trunk and not jump into the leaves
  • The books we’re reading right now, the ones we often refer back to as well as some very interesting YouTube channels

References and Links Mentioned:

Dec 29, 2020

Today we have Joshua B. Lee, who runs a new venture called Standout Authority. He has a lot of experience and knows what to do with traffic having done this for legends in the marketing space for years. On today’s show, we are chatting about how to get engagement on LinkedIn and get real people to listen to you. We are diving back into LinkedIn lately ourselves, and on this show, you’ll hear why that is, and get some real a-ha moments as we did. Even if LinkedIn isn’t your jam, Joshua talks about the human algorithm and how he connects with folks in a unique way. He has a strategy to get into their world and figure out ways to collaborate or get them as a client, so it’s definitely applicable everywhere. 

The dopamine hit is that initial conversation, and your value isn’t in likes but is in having a good conversation with people. Josh has definitely been on the other side as well, and we chat about how to really connect on LinkedIn without the dumpster fire full of spam. Plus, if you have an older account you don’t have to start over, and we talk about ways you can revitalize it. When you’re done be sure to check out our conversations with Will Wang and Josh Turner for more insight into how to leverage LinkedIn to improve your business relationships, how to grow a following organically, and how to use LinkedIn groups. 

There’s no B2B or B2C, there’s only H2H - Human to Human.” - Joshua B. Lee

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Avoid doing these specific things on LinkedIn, especially if you do not want to be banned 
  • The 10/20/70 content rule
  • What your SSI score is on LinkedIn and how to improve it
  • Why you want to include your job from high school on your profile
  • How Josh was able to close a multi-million dollar deal with the help of Sales Navigator
  • From buying selling traffic for MySpace to starting over again by moving back home with his folks
  • How to get out of your home office “prison” and be completely open to your surroundings
  • How talking like a 5th grader will improve your connections
  • Examples of what to say when you are first connecting with someone - without being sales-y.

Resources From Joshua B. Lee:

References and Links Mentioned:



Dec 24, 2020

Matt Diggity joins us today for a real, in-depth, tactical show about affiliate marketing. He’s the founder of Diggity Marketing, Leadspring LLC, The Search Initiative, Affiliate Builders, The Affiliate Lab, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference, and is probably one of the most, if not the most successful affiliate marketer that we know. He breaks down his exact formula on how to pick which niches to go into, how to figure out the best content to write, the ratio of valuable content to content that pitches your offer, how he drives traffic using SEO, and as well as how he builds these affiliate sites to flip to gain over a 40X earning. 

So listen in as he’s going to give you a deep dive into his entire process around affiliate marketing, and when you’re done be sure to check out our conversations with Larry Ludwig and Gregory Elfrink for more tactics about affiliate marketing and selling websites. 

In the market places, this is just recently, we are seeing multiples go up to 40-45X profit. If you get a website making $10,000 a month, you can sell it for $450,000 right now.” - Matt Diggity

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Examples of good niches to start out with when creating affiliate sites
  • How to find a good copywriter and vet them out
  • Best ways to optimize your site when selling for the biggest returns 
  • How to dig out the best keywords using a swiss army knife?
  • How to get out of the Google sandbox without digging your way out with a shovel
  • Step by step instructions when first building your site
  • What to create for content going forward after your site is up and ranking
  • Ideas for who to partner up with both online and due diligence before you agree
  • How to prove to show Google that you EAT: Expertise, Authority, and Trust
  • Matt’s tool stack and which are his favorites
  • The beauty of being optimized as showing up as the featured snippet

Resources From Matt Diggity:

References and Links Mentioned:

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