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Ready to discover the deep rabbit-hole that is Web3? Want to better understand how the creators are taking over and will become the future billionaires of the world? Tune into Hustle & Flowchart, a podcast that blends discussions on business, marketing, the creator economy, Web3, NFTs, and much more. We'll take you down the rabbit-hole with us as we interview the smartest minds that are creating the future. We'll uncover early alpha for the investor minded folks and deep-dive into the "what and how" of these emerging new technologies and industries. Our goal with this show is, and always has been, to improve the lives of entrepreneurs. What better way than to point out the future and let you better position yourself.
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Nov 26, 2020

One of the things we get asked a lot is what are the tools we use for various things in our business. So since we are affiliate marketers, today’s show is all about all the affiliate marketing tools that we use in our business when it comes to software, but more importantly how we use them and how they connect with each other. 

You’ll hear all about the best tools we recommend for email automation, webinars, creating videos, membership, link shorteners, and a whole host of other stuff that we either use now or have used in the past. We also include some cool ways you can put these tools to use as well as how some of our previous guests have insights on these tools as well. After you have listened, be sure to check out some of the episodes we mentioned including our show with Brian Dean where we chat all about SEO and our show with Rob & Kennedy and their tactics with email marketing. 

If you can create this perfect journey for your customer, there are tools and if you string up the process, you can make it the most enjoyable journey for someone and they will have so much trust with you, and that’s why they will buy more stuff.” - Joe Fier

I almost see tech as a creative pursuit in the sense that I love trying to tie technical tools together in ways that people haven’t tied them. To me, there’s a creative art form about the tech that we do.” - Matt Wolfe

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why learning and using technology is actually a creative art form 
  • How we are working more strategically so we end up working less time
  • Why using a deadline funnel is the hot sauce to your marketing (put it on everything!)
  • How to optimize articles you already have on your site to boost them up to page one
  • Why we haven’t used Photoshop in over a year, and the easy tool we use instead
  • Tools we have used to double in our opt-in rate
  • How and why you want to create the ultimate customer journey so they will buy from you over and over again
  • And much, much more!

References and Links Mentioned:

Nov 24, 2020

Today we are chatting with Jay Papasan, co-author of The One Thing who works alongside Gary Keller, of Keller-Williams Real Estate. Jay comes from a publishing background and has worked with some big names such as Mia Hamm and Bill Phillips to help them get their books published. He currently serves as the Vice President of the learning division of Keller-Williams, and today we talk about his perspectives about writing books, course creation, lead generation, time blocking, goal design, and more. 

Jay also talks about knowledge management, which is a rabbit hole that we’ve been looking into, so the part where he dives into how to consume books and his process of reading and locking in the knowledge was a real win. Plus we talk about how to be well rounded and pulling sources and information from all walks of life, so as not to live in an echo chamber where our learning is stalled. After you’ve listened be sure to check out our previous show with The One Thing’s Geoff Woods for more goal setting tactics and our show with Jeff Spencer where we chat about the roadmap that champions follow and how to find the right goals for you. 

When we talk about a process for self-improvement, you have to read, you have to reflect on what you read, and that reflection is where you’re comparing your experience and your beliefs to what this person is telling you. And then you have to codify it in your notebook.” - Jay Papasan

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What is Matt’s ideal job? (guitarist for a punk rock band? Instructor for a shark cave diving school? tune in to find out!) 
  • How to read with purpose
  • Time blocking to get more done and extra time for the things you love
  • The one most important thing for every business
  • Misconceptions around The One Thing concept
  • When you should be challenging your beliefs
  • Tips on learning that will cut out time-wasters and books you should probably not finish
  • Why you want to read books on finances and money every year, even if you are an English major
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Jay Papasan:

References and Links Mentioned:

Nov 19, 2020

When Melanie opens up about her “cage match” experience where she won against a well-known marketer, we knew we were in for a fun show! Melanie Benson is a fellow podcaster, revenue strategist, and business performance optimizer who guides entrepreneurs to accelerate their impact and income by making their business perform 10 times better. On today’s show, she gives us some great tips on how to follow the ‘golden thread’ to pull the right audience into your world, what to do if you are just starting out in your podcasting journey and how to define your audience and make you they are a good fit for your business. 

We also chat about what to do after the show has aired, how to connect with fellow podcasters the right way, and how to really build up your offer so that your listeners want more. If you enjoyed today’s show, check out our previous conversations with Greg Rollett and Justin Schenck, to learn more tactics on how to grow your brand by leveraging other platforms.

If you’re not in your sweet spot audience and you’re not talking to the people who really crave what it is that you do, and want to work with someone like you, it doesn’t matter what visibility is, they’re not going to take action.” - Melanie Benson

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Melanie won a “cage match” event against a well know marketer and how it all went wrong afterward
  • Following the golden thread to get the right audience
  • What you need to do after you get on the show
  • Best practices for calls to action that not only get you takers but the match for you
  • How to pick the right shows to go on
  • Why we love Twitter so much
  • Tactics for getting on other people’s shows
  • How to spice up your chat if your topic is common and/or less than exciting
  • What not to do when you go on a show
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Melanie Benson:

References and Links Mentioned:

Nov 17, 2020

Joel Runyon started Impossible in 2010 as a way to push his limits and do something impossible. He’s a driven and determined entrepreneur, blogger, and athlete and his lifestyle challenges have allowed him to set records and give back by supporting education in communities that are in need of everyday resources like safe school structures. While running his own brand, he’s also running multiple other brands such as a meal plan company, a fitness app, a productivity app, as well as being an advisor to multiple other companies. 

On today’s show, we talk about how he has built up his brand, how he has collaborated with other folks, and, similar to the way we run our business, how he is able to create opportunities with deal-making, rev shares, and building multiple brands. We also talk about how getting a major accomplishment done, whether it’s completing a marathon or getting your first podcast out there, has led to other potential relationships and future goals. When you’re done getting ideas from Joel, learn additional tips on how to systemize so you can have more time while also standing out and make a difference by checking out our previous episodes with Austin Sams and C.J. Martin.

Impossible is not a statement, it’s a challenge. A lot of people think “I can’t do it” but if it seems impossible, that’s the thing you probably should be doing” - Joel Runyon

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What it’s like to be a bootstrap entrepreneur
  • How to set yourself up for deal flows and equity ownerships
  • Challenging yourself in physical ways to gain perspective for your business challenges
  • How a chance conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop led to an insane amount of traffic - and even a mention on Oprah!
  • The beauty of big world challenges and simultaneously giving back to make a difference
  • How to balance a variety of businesses while traveling the world 
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Joel Runyon:

References and Links Mentioned:

Nov 12, 2020

What’s more fun than learning how to write emails from a mind reader and a hypnotist? We already know the answer, as today’s guests - Rob & Kennedy - already showed us how to read your minds ;) Seriously, you are really going to love today’s show as we chat about how they have built up their email list, segment people so their audience is receiving the right content geared specifically to them, based on what they have already engaged with, and how they use psychological strategies to get build on people’s beliefs.

We also talk about their tactics used in such ways as “The Interrogator” campaign and “The Dreaded Dentist” phenomenon, how to stand out in emails with easy tweaks, and how simple changes will lead to better engagement and sales. When you’re done listening, check out some more email strategies from Sue Rice and Tom Kulzer

The scary thing about being a hypnotist or mind reader is that intrusive nature, but this is the opposite. It’s all about what are you happy to volunteer and how we are going to give you the stuff that helps you overcome your biggest challenge.” - Kennedy

Lots of people think that email marketing doesn’t work anymore and it’s all about social media, messenger bots, and the next thing that is going to kill email marketing and the truth is for all businesses, email is still the number one converter of sales.” - Rob

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The Train Carriage framework for bringing your email list along for a ride to check out all you have to offer
  • How to figure out what to write out in your emails
  • Brainstorming together over a few beers leading up to a new software platform
  • How to stop compartmentalizing your skills 
  • Building a technology that understands people’s thought patterns
  • Kennedy tells of a super boring thing that occurred to Rob which turned into an email
  • Why it doesn’t matter as much as what your open rate is, and the one number that does matter
  • What do sausages have to do with your marketing message? 
  • You will never write out your bullet points again, after hearing this tip (see, we even did it here - listen in to find out what it was!)

Resources From Rob & Kennedy:

References and Links Mentioned:

Nov 10, 2020

Ari Galper is billed as “The World’s #1 Authority On Trust-Based Selling” and he is the creator of a very special and unique sales approach called ‘Unlock The Sales Game’. On today’s show, we chat about how Ari has created a completely new sales mindset that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today. He gives us some great examples of how to approach the sales process from the very first touchpoint and why you do not want to rush ahead, say specific things and even worry about building trust from the start as well as how to bridge the sales gap and diffuse resistance.

Ari’s trust-based selling strategies are a unique, fresh take on how business is done and after listening to our chat, he will be sure to give you a new outlook and mindset about how to sell, without having to compromise your integrity. When you’re done listening, go get some more sales advice from Wes Schaeffer and Felicia Pagesh

Potential clients don’t care about how you solve their problem, what they care about is if you’re the one to solve it or not.” - Ari Galper

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The one word you should change in your initial chat with a potential client
  • How to rethink your sales technique to build trust from the start
  • Less volume, higher conversion
  • Responses to common objections and how to put your prospect in the driver’s seat to take the pressure off
  • How to pull a Jerry McGuire so you have them at Hello
  • What phrase you should remove from your vocabulary and never use again in the sales process 
  • How to detox yourself from ‘hopeum’
  • What aikido and martial arts have to do with our conversation
  • Why you do not want to focus on the end goal of getting the sale
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Ari Galper:

References and Links Mentioned:

Nov 5, 2020

After a tough childhood, turning to spirituality by becoming a Hari Krishna monk, then trying to follow his bliss by putting out hip hop music, Jason Fladlien finally found his way to success with webinars. But he’s not just any webinar creator. Jason has a unique way of presenting and has been uber-successful with his tactics, once earning ten million dollars in just eight days.

You are going to absolutely love today’s show as Jason is a master at his craft, and gives us a boatload of tactics on how to stand out from the webinar crowd as well as various ways in which he handles the most common objections that arise, to turn people on the fence into buyers. This is definitely a show that’s chock full of tactics as well as different ways to look at what you are presenting so that’s it’s a win-win for you and your customers. When you’re done listening be sure to check out our conversations with Joel Erway and Drew Burks for more lessons on how to give a perfect presentation.

I took the same content that I had sold as a $17 ebook and started using that as educational content on a webinar to fulfill the same training but in a different modality being live online and I found you could charge $97 for the same information if it was fulfilled via webinars.” - Jason Fladlien

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Jason went from being a Hari Krishna monk to become a marketing genius
  • Is Muscatine, Iowa really a hip-hop capital of the world?
  • The beauty of the “One-One-One Product”
  • How Jason pioneered the webinar model and sold $100,000,000 of stuff along the way
  • The result of the “Haley’s Comet” of webinars
  • Using the “Million Dollar Guarantee”
  • The Time Dilation Technique and how to use it both in the future and the past
  • How to reframe your audience’s problem in a different way to make them take action
  • Awesome replies to common objections that you can swipe and use
  • The close Jason uses for the $10,000,000 webinar
  • Getting your customers to purchase courses a second time (even when it costs more) because the bonuses are so good
  • Instead of trying to convince your webinar attendees and simply show them the methodology, what you want to do instead
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Jason Fladlien:

References and Links Mentioned:

Nov 3, 2020

Today’s show is a full-circle moment for us because way back in 2009 one of the first marketing products we bought was the GKIC membership and we learned there were local chapters. We went to the San Diego meeting which brought us into the GKIC world which was the foundation of our marketing education. Bill Glazer, who founded GKIC along with legendary marketer Dan Kennedy joins us on the show today, along with Rob Cuesta, CEO, and Founder of Bright Flame Books. Together they have founded The Outrageous Marketers Alliance. 

They dive into how to be outrageous in your marketing and break it down into the eight steps to help you stand out from the rest, re-train your brain to look for different methods, and give lots of examples of folks doing just that from their marketing mastermind. You’ll love today’s show as it’s almost a mini-course in outrageous marketing tactics with not only lots of a-ha moments but fun and laughs. And, if this episode resonated with you, check out our conversations with Dean Holland and Greg Rollett where we talk about more unique ways to grow your audience and set yourself apart from the rest.

If you’re ever going to work with anyone else in your business, you want to get somebody who also understands marketing, because so many times people don’t understand marketing and your business will go out of business.” - Bill Glazer

“First we need to talk about what outrageous means is and a lot of people think that it means you’ve got to dress up or you’ve got to do whatever it is but it really means being prepared to do what your competitors won’t do and go where your competitors won’t go.” - Rob Cuesta

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Bill & Rob held the last live event in the world
  • How to create campaigns that your competitors won’t even think about
  • What happened when Super Mario got in the elevator with a very well known marketer?
  • How to make yourself stand out (it’s simple as changing your attire)
  • What’s very important to take pictures of on your vacation (and it’s not photos of the beach)
  • How to use shock and awe in your campaign
  • What it means to S&D your way to better marketing
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Bill Glazer & Rob Cuesta:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 29, 2020

You asked for it, so by popular request, we are back with one of our Therapy Sessions! We recently put out a survey and today we want to chat about some of the responses, as well as the changes we’re making to our podcast and the business as a result of the survey. We talk about what our listeners say they love and some of the things they would rather see and hear and how this relates to the content we’ll focus on moving ahead. We also discuss how we put our survey together, how we defined our customer avatar, and some folks that are assisting us as we “outsource our thinking”. 

After you’ve soaked all this in, be sure to check out our shows with Gideon Shalwick and Stephen Esketzis for even more insight on how to scale your business and capture an audience that loves your content.

The obvious things people want are tactics. Then the second thing is the strategy. Then we have the mindset that it is like the glue that holds all this stuff together.” - Joe Fier

I love the tactical stuff, but what I think has created the results for our business the most and grown our business the most has been getting the mental things in order - overcoming challenges, obstacles, mental money blocks, things like that.” - Matt Wolfe

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What kinds of podcasts we like to listen to
  • How we created our survey and the questions we asked
  • Discover who our avatar is and how we figured that out
  • Revamping some of the podcast ideas moving ahead 
  • What our listeners said they wanted to hear more of and which topics not so much (and one item that made both lists)
  • Which famous author Joe’s family is related to
  • What’s next for our Therapy Sessions and how to get a mini session with each new episode
  • The good, bad, and the ugly (no, it’s really not Joe) results of our survey
  • The best way to define your own customer avatar
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Today’s Episode:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 27, 2020

On today’s show, we are chatting with Geoff Woods who is the Vice President of The ONE Thing and host of The ONE Thing podcast. After hearing a quote by Jim Rohn that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high-level CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. Fast forward, Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur, launching a company with the co-authors of the best selling book The ONE Thing. This book is one of those reads where you read it once, make some things, and overtime as the changes drift a little bit, then you can re-read this book to reset.

Geoff dives into how to structure your day in order to get to that ideal 20% of working with your priorities to get 80% of your results. You’ll see how this works as he details an example with Joe, asking specific questions in order to narrow in on that one important thing. We also talk about how to get your team to be aligned with your goals, especially if you are working virtually, how to set your core priorities, and how to figure out what that “first domino” is to make the remainder of your priorities to fall into place easily. If you like some of what Geoff has to say, be sure to check out our conversations with Ken Coleman and Nic Peterson with more insight about taking aligned action to reach your goals faster without sacrificing.

I was where a lot of people either have been or are right now, which is life is good and you are lacking fulfillment. I remember feeling like I was destined for more and I know that I’m meant to do bigger things for this world. ” - Geoff Woods

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Time blocking and mind containers to get to peak productivity 
  • This one golden tip to get you to transition away from work easier
  • Going from a full-time job to creating a better life by making a huge impact on the world
  • Tuning into 20% of your priorities to get 80% of your results
  • Our plan to go on a couples retreat with each other?!
  • Setting goals alongside your partner in life, even if they are not a traditional goal setter
  • Frameworks on how to approach creating habits
  • Why dominos is so much more than a game and how you can use this analogy to start your ‘tipping point’
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Geoff Woods:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 22, 2020

You are going to get a breakdown of how to make money in your business with today’s show (and have fun too!) Today we are talking to Jack Born, the founder of Deadline Funnel which is such an amazing tool. In this episode, one of the things we touch upon is how a lot of people feel weird using countdown timers, and how to get around those feelings, especially if you are a heart-centered marketer. 

We also chat about how to increase your sales in your business using countdown timers, how to generate an affiliate income, and the psychology behind buying without being sleazy. You’ll love how Jack breaks down how long should you do the countdowns for, when should you re-open after the countdown happened, and if you are an affiliate marketer, how can you use the countdowns in your business. When you are done listening, be sure to check out our conversations with Wilco de Kreij and Drew Burks for more tips on how to grow your subscriber base and use automated webinars in your marketing.

It’s very unlikely that you are going to have one front end product where that’s your entire business. Most of our business is built on the idea that once you’ve bought from me, you’re more likely to buy the next product. You certainly don’t want to ruin that relationship by trying to go cheap with your technology stack and essentially lying to your subscribers.” -  Jack Born

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why are we talking about peeing in the swimming pool?
  • New podcast game - business book bingo
  • How to reconcile any negativity with putting a deadline on digital products
  • The psychological reasoning behind why you want to use a deadline
  • What you want to have in place before you introduce a deadline into your sales process
  • The ‘Dolly Parton’ rule of running your timer
  • Selling your thing through the “Perfect Persuasion Window”
  • How to make an evergreen product stand out when introducing a deadline
  • An important message to those that are heart-centered entrepreneurs
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Jack Born:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 20, 2020

Today we are talking to Sam Bell who runs Sam Bell Marketing and PPC Boutique, which is such an awesome conversation as he is a total ninja at ads and webinars. Listen in as Sam breaks down the steps to create a webinar that will perform for you, as well as the Facebook ad strategy where he is using that platform to promote these webinars and convert people. Whether you have never run a webinar before or if you have a bunch under your belt, there’s sure to be some takeaways from today’s show. 

You’ll hear Sam break down his tool stack, how he allows Facebook’s AI to make the proper choices in regards to targeting, his method of ad creation and so many other great tactics, and even if you don’t use the webinar portion of it, there are so many golden nuggets in the ad section of this episode as well. When you’re done, get more advice about sharing and monetizing your knowledge with webinars from our conversations with Mike Filsaime and Joel Erway.

When it comes to traffic, and specifically when you are buying and spending to convert high ticket...100% the focus should always be the offer because ultimately it doesn’t matter what your traffic source is - if you have a good offer and the offer converts, you can make traffic work.” - Sam Bell

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How long to run ads for if you are holding a live webinar
  • The most important thing to focus on when you start out
  • How much you should expect to spend to get at least 200 attendees on your webinar
  • The beauty of the descension model and how you will be able to break even faster
  • Why you want to create a value-based audience when advertising for a higher quality audience
  • Tips for exactly how long your webinar should be
  • Creating a good psychographic in order to run better ads and get a more dialed-in audience that will convert
  • How to position yourself so that your attendees will grasp the new information presented, even if it’s new techie stuff
  • Webinar strategies and planning if you are just starting out
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Sam Bell:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 15, 2020

Taylor Welch runs Traffic & Funnels with his business partner Chris Evans, and we cover a whole host of wide-ranging topics on the show today. Some of the things we dive into are their whole philosophy behind product creation, and why they create some of the products they create, which gave us a ton of perspective shifts around that topic. We also talk about delegation and how to hire the right people in your business in order to scale as well as their philosophy of having a portfolio of companies and what they do to serve each other. 

In addition, we had a lot of a-ha moments regarding their ideas regarding their entry-level products and how those work towards negating future objections to the higher-priced products, as well as how to acquire businesses not to necessarily make money but to save money. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out the past shows we’ve done with Mark Joyner and Ryan Moran to give you some additional input on creating a successful business while serving your customers for a win-win relationship.

I’m not trying to elicit more desire, I’m trying to mitigate the perceived risk they have in this product, which actually turned out to be a pretty winning style of writing copy.” - Taylor Welch

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to deal with all the objections before people buy and turn them into customers
  • The magic of shifting your thinking by osmosis
  • How to change your questions around tackling problems to create a bigger, successful outcome
  • Who makes the best team leaders for an online business and why (it’s not who you think)
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Taylor Welch:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 13, 2020

We are back again today with another legend, Michael Gerber, author of the book The E-Myth, the same book that started Matt down his entrepreneurial journey. Michael does not go on a lot of podcasts, so we are pretty honored to have him on this show. Michael is a systems guy and on today’s show, you will hear how he first started in business, what his realizations were when it came to systemizing a business, the building blocks behind any successful company, how to grow from a team of one to one thousand, and how one simple conversation led to a long term of path helping hundreds of thousands of small business owners to successfully transform their businesses into world-class operations.

We also chat about his latest endeavor, Radical U which is a step by step process that comprises his work of over forty years. When you’re done listening, get some more insight into creating systems and business strategies from David Jenyns and AJ Roberts.

Ace asked me if I’d come visit one of his clients with him...I said ‘I don’t know anything about business, what am I going to tell Bob’ and he said ‘Michael you know more than you think you do, let’s see what happens’ Understand that ‘Let’s see what happens’ is an understandable magical expression. Because effectively my entire life has been built around ‘Let’s see what happens’. ” - Michael Gerber

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The gold standard for turnkey operations 
  • Lessons learned from Ray Kroc and McDonald’s
  • What keeps Michael going as a teacher after all these years
  • How to train like a Navy Seal and what that has to do with your business
  • The five essential skills from The E-Myth
  • Why the pandemic is not to blame for your failure
  • The one most important thing he mastered over the years
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Michael Gerber:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 8, 2020

Today we are talking with the original COO of Hostgator, Timothy Dick. He’s got such a cool background and opens up as to how he grew the company and eventually sold it to the tune of nine figures. If you want to open your mind as to how ads work, Tim is simply brilliant. We talk about where advertising is going, all the stuff you can do with the data that’s being collected, and a variety of ways in which ads work. 

Tim walks us through the Hostgator days and what’s happened since then with his current company, Profit Layer. This is a fascinating episode as it’s a great journey along the way so get ready to sit back and enjoy. When you’re done, go check out our talks with Billy Gene Shaw and Curt Maly to get more advertising and brand building strategies.

With the affiliate program we had tens of thousands of affiliates, but most of them didn’t really make that much money, because they just looked at it like ‘I’m going to sell this hosting and just send them my link’. But if you add something of value, it’s so easy.” - Timothy Dick

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Some crazy advertising tactics that went way above simple PPC
  • How Matt was able to make bank back in the early days of Hostgator’s affiliate program
  • Programmatic advertising - simple but not well-known advertising, but you can find out more on today’s show
  • The somewhat boring company that bring recurring income every month
  • What your cable company is not telling you
  • Dealing with the loss of $1,000,000 in one day
  • The back door way to tie into LinkedIn
  • How Tim made boatloads of cash from his bedroom as a teenager
  • When you have four fulltime reps from Google handling your account
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Timothy Dick:

References and Links Mentioned:

Oct 6, 2020

Today we are talking to Nikhil Aitharaju & Ryo Chiba, creators of Topic which is an awesome tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist you in optimizing your content and drive more traffic. We discuss the future of SEO, how artificial intelligence is constantly changing, and how the research process will be as polished as the consumption process. We also have a bunch of best practices for improving your SEO, what to do if you are just starting out, how Google determines what it will show in the search results, and how to use this software in the most efficient way.

Like us, Nikhil and Ryo are a working partnership, so we also touch on how to make the business run as smoothly as possible, what they accomplish with daily and weekly check-ins, and why you don’t always want to rush into creating new content to boost your rankings. When you’re done getting ideas from Nikhil and Ryo, learn additional tips on how to use the content you already have to create oodles more and set your site apart from everyone else by checking out our episodes with Hani Mourra and Larry Ludwig.

We had a freemium version which had a “Powered by Tint” logo at the bottom which engineered backlinking strategies, where we would have that linked to specific landing pages with targeted copy and used that to gain our initial traction and to rank for keywords like ‘Instagram widget’ or ‘Twitter widget’ so when people were looking for the official one they would see our and see it was the superior version.” - Ryo Chiba

AI can cut down that ideation time or creative energy cycles that you spend coming up with paragraphs and we envision AI sort of augmenting that process so that you have your first draft and your writers are editing your content after that.” - Nikhil Aitharaju

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Tips to set the tone for the day and perform daily check-ins for your team and/or partnership to keep things running smoothly
  • Engineering backlinking for effective SEO strategies
  • Why the comprehensive content concept is so powerful now and how to implement it
  • How to rank higher even if you have low domain authority
  • Ways to set yourself apart and stand out from others trying to target similar keywords
  • The future of AI and what is next for content creation
  • Why you want to play the SEO game like a game of chess - not checkers!
  • How to get immediate benefits from using AI in your copywriting
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Nikhil Aitharaju & Ryo Chiba:

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Oct 1, 2020

We’ve got a fun conversation today as we’re chatting with another legend, Verne Harnish who has written some iconic books in our space, such as Scaling Up and Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. We saw Verne speak at Traffic & Conversions about four years ago and knew we had to get him on the show, and here we are! Listen in as we talk about many of the core concepts from Scaling Up and how they relate to today’s environment.

If you want to scale up in these times right now or even if you want to scale down to become more profitable, Verne gives up the four steps to do that. He also gives us some very actionable, tactical advice on how to connect with influencers and big brands and how to actually get past the gatekeepers to the people that are higher up. He also has a similar concept to our Dream 100 concept which is basically how we got him to be on our show, so it came full circle. If the thought of becoming more efficient so you can get more time back is appealing, check out our shows where we chatted with David Jenyns and Russ Perry for more insight on systemizing your business. 

At the end of the day, scaling anything is about making better decisions. And so it's the sum total of the decisions you make good and bad every hour, every day, every year that determine whether you've got the edge.” - Verne Harnish

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The sweet spot that you want to get to for the number of employees in your business
  • The Four Core Elements of scaling up 
  • The sweatshops of the information age
  • What you never, ever, ever want to do when a potential client emails you a question
  • “Near learning” and the spin of a new venture
  • How Verne got invited to the White House after putting the president’s name on a list
  • Why everyone is pricing wrong and how to fix that
  • The nuances of a good business name
  • Examples of pivoting towards a new group in the same industry during the crisis
  • From mailing books to breaking bread with the most influential people on your list
  • And much, much more!

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Sep 29, 2020

On today’s show with Justin Schenck has we cover quite a bit of ground because we have very similar business models. He’s got a whole brand but if visit Growth Now Movement, he’s got his podcast as well as his virtual events, one of which we are speaking at. Justin focuses a little more on events where we focus a little more on affiliate marketing but outside of that sort of differentiator, we're both very podcast focused, and we're both very relationship-building focused.  

We dive into how he grew his podcast, how he got to be on the radar of some big-name celebrities, the value of enjoying the journey along the way, and why you don’t need as many listeners as you may think. You’ll hear his journey and the behind the scenes stuff of how his podcast exploded soon after only having 100 downloads to eventually land on the Inc. Magazine’s top podcast list. When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our other shows with Joe Sanok and Tyrone Shum, for more podcast tips, strategies, and how to get on those shows you want most.

If you can't pivot as an entrepreneur online right now, you're gonna be in trouble long prepare and set yourself up in the right way. I'm in the phase right now of pivoting and seeing how it goes.” - Justin Schenck

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Enjoying the journey along the way
  • How recent events have forced Justin to evolve while staying true to his purpose
  • A mid-day cigar break and what it means to take time for yourself 
  • A daily check-in with yourself to appreciate the small steps along the way to bigger goals
  • What to do and not be concerned about if you are just starting out with a small audience
  • The 1% method of improvement
  • A cautionary tale of why you do not want to mess with the internet overlords
  • How Justin gets big-name guests on his show
  • You can save a life or change someone’s business forever with your show
  • And much, much more!

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Sep 24, 2020

We think you are really going to like today’s show with Dan Martell. Listen in as we talk about his tough upbringing, how he taught himself how to code back in the day before YouTube, how he succeeded and failed with quite a few businesses before he was 30, and how he became the #1 YouTube channel coaching SaaS founders. He’s also got some interesting stories about his visit with Sir Richard Branson and all the things he learned about how he runs his business.

Dan has a fascinating mind and way of thinking about projects since his background as a software creator lends him to creating things that have repeatable components that lead to scaling up.  When you’re done, don’t forget we’ve also recorded some great shows with Joey Xoto and Ajay Goel, two more SaaS experts who discuss how they have built impressive companies as well.

Think bigger. People don’t plan for success, That was a big idea that I now really crystallized in life is go to the end, plan for success, work backward and make better decisions.” - Dan Martell

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Dan is able to produce 12 months of content in just 6 days a year
  • Why we all want to become ‘love cats’
  • The biggest mistakes people make when starting out
  • The beauty of gross margins and selling a commodity
  • Using the “Buy Back Blueprint” to get more leverage and buy back your time
  • How Dan was able to create the biggest YouTube show on selling for SaaS founders 
  • How being okay with uncertainty proves to be the foundation of being a great entrepreneur 
  • A look behind the scenes of how Richard Branson runs his business
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Dan Martell:

  • - reach out if you are a SaaS founder and want to achieve your goals faster

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Sep 22, 2020

Anthony Trucks was placed in the foster care system at a young age and grew up not having a good sense of his own identity. On today’s show, you’ll hear how he finally ended up in a home as the only black person in an all-white family, and how he overcame his challenges and setting some big goals which led to him being awarded a scholarship to play at the University of Oregon. From there he did some amazing things from playing in the NFL to appearing on the American Ninja Warrior TV show. 

Anthony had some huge ups and downs (almost going bankrupt after opening up his own gym) and realized that success only happens when who you are to your core, your identity, aligns with your life’s vision. It’s through his own struggles and triumphs that he now coaches others to get through their own identity shift in order to create the life that they deserve. He dives into his methods and the importance of knowing your identity first, even before you work on your mindset. After you have listened, we have some great shows from our vault you should check out, including our show with Christine McDannell and Jon Margalit that deals with mindset, chatting with billionaires, and getting valuable feedback to make better business decisions. 

When you put time into something, and it’s no longer something you can do, whether it’s a kid doing to college, leaving the military, someone passing away, the relationship falls apart, whatever it might’ve given it all and you can’t do it anymore, it breaks you and you don’t even know who you are. I didn’t even know who I was without football.” - Anthony Trucks

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • You are the tree, not the fruit - and other wise words 
  • The importance of knowing your identity
  • Shining a light on your dark moments and how one very dark period in Anthony’s life almost pushed him over the edge 
  • How Anthony got onto the Ninja Warrior show and impressed the hosts
  • Matt’s reminisces of being a nervous interviewer way back in the day (hard to believe!)
  • The go-to tool to help you achieve any dream you may have
  • Doing things the H.A.R.D way to reach a whole new level of confidence
  • What do the Mighty Ducks and your journey in the shift have to do with each other?
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Anthony Trucks:

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Sep 17, 2020

Alex Charfen joins us today and like many in the past, we were pleasantly surprised at the topics that came up. First, we chat about Alex’s backstory and how he was able to turn his life and business completely around after the housing crisis in 2007. He was able to take his knowledge and create a brand new business helping others get through some very difficult years, and this business gained momentum so quickly that he became a top advisor to government officials while also making it onto the Inc. 500 list a mere four years later. This is a great, timely chat about creating something helpful and important, out of a crisis such as the one we’ve dealt with this year. 

We also have a great conversation about Alex’s struggles, his successes with a specific kind of therapy, the importance of being vulnerable, and how, if you find yourself judging other people or situations (which of course, we all do from time to time) the best way to turn this around to actually fix how you feel about yourself. Once you’ve listened, be sure to check our shows with Lisa Cherney and Perry Marshall where we talk about how to succeed in today’s challenging climate as well as dealing with self-sabotage.

If you're thinking maintain, you're out of the game already. The mantra in a crisis is, ‘I can grow in this crisis, I can succeed in this crisis, I can help people in this crisis, and I can make a huge impact in this crisis.” - Alex Charfen

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The most important thing to do when the world is in crisis
  • How Alex went from being bankrupt to getting to #21 on the Inc. 500 list only 4 years later
  • The benefits of showing your vulnerable side and exposing your weaknesses
  • The three awakenings of the entrepreneurial type - do you have them?
  • A heartfelt moment with Sean Stephenson
  • The benefits of EMDR which you probably need but never even thought about
  • A simple phrase to remember when you find yourself judging a situation
  • And much, much more!

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Sep 15, 2020

We had an amazing conversation on today’s show with Tom Sylvester, who basically had a mission to retire by the age of 35 (and he did it by age 32!). There’s a lot of talk about what goes on both in goal achievement and what happens after you achieve those goals. The first half of this conversation is all about systemizing, and how to figure out what to systemize, clearing out the bottlenecks in your business, and how to basically back yourself out of your business so that it can run without you. 

In the second half of our conversation, we discuss what life is like once your business is systemized and how to deal with the new challenges that pop up once you do not need to focus on your business as much. It’s an interesting roadmap for sure, and that’s where we both got lit up, as we talked about the issues that arise about what you do with your life moving ahead. After listening, go check out our conversations with James Altucher and Austin Sams for more insight into how to dial it in to set up your life and your business on your own terms.

That was how I built everything...if I could just get the businesses and the income to exceed the expenses, I can pretty much not have to worry about working, and have everything covered.” - Tom Sylvester

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The blessing and the curse of having a podcast
  • How to own your day so you get the most impactful things done first
  • Why meditating will actually help you get more done
  • How to do a time audit for you and your business to find out where the bottlenecks are
  • The importance of weekly reviews and acknowledging your wins
  • How to revamp your home office to get you more focused and dialed in
  • Shifting your mind state through journaling
  • Variations on gratitude practices
  • Details of The 2X Formula
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Tom Sylvester:

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Sep 10, 2020

You have heard it a million times before - everyone has a book in them, and we are sure you do as well. Laura Gale, author, and fellow podcaster joins us today to talk all about the step by step method she uses to guide people to finally getting that book published. Whether you are just starting out with a minimal audience or you are an established public authority, there are ways for anyone to get their story out there. 

You just want to make sure you start the right way and Laura gives us some great advice in regards to what to do before you start, whether working with a ghostwriter is right for you (yes, it probably is), and what really drives reader engagement. After that, there’s the testing process to find just the right cover that speaks to your audience and of course, the marketing so that you will be found and read. You’ll also hear some great ways to get your book discovered that do not take the traditional online advertising route.

We know once you’ve listened you are going to be stoked about finally getting that book published, and you will want to listen to our previous shows with Rob Kosberg who discussed how he is able to ghostwriters effectively, and Chandler Bolt who tells us how to go from no book to selling your book in 90 days.

People forget to take it offline, and still there’s a whole world of media that has nothing to do with the internet. A lot of those platforms are really starved because people have forgotten about them.” - Laura Gale

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What makes a compelling story  
  • The one thing you need to have dialed in before you even consider starting your book
  • Do self-published books ever make it to the New York Times bestseller list?
  • Different ways to test your cover, title, and other content before you publish
  • Associated costs with hiring a publishing company
  • Getting your book past the gatekeepers
  • Working with the likes of J.K. Rowling, Nelson Mandela & Tina Fey
  • How to determine whether to hire a ghostwriter or not
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Laura Gale:

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Sep 8, 2020

On today’s show, this is going to be an epic master class with two of the most brilliant minds we know, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren. Jay and Rich go way back, having known each other for close to twenty years. In today’s economy, this will be the most valuable information that any business owner can take and actually use, to make money and turn things.  

Both Rich and Jay give their insights around a host of opportunities in today’s world to help people and businesses leverage their existing assets in such a way that will benefit them and you as the deal maker. There are also some great examples of folks who knew where to look and find opportunities that others were missing and basically created arbitrage situations that led to passive income for years to come. We know your mind will be reeling with possibilities after listening, and when you are done you will want to listen to our previous episodes where we chatted with Dana Robinson and Markian Sich on how they are able to create passive income as well with real estate investing and online businesses.

This is the time where there is so much opportunity, and the reason is there is so much opportunity is because during times of tremendous uncertainty as well as some form of recession, what happens is there are many businesses who are a lot less active than before, and that leaves a lot of their assets dormant...which makes them a lot more receptive to other ideas and possibilities. ” - Rich Schefren

“Right now there are 5 or 6 windows of screaming opportunities that are starting to close..first one if there will never be a time in the history of entrepreneurship where more business owners and professionals are open to doing deals, collaborating, joint venturing, profit partnering, letting you sell things to their audience....that’s one thing. ” - Jay Abraham

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to think like Tom Sawyer
  • How to see and seize opportunities to be the toll booth/money taker
  • Putting the Pareto principle and Venn diagrams into play
  • Examples of ways to help businesses right now which will benefit you for years to come (even if you do not have any capital to start with)
  • The real reason Jay stopped selling his courses
  • Examples of prosperity pathways and how to identify where opportunities exist
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren:

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Sep 3, 2020

Dr. Jeff Spencer is working with the best of the best in all areas and is also super amazing in his own right. As a kid, he had a dream to make it to the Olympics and actually followed it through by making it there as an Olympic cycler. He started training other athletes and has worked with a host of professionals training all sorts of people in mindset such as Lance Armstrong, U2, Dave Asprey, and Tiger Woods among others. 

Jeff has done the work and has created frameworks for his achievements. He’s literally helped over forty people earn gold medals and on today’s show, he walks us through his goal achievement roadmap. Each step is broken down, and in all the years of working with athletes, Jeff has discovered the cycle that you need to go through when working with champions. So get ready to listen, as this is a good one! After you are done, check out our other shows where we chatted with Dr. Steve Ruden and Marx Acosta-Rubio to get yourself set up for the best possible route to success in all of your goals. 

It wasn’t about the technical side of the discipline, that’s what coaches are for. You need someone in your corner that is watching your back, seeing everything that is happening in real-time, to identify the problems you don’t see that you can avoid and the opportunities that you don’t know about that you need to seize to be able to create your best legacy.” - Jeff Spencer

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Jeff became an Olympic athlete after setting his sights on that goal at the young age of seven
  • The story of a much loved, lost t-shirt and how it was reunited with its owner
  • The importance of ‘gocus’ - and not, it’s something you dip tortilla chips in
  • How to find the right goal for you
  • The details behind the awesome goal achievement roadmap and why you do not want to miss any steps along the way
  • Backstories of how Jeff got to work with folks like Dave Asprey and Lance Armstrong to get their goals achieved
  • What to do to avoid blindsides and other things to make you go off track
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Jeff Spencer:

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