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Every week we have conversations with the most successful people in our network. We learn their stories and the lessons learned before diving in and getting the real "meat." Every single show has actionable takeaways that listeners can implement in their own life or business. We focus on topics around traffic, brand awareness, wealth growth, podcasting, marketing automation, mindset, lifestyle, and business systematization but have been known to go pretty "off script" from time to time to discuss a wide variety of topics to help people improve their lives. We describe our show as "A Life Improvement Podcasting Masquerading As A Business Podcast."
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Sep 27, 2018

Today, Matt and Joe cross the milestone of producing 100 episodes for the Hustle & Flowchart show. In this episode, they reminisce about the past 100 episodes, their favorite moments, the audiences favorite moments, what they’ve learned along the way, how they’ve grown the show, and even talk about what’s coming next for the business to make an even bigger impact on even more people.

Sep 25, 2018

When unveiling a new healing method to the public, it generally takes 17 years or more to be accepted by the mainstream. The fact that Dr. Steve Ruden and his brother Ronald have organically grown the practice of havening in 22 countries in eight languages in three years is nothing short of incredible.

Flashback to 2004 when Dr. Ruden’s brother discovered the practice of TFT while in residency. He used it to cure a phobia of a staff member and was so inspired, he spent the next couple of hours working through perceived “traumas” or blocks of everyone on staff.

For the next five years, the brothers worked on the neuroscience behind why a method such as TFT worked and developed havening, the method as it is known today. Havening is an alternative healing method to reframe the brain’s recollection of a traumatic or red flag event so that it can no longer negatively affect the behavior, health or emotional state of the patient when they are triggered by a current event that subconsciously recalls said trauma.    

In today’s episode, we team up with Marx Acosta Rubio to discover what the havening practice is, how to shift out of limiting beliefs and into desired behaviors, and why this particular method of healing the brain works from a scientific perspective.   

If this episode has you into ways you can shift your own mindset, be sure to check into Marx Acosta-Rubio’s episode on framing your mindset for success as well as David Allen’s episode about prioritizing the importance of what you choose to do on the daily.

"People need to come to believe that change is possible. You can actually change the circumstances if you so desire to.”- Dr. Steven Ruden

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How does someone practice self-havening?
  • The scientific explanation behind why so many people are stuck in their limiting beliefs and how they can remove the roadblocks quickly
  • How havening works to change not only how people perceive things but how the body responds to things
  • The importance of the interconnectedness of the cortex, amygdala, neurons and glial cells to mapping new behaviors
  • Who pitches underhand lob and who throws the grenades?
  • Marx says he was sparring, not fighting when havening saved the day
  • Why does havening supercharge affirmations?
  • In order for change to occur, one first has to believe this
  • How to practice self-havening at the start of your day and foster greater resilience
  • The two layers surrounding your values that are important for awareness and change
  • How to use words to create the lense of your perception that you desire
  • The differences between havening and EFT
  • People who are best served with a havening session or a self-havening practice
  • The seven havening subsets practitioners use to treat traumatic blocks
  • Definition of a red flag event and why it is such a powerful behavior modifier
  • Yet another reason why calcium is important for a healthy body
  • How havening can improve a company culture

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Sep 18, 2018

If Mike Michalowicz could show you the way out of the “hustle” and promised that in the process he could help you end your entrepreneurial poverty, would you step outside your comfort zone long enough to listen?

Naturally, if you haven’t read one of this best selling author’s many entertaining and educational books on how to do just that, you’d ask why you’d listen to Mike in the first place.

By the time he was 35, he’d founded and sold two multi-million dollar businesses, turned angel investor, lost all his profits, and has since launched a third million dollar business, so he’s got the CV to back up his advice.  

Listen in as Mike teaches us all about the queen bee role, the 4 D’s, and how to take a four week vacation from your business. If this episode shook loose some action steps that need tending to, follow up with Tim Francis on hiring the right key players and Paul Lemberg on setting business goals.

"I think people are thinking we’ve got to work harder and harder and that is a fallacy. We need to think smarter and smarter. That’s the goal.”- Mike Michalowicz

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Quit fighting, you both get credit for introducing Mike to each other guys…
  • Who started that signature white suit first? Colonel Sanders, Dr. John Hammond or Michael Gerber?
  • Matt describes Clockwork as the actionable E-Myth
  • That story about Frank the mentor and the rusty lawn chair though
  • What is a brand promise and how does it relate to a QBR (Queen Bee Role)
  • This is not the QBR of the San Diego Padres
  • What is the cram and scramble and why it’s the frenemy of small business owners
  • How to flip the script on ego and guilt, the two killers of business self-sufficiency
  • Not to be confused with the work-ation, for longer stints away from the “office” desk
  • Seriously, if someone sculpted a naked guy and it’s one of the most recognizable pieces in art history, as a business owner, doing this is vital
  • The 4 D’s of business ownership and how to use them to take four week vacations
  • An effective strategy to make the leap into “spending” on your first (or next) employee
  • The subtle difference between deciding and delegating and why you need to master the second as quickly as possible
  • Why supporting an employee’s bad decision is a good practice

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Sep 13, 2018

What happens to your show when you have the “uber” connected, highly successful serial entrepreneur and host of the podcast Bacon Wrapped Business stop in as a guest?  Since Brad Costanzo had something to say about it, lots of laughs mixed in with useful snippets of solid marketing and business acquisition advice.

Brad has a pretty long track record of success when it comes to marketing and helping businesses surpass millions in annual revenue, so if you’re in the game of entrepreneurship (or wanting to be), this episode is for you.

Listen in (or watch if you want, link for the video coming soon) as we dish about buying a business versus building one from scratch, defining your zone of genius, getting things done, and expert tips that are working in business right now.

If today’s episode gets you in the zone, be sure to check out the “getting things done” show with the creator himself, David Allen. While you’re at it, Paul Clifford’s latest episode about Designrr’s cool new features to help you save time and make more money is worth a listen too.   

“If you use access and if you use influence, there’s not too many problems you can’t solve. You don’t have to know everything if you know the people who do.”- Brad Costanzo

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Shritless and pantless guys? Is this a strip club or a podcast?
  • Why podcasting shouldn’t be your business model, but how it also can help you build a fantastic business
  • Access versus influence, and why having both in your entrepreneurial toolbelt is required
  • Bodies buried? Are you sure buying is easier than building a business Brad?
  • Using a content framework to clarify your message and build your know, like and trust factor
  • Joe’s quick way to personalize the sales experience for your customer that converts like crazy
  • How using Curt Maly’s Hot 7 technique has gotten Matt over 150,000 reach in 30 days on a $1/day Facebook ad budget
  • We’ll say it once again…#pinkmic
  • This was unanimously voted the best part of the GTD system
  • Is Apple using alien technology to make facial recognition work?
  • How AirPods help you bond better with your dog
  • This is the next best thing to invest your focus in if you ask Joe
  • GoPros, Mission Beach and a tale of two podcasts
  • Proof that brand ads beat the crap out of direct response ads while you’re building a business
  • Outta Sync, is there a new “boy” band in the works?
  • Cool tools and gadgets we use check-in
  • Which of these three guys is looking for a sugar daddy?
  • Find out who’s the poop emoji and who’s the unicorn head in video chats

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Sep 11, 2018

Round two with this SaaS creator was in order now that Paul Clifford and his team just released a major time and money saving option to his already highly successful Designrr software. And they call it AI.

Paul made the decision to tap into existing AI frameworks in place with companies like Google and Amazon in order to use the technology to help content marketers recycle content more quickly using transcription. An unexpected benefit were some larger corporations choosing to use the software to create training manuals and first time online course creators jumping onboard to develop their lessons.

Other topics the guys took on include the battle of coffee over tea, how to create a good lead magnet and using Amazon as both a source of traffic and as a tool to create good eBook titles. If you just can’t get enough of Paul and the guys (no, not The Beatles), be sure to check out the Round 1 episode as well as Matt’s post on the many creative ways to use Designrr to grow a list and make more sales.

"It comes down to an old thing called modalitites...People consume content in different ways.”- Paul Clifford

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Paul compares tea time in the UK to this green California pleasure
  • What is content recycling and why it’s more important today than it ever was before
  • Joe’s interesting new twist on the bulletproof coffee recipe, such a “chef”
  • A new EGP book on the horizon using Designrr-Traffic Secrets Revealed Vol 1 anyone?
  • How Matt believes being a book author can collide with being a survivalist
  • Lessons on writing a great title for your next eBook from Paul and Amazon
  • Best and highest uses for the newly unveiled Desginrr AI
  • Purple Shark, Mr. Nice Guy...hmmm, seems like there’s a couple of team member nicknames missing
  • What is a flipbook and why are they preferred to a standard eBook for today’s digital marketers?
  • Why using Designrr will improve your SEO rankings if you choose to use this feature for podcast blog posts
  • Patty sure gets called out a ton on this episode. Maybe it’s a good time to opt-in to see what you get
  • Future features in the works to take the fear out of video once and for all
  • How to turn a free optin email campaign into a tripwire using the power of Designrr plus FOMO
  • Transcript coming soon

Contact Paul Clifford:

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Sep 4, 2018

What does performing stand up comedy and writing profitable sales copy have in common?  Surprisingly, much more than you might think...And thanks to Kevin Rogers stand up career, to timeshare copywriter, to chief copywriting and course creator evolution, you too can be in the know.

Kevin waved goodbye to high school before getting his diploma. As the “funny” and awkward guy all through school who could always get a laugh, he ditched sacking groceries and detailing cars to go on the road as a comedian. For the next 12 years, he got to work alongside some greats including Chris Rock, Louis CK, and Billy Gardell to name a few. The only problem was, he saw so many who’d been beating the pavement for too long be unsuccessful at making it big who became bitter, and he knew he didn’t want that.

Naturally, Kevin left to find jobs that didn’t require much of a resume because of his lack of education and his extended stint in stand-up. At that time, a good friend decided to take him under his wing and brought him into copywriting for timeshares where Kevin found his natural storytelling ability was put to great use. Soon after, Kevin created his own course and become one of the most prolific connectors of solid copywriters with the business owners who need them.

Speaking of stories, some of the topics on the mic in this episode include how to write a good hook, the three zones of audience awareness, and how to find the best copywriter to fulfill your needs. If you’re looking for more advice on copywriting, check out what Connor Gallagher and Matt have to say on the topic.

“The truth...It can be just as sexy if you’re good at what you do.”- Kevin Rogers

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to go from stand up comedy to copywriting to creative writing with this one important skill
  • A surprising assessment about comedy writers
  • Use the 4 x 6 copywriting formula to get out of the funk and into the flow of writing copy
  • This, more than the quality of the writing, is what causes the best copy
  • How understanding what a green, yellow and red zone problem are will determine the skill set and tone required for a copywriter pitching a product
  • Not one, but two timeshares Joe? That’s some hella good copywriting skills!
  • A simple and super effective technique to nail writing your own copy if you’re not in the market to hire
  • To write the best copy, sometimes you just have to lay on your back and look under a piano
  • Tips for when and how to hire the best copywriter for your product
  • Whoa, watch out for your earholes! Kevin’s getting loose
  • If a copywriter is excited about your niche, your product and you, there’s always a way to make the budget work
  • Matt’s idea to use hostage negotiation tactics to flip the script on timeshare presenters…
  • The best compliment you can give to the host of a podcast

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