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Ready to discover the deep rabbit-hole that is Web3? Want to better understand how the creators are taking over and will become the future billionaires of the world? Tune into Hustle & Flowchart, a podcast that blends discussions on business, marketing, the creator economy, Web3, NFTs, and much more. We'll take you down the rabbit-hole with us as we interview the smartest minds that are creating the future. We'll uncover early alpha for the investor minded folks and deep-dive into the "what and how" of these emerging new technologies and industries. Our goal with this show is, and always has been, to improve the lives of entrepreneurs. What better way than to point out the future and let you better position yourself.
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Jun 7, 2018

Want to really understand how to win friends and influence people? Samantha Riley is just the woman to teach you how. How to stand out, how to scale, how to grow, how to sparkle, she teaches it all. Best of all, it comes down to systems.

Samantha is a best-selling author, world-renowned speaker and high-level coach and consultant to industry thought leaders, coaches, and business owners around the globe. Her nine-point process is the method that helps her clients plug the leaks in their business, stand out from the noise to attract their ideal clients and gain maximum recognition as an expert in their niche.   

On today’s show, Samantha took the time to “school” us “systems guys” in how to really make an impact. It’s an easy listen when the person teaching us has made millions both in the brick and mortar marketplace in her 20s and recreated the same success in a completely new line of business online less than a decade ago.

Listen in as we dive deeper into Samantha’s secrets for continued success. And, if you like what Samantha has to offer, be sure to check out these past episodes with AJ Roberts and Gonzalo Paternoster.

We create our lives. It doesn’t happen to us.” -Samantha Riley

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What does McDonaldize your business mean?
  • How to shift from misery to gratitude when faced with divorce
  • Matt’s definition of the “best” content strategy
  • The common thread between Shakespeare and defining a niche ( within a play)
  • What’s so sexy about a calendar?
  • The importance of setting boundaries at work to sustain your flow
  • The further importance of understanding how to define your flow
  • What takes first place when prioritizing your weekly calendar?
  • Joe’s definition of what rocket science “isn’t”
  • Is Matt secretly crushing on Meg Ryan?
  • The amazing 9-point system to expand your brand and uplevel your business
  • How your unique struggles can make you millions
  • A process to define your process so you can attract the right tribe to share it with
  • Where frameworks are king freedom follows
  • If you share yours, we’ll share ours (secret sauce that is)

Contact Samantha Riley:

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May 31, 2018

On today’s episode, Steve Gordon gets real about how business owners can not only systemize networking but more importantly, how to “nail” the follow-up. Who in business hasn’t fallen down on that piece?

Steve is a master of clarity and systemization, and that’s what he and his team help business owners achieve surrounding their messaging, processes, assets and goals. His goal is to help “old school” marketers, especially ones selling services, make the transitions into “new school” scalability.

If he hadn’t been there himself wondering where his next check would come from while he was trying to grow his own business, he would not have such a successful system to share today. Between his two books, The Unstoppable CEO podcast, and his willingness to divulge some expert networking secrets, there’s plenty of actionable advice for any CEO looking to take the leap forward.

Get some more “powder” for your networking keg from this previous podcast with John Corcoran, and realize the power networking affords from this episode featuring Joe and Matt you’ll be unstoppable in no time yourself.

“The most important thing is to be intentional.” -Steve Gordan

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What do roller coasters and service-based business owners have in common?
  • How to bring new school systems to old-school marketing tactics
  • The texts vs. “dead stacks” philosophy of business
  • What’s behind the curtain of a simple podcast roundup?
  • How Hawaiian cookies can get you free advertising
  • Your best networking time investment for the business growth dollar
  • What do podcasts, shampoo, and a 70s retro tv ad have in common?
  • Can referral income be as predictable as an algorithm?
  • How to pick the best wallflower at live networking events
  • What can speed dating do for your business?
  • The truth about what your biggest business asset really is
  • Matt goes “old-school” junior high (though his buddy) to get the best business pick-up lines
  • How to systemize the process of process development
  • The best exercise to get clarity on a process and how to move it over the finish line

Contact Steve Gordon:

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May 29, 2018

Today Joe and Matt decided to do a special duet for you. They do this when they have a short time block in between recording all their podcasts for the month on their dedicated production day.

What would you expect these two to talk about except their recent experience? They share great big nuggets of wisdom they’ve discovered since shifting their entire business model at the beginning of 2018. That’s when they stopped selling and started giving, and they’re not kidding when they say that. Basically, their current business model involves giving away their “secret sauce” about marketing. And yes, they still do make money.

Want to know how that’s been working out for them? Just listen in to hear what’s literally been one of the best business decisions they’ve made in a very long time. Think FOMO (fear of missing out) meets, “You can’t hire us, we’re not for sale,” and what anybody totally enraptured by their methods would want to automatically do.

Dive deeper into some of the relevant topics Joe and Matt discussed in this episode including the Evergreen Profits business model transition and how to make money without selling.

Since both Joe and Matt had some great advice, today you get two quotes.

“You’re sitting on way more value than you think you are, and I think the majority of people hold it way to tight” - Joe Fier

“...The more we share for free, the more we just completely are an open book and are completely transparent about our strategies, the more people are fricking waving money at us going, I want to pay you. How do I pay you more money?” - Matt Wolfe

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Interrupting Joe.
  • Solo, duet? It’s all just semantics, right?
  • How Matt and Joe are like the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who also hail from California)
  • What Joe says is old school marketing and why these two are no longer marketing OG’s
  • The surest way to get noticed in business
  • Followed by the surest way to get lost in the crowd in business
  • Joe reveals how to know you’re doing something wrong in business
  • The problem with linear thinking
  • How to land a coveted spot on the speaker roster at The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast
  • What exactly is their “be everywhere” strategy and how does it work?
  • Does anybody know what’s in that secret sauce?
  • The best question someone interested in the Evergreen Profits business model should ask

Contact Joe and Matt:

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May 24, 2018

On today’s show, we got to pick the brain of one of the most prolific promoters and producers of podcasts, Jonathan Rivera. With Jonathan’s proven formula over at The Podcast Factory, he and his team produce winner after winner on the iTunes charts. By anyone’s standards in this line of work, that’s no joke.

You may even listen to some of the shows Jonathan and his team produce. Shows like Ben Settle’s Anti-Preneur Show (now The Podcast), Doberman Dan’s Off the Chain, and the Making Agents Rich Show, if you’ve ever considered finding a consultant to help you launch your own podcast, you’d be in great company over at The Podcast Factory.

Nothing like a group of guys sitting around talking about talking. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re ready to tackle the mic and take your message out to the masses...At least to the ones that matter to your business anyway.

Today we talk about why you should consider launching a podcast, the right business model to use for podcast growth, how to launch properly, building momentum, eliminating bottlenecks, work-life balance and the truth about iTunes.

“If you’re doubling your business...Downloads, iTunes stats, all that crap doesn’t matter because you’re too busy counting your money.” - Jonathan Rivera

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week is just Jonathan's hedge 
  • An authentic way to make connections to people you’d like to have on your show
  • Why evolution is a great strategy and business model
  • What magic looks like in a podcaster’s eyes
  • A new spin on the 80/20 principle
  • Why you should give up trying to rank on iTunes
  • Which comes first, the podcast or the website?
  • Why Matt fired Joe
  • Ways to build momentum
  • Natural podcast audience expanders
  • What is a triple tap?
  • How to use the direct response model by selling the next action step
  • Joe tells how he really feels about iTunes
  • Why Matt has a mini-therapy session on air
  • Ways to work with Jonathan

Contact Jonathan Rivera:

  • The Podcast Factory where you can learn the secret hack on how to launch your show to the top of iTunes
  • Get a free consultation with an action plan when you book a strategy session with Jonathan’s team
  • Connect on Facebook for live feeds and to discover more great shows

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May 22, 2018

If you could use only one phrase to describe today’s guest, it would an expert manifestor. Christy Whitman, creator of the Quantum Success Academy is one of the leading experts in coaching and teaching aspiring coaches how to achieve true abundance in all areas of life.

Christy has a following that’s over 200,000 strong, so she’s doing something right. She’s made appearances on NBC’s Today Show, contributed to Self, USA Today and dozens of popular magazines, websites and television stations. Christy is also a New York Times best-selling author with her new book Quantum Success due out September 25.  

Today we got to talk some truth with Christy about the Law of Attraction, the cycle of victimhood, shifting consciousness, how to get unstuck in your relationship with money, and the art of using the right manifestation tools. Christy was even kind enough to share with us the CliffsNotes version of Universal Law.

“If we are feeling limited in some way in our lives, we’re playing the victim.” - Christy Whitman

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How designing an abundant life works from the inside out
  • Why flipping sucks and how to make it gracefully to the other side
  • What resistance is and how to get unstuck
  • Learning to embrace one of Billy Joel’s greatest lyrical lessons
  • Reflections, projections and how to use them to free your energy
  • What does the bible say about money and how to spin it for a better energetic relationship
  • Which manifestation tools are best for beginners
  • What your unwanted behavioral patterns are revealing to you
  • What it means when you don’t get what you think you want
  • How Matt is secretly like Scrooge McDuck
  • Christy’s favorite books for new students to the LOA
  • Ways you can choose to work with Christy directly

Contact Christy Whitman:

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Thanks for tuning in to this week’s episode of the Hustle & Flow Chart Podcast! If the information shared in these weekly conversations and interviews have helped you in your business journey, please head over to iTunes, subscribe to the show, and leave us an honest review. Your reviews and feedback will not only help us continue to deliver great, helpful content, but it will also help us reach even more amazing entrepreneurs just like you!

May 9, 2018

He grew up poor in a rich county of Kennebunkport, Maine but at this moment, Noah has been everywhere in the media. He is the author of “Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money” and is known as the Power Habits Mentor, who invented the term “Afformations”.

He started his company, Success Clinic, in his college dorm way back in 1997 with $800 to his name and a book on how to do HTML. His company was founded in a deep rooted dream and a desire to help people and make a difference.

On today’s episode, we will talk about how to make your life better and make your business grow. Noah will impart upon us the Head Trash concept. Also, he will walk us through some exercises on how get rid of that head trash.

May 2, 2018

Paul Lemberg has done a lot. He has exceptionally grown multimillion-dollar businesses. He is skilled to teach small-scale to large-scale businesses the concepts on how to 10x the growth of their company. This amazing man makes it sound simple and not a complex process.

He started in doing photography, an aspiring artist. One day it occurred to him that it will not work out that way, so he decided to be a computer programmer.

He started building projects or software for people that turned to into products. He had two software companies at the age of 35 & did a lot of consulting on high-level stuff for companies like Dell & IBM.

On today’s episode,  we will talk about how to grow and scale up your business. Paul will also share a lot of useful and interesting information about health & the Ketogenic Diet.

Apr 25, 2018

Chris “Mercer” Mercer, co-founder of Measurement, is a sought after measurement marketing expert. For the past 5 years, Mercer (as he’s known) and his team have been helping marketers, marketing teams, and agencies know, trust, and grow their numbers.

First by planning out what’s important to measure in their marketing, then how to actually measure it by using tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, pulling actionable insights from what’s being measured, and finally predicting future results.

Mercer spends countless hours reading, practicing, adjusting and innovating to improve his skill set. He has a knack for teaching, and is known for his ability to simplify even the most complex ideas for his audience.

On today’s episode, Chris will give us information on Google Analytics: how to track where your sales are coming from, where is your traffic coming from, which traffic is converting into sales.

Apr 18, 2018

Stefan Ciancio has driven a hundred thousand visitors to his niche website through Pinterest. His story is an interesting one, on how he went from a 9-5 job and finding a winning niche for himself through pinterest.

Pinterest is a huge traffic source which acts both as a platform and a search engine. It has a feature called Group Boards filled with people who are passionate about something. These people post pins in this board and these pins can be redirected to your website once clicked. That’s where the traffic comes from, the engagement algorithm.

With his innovative knowledge on Pinterest, he has developed a software called Board Commander to make pinning trouble-free.

 On today’s episode, we will talk about how to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest. The strategy & tools Stefan used and the software he automated.

Apr 11, 2018

Ori Bengal is an amazing artist who did art for 2,160 days in a row and published it on his Facebook daily. This brilliant guy also did sculptures, 3D Painting, oil paintings, and a lot more. He got this massive process that tied in Art and Marketing and breaks it all down.

On today’s episode, we will talk about art and how to hack accountability. This episode is one to listen to, if only for the bull poker story and explanation.

Apr 4, 2018

Wilco is a full-time online marketing “whiz kid” who started at the age of 16, when he started selling sunglasses online. Over the next decade and then some, Wilco has developed several online marketing applications and WordPress plugins.

This humble man is the founder of UpViral and Connectio, two powerful viral marketing applications. He spearheads a diverse, talented team of programmers, developers, designers and online marketing professionals to ensure that UpViral and Connectio continues to grow as top-shelf applications.

On today’s episode, Wilco will be telling us with us how to grow your email list exponentially. He will also discuss the intensity of Ad campaigns and how to effectively use and maintain them. And of course, he will be pleased to walk us through the functions and benefits of UpViral and Connectio.

Mar 28, 2018

Bastian Ernst is an Austrian entrepreneur who is super passionate about two things: our planet and marketing technology. He sees life like a butterfly with different stages and each stage contributes to & builds the next stage.

This zeal brought him to building Relationship Funnels.

He is the CEO and Founder of Wild Audience. They partner with clients to drive their business outcomes through respect-based marketing & smart funnel automation, and everything in between. They also build sales funnels for online businesses.

On today’s episode, Bastian will tell us how to effectively use funnels in marketing. He will share with us their unique process in using multi-channel marketing through the relationship funnel.

Mar 21, 2018

A single mom with four children, Tina Marie has been creating fast, sustainable growth for startups and liberating entrepreneurs from the grind since 2003. She is the owner of Profit Drivers Inc., which was running since 2012 up to date.

Profit Driver’s Inc. helps entrepreneurs become CEO's. The company’s goal is to take you off the hamster wheel that you call a business and turn it into the freedom you always envisioned it being for you. Through small tweaks, this company can obtain huge results for your business. Stop working 80-100 hours a week, get more done in less time and start scooping up that money you keep leaving on the table because you're too busy to get to it.

On today’s episode, Tina will walk us through her entrepreneurial journey. In addition, she will share with us the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) you should be monitoring in your business and the roles you should be filling in your team. She also covers how to benefit from using Personality test to find the right people.

Mar 14, 2018

Josh Bartlett is the founder of Webactix and the creator of some of the most well-respected software tools in the online marketing world. Josh is the visionary behind such powerful tools as Easy Video Player, Easy Video Suite, Audello, and most recently, >Thrivecart. Josh grew up in a tough town in the UK and built a strong entrepreneurial career out of necessity. After seeing success with his ecommerce business, Josh moved with his wife and setup roots in New Zealand.

Josh has been a mentor to Matt and Joe, helping both of them jumpstart their careers. Josh gave Joe some of his first agency work and helped Matt come up with the idea for his first major info-product, The WordPress Classroom. For the past 9 years, Matt, Joe, and Josh have all worked closely together to support each other and help grow each other's businesses.

On today’s episode, Josh will share with us his success story in his transition from being a mortgage broker to being an entrepreneur. He will also reveal to us his mindset philosophy and effective team handling.

Learn more about Thrivecart here.

Mar 7, 2018

Travis Ketchum is the Founder & CEO of Campaign Refinery and Contest Domination - helping 10's of thousands of businesses build bigger email lists filled with qualified leads since 2012.


For a grand total of $7,500 ($4,000 of which was on a credit card)... founder Travis Ketchum set out to solve his biggest challenge in growing an online business from scratch - something every small business needs to survive. His solution was to run a contest, but all available solutions at the time gave points to contestants for the act of sharing instead of giving an incentive for the actual opt-in.


Contests instantly helped Travis add thousands of people to his email list, and the product launched to thousands of new customers within just a few months of entering the market.


And suddenly, Contest Domination changed the way people think about viral lead generating campaigns.

Mar 3, 2018

With over twenty five years’ combined online marketing experience between them, the Evergreen Profits team also helps their clients implement automated marketing funnels to capture and nurture qualified leads, driving business growth.

Joe is very much the “hands-on” guy. He has a unique ability to look at a business and quickly put together a strategic marketing plan that leads to an immediate upsurge in sales and revenue.

Matt is the self-confessed nerd of the Evergreen Profits operation. There’s nothing Matt loves more than to get knee-deep in data! He’s constantly split-testing and experimenting with incremental changes that dramatically increase sales and profits over time.

On today’s episode, Matt and Joe are recording live on their way to an Overtime Event. They’ll share how Networking has benefited their business and how it can also give value to your business.

Feb 28, 2018

Brian G. Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author, engaging speaker, product creator and poodle wrangler who enjoys coaching others to success.

For more than a decade now he has been making money online by leveraging a number of programs and systems that have allowed him to quit his day job as a professional chef. In the past ten years or so he made hundreds of thousands of dollars as an AdSense publisher, an affiliate marketer, a product vendor and a reseller of domain names and hosting services.

By 2008 he mastered affiliate marketing and sold posters, artwork, vintage items on eBay, software, apps, website plugins and lots more. He also become quite good, some may even say expert, at search engine optimization (SEO) and WordPress. It was time for new challenges, so he decided to create his own info products which are based on the skills he used for years to make money online. Thus, since 2008 he launched a variety of digital programs.

On today’s episode, Brian will help us better understand the suggested video algorithm and the importance of delivering value to your audience that’ll make them binge watch your channel. Also, he’ll talk through a  way to monetize your videos using live stream.

Feb 21, 2018

At 23 years old, John landed a job as a Writer in the Clinton White House. He got the job because he’s good at developing relationships with the right people. He’s good at getting to know VIPs and other successful leaders.

His experience growing up of barely making ends meet taught him the importance of building and nurturing relationships with VIPs, top performers and other influential people who don’t just know you, but who like you and want to help you succeed.

John Corcoran is a recovering attorney, and a writer, father, and a former Clinton White House Writer and Speechwriter to the Governor of California. Throughout his career, John has worked in Hollywood, the heart of Silicon Valley, and ran his own boutique law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs. He is also the creator of Smart Business Revolution and the Smart Business Revolution podcast.

On today’s episode, John will walk us through in making a difference and standing out when building relationships with people. He’ll talk about how you position yourself and be memorable to someone while delivering value to the person, making impact to the world, and setting up your priorities straight.

Feb 14, 2018

With over twenty five years’ combined online marketing experience between them, the Evergreen Profits team also helps their loyal clients implement automated marketing funnels to capture and nurture qualified leads, driving business growth.

Joe is very much the “hands-on” guy. He has a unique ability to look at a business and quickly put together a strategic marketing plan that leads to an immediate upsurge in sales and revenue.

Matt is the self-confessed nerd of the Evergreen Profits operation. There’s nothing Matt loves more than to get knee-deep in data! He’s constantly split-testing and experimenting with incremental changes that dramatically increase sales and profits over time.

On today’s episode, Matt and Joe will share their new road map, which has freed up their time while making more with less sales. They’ll tell us how to effectively provide a reasonable offer to your niche and gain lifetime customers.

Feb 7, 2018

Brad Spencer is a digital entrepreneur and owner of 8020 Product Creation where he teaches entrepreneurs how to create products online to create consistent cash flow. He is a passionate believer in the 80/20 rule that 20% of your efforts will provide 80% of your results.

Brad and Dean Soto are partners in running The Online Empire Academy that provides business tools, videos and courses to build your online business.

On today’s episode, Brad will share how his reboot system made a tremendous change in his lifestyle and how the DISC assessment works effectively in dealing with other people and in your business.

Jan 31, 2018

Michael is a social entrepreneur focused on building movements with global impact. As National Director of the Global Poverty Project, he co-created the inaugural Global Citizen Festival featuring performances by Neil Young, the Black Keys, and the Foo Fighters on New York City’s Great Lawn; the Festival raised more than 1.3 billion dollars in new commitments for programs serving the World’s poorest people. The broadcast was the largest syndicated broadcast of its kind, with over 15 million viewers on the New York Times, YouTube, AOL, and on television, the campaign received more than 3 billion media impressions. Tickets were given through an innovative new platform called Global Citizen which rewards social action with tangible rewards.

Michael started exploring the world and its cultures eighteen years ago on a study abroad program in Sri Lanka, where he later returned as a Fulbright Scholar. He was a graduate fellow in International Affairs and Development at Columbia University.

On today’s episode, we will discover why Michael is dedicated to learning and taking action to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges along with support from big influencers.

Jan 24, 2018

Christine McDannell is Co-Owner and President at Social Starfish, a full service Social Media marketing firm that customizes and manages Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, eNewsletters, and much more. On May 1st of 2010, Christine successfully sold Cleanology, an eco-friendly house cleaning company that she successfully built and nurtured from the ground up in just six years. She started it for three figures ($300 for a vacuum and cleaning supplies) and sold it for six figures.

In June of 2011, Christine decided to launch a sub-division of Social Starfish, Profit With Daily Deals, which deals with the exploding industry of Daily Deal sites (Groupon). She consults with business owners wanting to launch their deal by negotiating directly with the daily deal site, creating an upsell process, and setting up an automated follow-up system so the business owner can reap the benefits of the deal for months and years to come. She is also currently consulting with multiple daily deal companies by helping them grow their subscriber lists quickly and obtain their dream merchants to feature.

Christine has received numerous awards for her achievements, including 2009 Business Person of the Year from the San Diego District of the Small Business Administration. Christine is also active in the community. She currently serves as the President of the National Association of Women Business Owners and membership coordinator for the San Diego Glazer-Kennedy Marketing Group. In her spare time (believe it or not, she does have spare time) she enjoys reading, running, cooking, and traveling.

On this episode, Christine will tell us about about her businesses and her marketing strategies. You will be nothing short of amazed when you discover how she became a successful entrepreneur by having a never-ending quest for new business and follow-through after exiting a company.

Jan 17, 2018

Dan Brock aka the 'Deadbeat' super affiliate.

Dan's deadbeat is a fun caricature of the lazy affiliate marketer and enables Dan to teach and promote in a fun way.

Dan's products include "Deadbeat Super Affiliate" and the updated "Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded". Both products teach the system of creating many very small review websites focused on promoting physical products typically sold on Amazon.

On today’s episode, Dan will tell us how you make your website traffic go viral and how he goes about getting things done on a small amount of time. He’ll drill down the simple set of ingredients you can implement on your existing YouTube channel and even if you’re a starter in the business.

Jan 10, 2018

At the age of 25, with lots of questions and very few satisfying answers, Joe makes a decision to embark on a journey of self-experimentation - something that has since become known as "bio-hacking". Thousands of experiments later, he is now a thriving writer/author, entrepreneur, investor and founder of SelfHacked & SelfDecode. His published works include "SelfHacked Secrets" and "Biohacking Insomnia" where he shares some of the most powerful insights from his research.

On this episode, Joe will share his story and talk about how he came up with Biohacking idea and how he manages his team members. He will share his insights on how to properly sort your lifestyle.

Jan 3, 2018

Although he looks like he is 18 years old, David is actually a digital marketing industry veteran. As the CEO and co-owner of Paleohacks, one of the largest Paleo communities on the web, he has been behind the scenes for over 8 years on everything from NYT bestsellers, online summits, high end coaching, information products — in niches from women’s dating & relationships, black history, to Paleo & health and wellness.

Dave took an online forum with zero revenues to a 7-figure company with 7+ products and a list of 600k+ in less than 3 years. He has done this with 7 employees and 20 writers.

On today’s episode, David will share his strategies and tips on how to scale out the competition when it comes to online marketing world. We’ll surely learn a lot from his expertise in running the show “Paleohacks”.


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